Wednesday 16 December 2020

An intentional life

 The singing bell
vibrating freely
sending its energy of love
out into the atmosphere
to dance and
land where it is needed.

May I live a clean
intentional life
just like the bell.
Giving freely
the peace that flows
through me
not of me.
Let the peace dance
out into the atmosphere
and land where it is needed.

© 5 Dec 20

Monday 14 December 2020

Beings of wisdom

 We are beings of wisdom
wearing a coat of delusion
all too often.
Slough it off, don’t take it up.
The wisdom being has no need
of this coat.
We are not here to sort out the
troubles of the world (mine and yours)
in order to experience future happiness.
We are here to know and realise
happiness here
in every moment.
We are here to know and realise
freedom available
in every situation.

We are not here to collect moments
of enlightenment
like spiritual shopping.
We are here to know Oneness
is the essence in which everything
moves, behaves, rises and falls.
We are beings of wisdom
shaking off our coats of delusion.

© 4 Dec 20

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Message from my body to my mind

Thank you
for noticing me
for listening to me
for acknowledging me
for trusting me
for not opposing me
for your gentleness
for your kind thoughts
for your attention
for your lack of criticism
Thank you
for listening to me.

© 19 Nov 20


Sunday 22 November 2020

For Barbara

 A woodland burial 

a joyful celebration 

a hay barn full of love 

a hay barn full of grief 

a request to wear purple 

a bell and a poem 

a favourite piece of music 

a hillside full of space 

a family in loss 

a family held in love 

a clear bright sky 

a gorgeous setting sun 

a cry of geese 

a symbol of Sangha 

a flowering cherry tree 

a joyful celebration 

a reminder to live 

a reminder to love

© 6 Nov 20

Saturday 21 November 2020

Waiting for ideas to settle

What will emerge?
Whatever it is
all will be well.
I'm eager to meet you
eager to hear you
to discover our connection
our mutual understanding.
I feel your eagerness too.

We stand together
in a place of love
listening to the open silence
in which everything is held
nothing can harm it
or interrupt it.

We stand together
in an endless, limitless
place of love.

© 19 Nov 20

Monday 16 November 2020

Which path to choose?

 Where do I choose to dwell?
What world do I create for myself?
Stand at the crossroads
which path do I choose?
This road leads to freedom
this one to bondage.
This way leads to light
though it may be treacherous terrain.
This way leads to darkness
though it appears smooth and easy.
This track leads to community and
shared experience.
This track leads to a single, lonely life.
This lane leads to knowing, being
though it feels like
continual becoming.
This lane leads to certainty
and spiritual deafness.
This walk leads to peace
each step along the way peaceful.
This walk leads to doubt.
Fear and longing at every step.

Stand at the crossroads
which path do I choose?
There is no choice.
I long ago chose
the treacherous terrain
stumbling in unknowing
all the while confident
I walk with the light.

© 31 Oct 20



Saturday 14 November 2020

Dust motes

Thoughts and ideas
are dust motes
dancing in the light.
They are not the light
merely revealed by it.
The light consciousness
allows the transitory dust motes
to be seen as
coming and going
dancing and moving.

Pay attention to the light
not the dust motes.
Pay attention to the stillness
not the movement.
The light consciousness
allows seeing
and knowing.

© 30 Oct 20 

Thursday 12 November 2020

Every out-breath

 Every out-breath
an opportunity to let go
an opportunity to be free.
With every out-breath
releasing ideas of who I am and
who I want to be.
With every out-breath
I surrender ‘myself’
to be my authentic self.
With every out-breath
letting thoughts pass
not engaging with them.
With every out-breath
knowing I am free.

© 30 Oct 20

Tuesday 10 November 2020

The sound of the jewel

What is the sound of
the jewel in the heart
which we call Oneness?

How to describe the
soundless song
resonating through every cell
in the universe?

Can you feel it, sense it, know it?

The jewel sounds through silence
sounds through
the growing flowers
the blowing wind
the glowing sun
in every smile.

Listen, listen
the sound of the jewel
the sound of love
in the heart of everything I say.

Listen, listen
with the ears of the heart.

The sound of the jewel is Oneness.

© 30 Oct 20 

Sunday 8 November 2020

Heart undisturbed

 Mind at rest
heart gates open
love flowing freely
meeting One everywhere.

© 29 Oct 20

Friday 6 November 2020

Eternal presence

 Eternal presence
beyond past and future
beyond the pinprick present
beyond time and space
beyond comprehension and ignorance
beyond desire and preference
always within
the open secret
of the heartspace.

© 28 Oct 20

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Being breathed

Being breathed
being visited by thoughts
choosing not to take them on
being free.

Being breathed
knowing the flow of life-force
easing through this body

Being breathed.

© 28 Oct 20 

Monday 2 November 2020

The song of impermanence

 One by one
the leaves let go
from the trees
dancing gracefully
to land on river and earth
creating a soft, golden bed
to walk upon.

One by one
the raindrops drum their rhythm
on my hood and
on the already swollen river
creating a peaceful pattern
with which to walk.

One by one
the leaves and raindrops
sing the song of impermanence
sing the song of beauty
sing the song of love.

© 27 Oct 20



Saturday 31 October 2020

Silence longs to be known

 The moving mind
cannot know the light
only claiming it as itself.
The light allows its presence to be felt
in stillness.

Being in the world
stillness is necessary
to see beyond moving shadows
to the unmoving light.

Silence longs to be recognised
longs to be known.

The moving mind
cannot know silence
always full of noise.

Silence allows its presence to be known
in stillness
the foundation of mind, heart,

© 27 Oct 20

Monday 26 October 2020



Still I stood

 Still I stood 

as the world passed by 

houses, fields, trees 

people, cars.

They were moving 

not I.

I watched this passing show 

delighting, not partaking. 

Quiet I stood 

as rain fell on the river, ripple-making 

on the leaves, gently soothing.

I let myself become 

stone, pebble, ever-flowing water 

twirling leaf, singing bird.

© 2 Sep 20

Thursday 15 October 2020

Golden Moment

 In this moment
the sky paints the river
Rose gold
the trees paint the earth
Golden rust
the birds paint the space between
with golden song.

I do not wish to be with
the clamour of cars
or the shout of shops
I wish to be with the
wonder of the woods
the rolling of the river
the shh of the stream
where a mink may make an appearance
and the kingfisher has it’s secret home.
where the blackbirds chatter in treetops
and everything sings a golden song.

© 15 Oct 20


Tuesday 13 October 2020

Always interbeing

We are born to be together
we are born dependent
we are born to interbe
we are communal beings
born to meet, interact, exchange
we are not separate, individual beings.

We are always together
always interbeing
always exchanging love
caring for each other
as myself.

I am whole
when I recognise
I am part
of you and you and you.

I am whole
when I see there is no
‘me’ and ‘you’
there is only us
delightfully One.

© 11 Oct 20 

Monday 12 October 2020

A Gift for Thay

Yesterday, 11th October 2020, was Thich Nhat Hanh's 94th birthday, or continuation. On the Plum Village website we were invited to share a gift for Thay, something about how his teachings have touched our hearts. Here is mine! 

Dear Thay, dear Beloved Community,

I want to share my story about how Thay’s teachings are reaching a wider audience in a Sangha not based in the Plum Village tradition. A group of friends learned to meditate in a different tradition and practised together for many years, and after some time we felt restricted by the dogmatic approach. One friend (D) met a guru (Swami ji) in India and chose to follow his teachings. Concurrently I was starting Ph.D. research in Thay’s teachings of Mindfulness and Engaged Buddhism. This group of friends meets together, calling ourselves SoS - Silence on Sundays, meeting for communal meditation and silence. As we are geographically spread we organise retreats and whilst the main focus is Swami ji’s teachings, Thay’s teachings fit in so beautifully. D in particular, and now everyone else, has a great love of and respect for Thay’s teachings. 

We have introduced mindful walking, breathing and eating. When we consider readings from Swami ji I bring in Thay’s perspective, which is exactly the same only different words. These ongoing retreats (we have been meeting together for 10 years) enable me to deepen my understanding of Thay’s teachings. There is no conflict from the apparently different approaches, we meet together in Oneness and clearly see the interbeing aspect in words of truth, whether they appear to come through Swami ji or Thay. 

When researching my Ph.D. I shared my research on the retreats and everyone was very supportive and helpful. We looked at the 5 Mindfulness Trainings together, and it was useful for me to hear how they are received by people to whom they are not familiar. We watched the film Walk With Me together, and I was delighted to be able to share with them my love of Plum Village, and what it is like to go on retreat there. 

We currently meet on zoom every week and for many of us this constant connection has kept us sane and happy throughout lockdown and beyond. 

I share with you my favourite phrase from Swami ji,

“It is such a joy that whilst seeking in the world of forms, I found you sitting in my own heart”. 

This is where I found Thay, initially through his books, and then on retreats at Plum Village. When I first saw Thay in 2009, walking into the meditation hall to deliver a Dharma talk I knew he was already in my heart. I knew I wanted to practise in this tradition (I had come on my first retreat as a researcher!) and to practise Thay’s wonderful teachings. In 2014 I received the transmission of the 14 Mindfulness Trainings in Plum Village from Sr Chang Khong. Now I am fortunate to teach the Be Calm Be Happy mindfulness course based in Thay’s teachings. Each week I connect deeply with Thay and share my love of the Plum Village tradition with the participants. 

I have learnt so much from Thay and Plum Village, and continue to do so. When I stop and breathe mindfully, when I smile at an autumn leaf, the bright moon, when I walk mindfully in my garden I know I am Thay’s continuation. I write poems based in mindfulness and I know they come from Oneness, they are not my words, they come through me and I pass them on, out into the world.  

A deep bow of gratitude to Thay, and to your journey bringing you west so we were able to meet. A deep bow of love from all in the SoS Family. 

Lauri, True Mountain of Non-fear.



Friday 9 October 2020

Freedom Song

 I am ready!
Ready to leave this self-imposed cage
of which I hold the key.
Ready to merge into my true nature
of pure, perfect and free.

All that holds me back
are my thoughts and ideas
created by the bird who thinks she is caged.
She hears the song of freedom
calling, calling, calling her
not realising she is the song.
She feels the breath of freedom
ruffling her feathers
not realising it is her own breath.
How can it be otherwise?

The cage is created from ideas and beliefs
thoughts and conditionings of
‘who I think I am’.
Once the bird hears the freedom song
the cage begins to change.
Her eyes are opened to seeing reality.
Instead of a beautiful and cosy nest
she sees limitations, impositions,
The cage becomes too small
to hold a free being
too small to stretch her wings.
She hears the song of freedom
calling, calling, calling her
and responds.

The cage of mind dissolves
The self-imposed cage of mind
cannot exist for a free bird.
She hears the song of freedom
calling, calling, calling her
and responds
knowing she is the song.

© 6 Oct 20

Sunday 27 September 2020

This home of Love

I gave away my authority

to the mind and the senses.

Instead of keeping them in check

as obedient servants

I let them run wild

returning to me 

with false information and lies.

I now take back my authority.

I rein in the wild horses of 

mind and senses 

I stable them close to my heart.

Instead of their incessant whittering

I heed the constant, quiet pulse 

of my own heart

emanating from awareness and knowing.

The world is not ‘out there’

to be sorted out and fixed

It is within me

complete, perfect and whole.

I know Love alone

is constant, durable, unending, forgiving.

I place my confidence in Love alone.

It will not fail.

No matter how believable,

the mind and senses cannot provide constancy, completion

they dwell in a world of impermanence

ever moving and changing.

For a long time

I have wandered in the world

seeking to attain

to know, to become

seeking to get what I lack

all the while moving further away

from my true home.

Now I come home knowing

there is no lack

there is nothing to attain

there is nothing to know.

The home I wandered from

is where the answers lie

simple and straightforward.

This home of Love

is where I belong

where I choose to dwell

where I am completely myself

pure, perfect, free.

There is no lack

there is nothing to attain.

Let go of doubt and self-criticism

bring them close

let them sit by the fireside

to be complete in themselves.

Fear is stirred up

in the world of mind.

Let mind go,

come home to Love,

to awareness.

Fear cannot exist here

where confidence, acceptance,

generosity abound.

This home of Love  

is where I belong

where I choose to dwell

where I am completely myself

pure, perfect, free.

© 27 Sep 20

Saturday 19 September 2020

Take out the stoppers

 Take out the stoppers

set free the infinite well of love

residing in your heart.

Let it wash over all that appears

good or bad

right or wrong.

Let it soak into all the cracks

seep into the walls we raise

to separate and divide.

Let it wash them away

they are not as sturdy or unbreakable

as they appear.

Set free the infinite well of love

residing in your heart.

© 15 Sep 20

Friday 18 September 2020

We are one

We are one in the endeavour

there is no giver or receiver

we are one

there is no lover and beloved

we are one 

there is no teacher and learner

we are one 

It is all embraced in love

encased in love

swimming in love

living in love.

© 18 Sep 19


Thursday 3 September 2020

Be courageous enough to meet yourself


be courageous
be really courageous
allow yourself time and space
to journey beyond time and space
to meet yourself
sitting in your favourite chair
wearing your favourite clothes.

Be courageous enough to meet yourself
be yourself
love yourself.
There is no greater gift than this
no greater blessing than this.
Allow yourself to stop and breathe
to be
just be
with no thought of what comes next
no thought of what is.
Lay down your plans, thinking, schemes
they are the blocks
that stop you meeting yourself.
Release the covers of ignorance
the creator of shade and darkness
let the light shine out.

A daring one looks inward
to meet themselves.
Many are called
few hear the call
fewer still heed the call
knowing it as myself, not other.

be courageous
be really courageous.
Oneness longs to be discovered
acknowledged, known and loved.

© 2 Sep 20

Wednesday 2 September 2020

What is meditation?

A conscious non-doing
allowing the universe to speak
instead of our small, narrow mind.
A conscious turning away from
the mundane every day
turning towards unknowing
with a willing and open heart.

Meditation is to be
desire-free, need-free, carefree.
Allowing all ideas of me and mine
to be thrown into the wind
to see how and where and if
they will land.
Meditation is not an action
but a conscious non-action
a giving up of doing to allow being.
Space to see and hear the ideas
of who we think we are
that keep us small and bound
Transcending all ideas
to be who we always are and have been
pure, perfect, free.

© 1 Sep 20


Sunday 30 August 2020

Why not now?

Why not now?
Why not this moment?
What holds you back from
complete awakening?

Mind, only mind.
Decades of habit and
belief in being human.
The habit of doing
defined by that doing
so compelling, so attractive
so addictive.

We have spent a lifetime
believing that doing human
is the pinnacle of success and happiness.
All experience meanwhile
proving this not to be the case.

Happiness is an internal
not external condition.

Listen to the heart
that knows
dwelling place of truth
reality, freedom.
Listen no more to the
long-winded, repetitive
bluster of the mind
convincing, conniving.
Listen to the silence
in the heart
saying so much.

Stop the outer search
it was only ever within.
Why not now?
Why not this moment?

© 30 Aug 20

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Coming home

Coming home
to my best friend
who only greets me with love
no matter how I present myself
who does not see a tired
worn out body needing to
‘get into shape’
and loves this body just as it is
who cares not what I think
of myself
no matter how low my thoughts
can take me
and only greets me as whole
complete and shining
who pays no heed to how little
self-love I offer
and only has a full and open heart.

My best friend
who invites me to stay awhile
in quiet meditation
paying no heed to whether I think
I can or can’t
paying no heed to the ‘quality’
of my meditation
and only says,
just rest.

Coming home
to my best friend
who sees no labels, no conditions
no shortcomings
who knows me only as
pure, prefect and free
who is my mirror
and provides space
to allow me to see
we are One.

©  13 Aug 20

Thursday 6 August 2020

Dear Mind

Dear Mind
please be still.
This incessant movement
jumping from one thing to another
Is so wearing, so fruitless.
Neither you nor I benefit
from this circling waste of energy.

Come home, dear Mind
sit still with me
and rest.
Let’s be silent together
nourished by deep stillness.

Dear Mind
please be quiet.
I choose 
not to believe
all that you say
not to listen to all the
variants you present
not to adhere to your
unceasing way of moving.
I choose to be master, not servant.

Come home, dear Mind
sit still with me
and rest.
Let’s be silent together
nourished by deep stillness.

© 3 Aug 20

Tuesday 4 August 2020

How could it be otherwise?

Be brave enough
fearless enough
to let go.
As easy as 
letting a balloon string
slip out of your hand.
Be with the balloon
to discover adventures
Venture into the unknown
to realise its complete familiarity.
None other than myself.
How could it be otherwise?

© 3 Aug 20

Monday 20 July 2020

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?
A being full of light and love?
Or one weighed down with
yesterday’s burdens?
Believing the thoughts that come and go
the feelings, emotions, desires
all part of the package 
of being human.

Each morning on awakening
there is a choice
a brief window of opportunity
to choose being just human or
to choose being love.
A beacon for others
a ray of hope, compassion, kindness.

Who do you think you are?

A brief moment to catch
descending from being free
to being human
and all the weight
that package entails.

Choose to be free
choose to be open
choose to be love.

Who do you think you are?

© 19 Jul 20

Sunday 19 July 2020

No words necessary

Dear Mind
rest awhile
as I dive deep into
the vast ocean of consciousness.
“Lie there, my art”.
You are a great magician
plucking forth words, images, scenes
out of empty air
and all this can be stilled
for a while.
Rest my dear mind
there will be important work for you
Now, right now
no words are necessary
no conjuring tricks needed
no reminders of yesterday’s song
or scenes to be replayed.
Lie there, my art
rest awhile
as I dive deep into
the vast ocean of consciousness
which you cannot enter.
no words are necessary.

© 6 Jul 20

Friday 17 July 2020

I throw my arms around the world

I throw my arms around the world
to embrace all beings.
I open my heart to let
all beings
for you were always here
always within me.
We are not separate
you and I 
we have always been One.

My heart is deep enough 
to contain everyone
to contain All.
Here we sit
together in Oneness
lovers of truth and beauty.
I open my arms wide enough
to embrace all.

© 5 Jul 20

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Singing in your heart

Hear the sound of liberation
singing in your heart.
Follow that sound
without wavering.
Stay on the path
it leads you along.
The sound is leading you home
drawing you ever closer
to yourself.
Hear the sound of liberation
singing in your heart
telling you
you already are home.

© 5 Jul 20

Monday 13 July 2020

What is real?

None of it is real.
This night-time vividness that slips into 
vagueness on eyes opening.
And this eyes open, senses open
walking, talking daydream.
None of it is real.

Except this present moment.
This endless, depthless, present moment
when we touch infinity
when we meet the glorious
with no past or future.
Just now
and another now
and another
vibrant, energetic.
This is real.

© 12 Jul 20

Monday 6 July 2020

I will keep you safe

I am the storm that rages
the wind that blows
the rain that rains
the north star as your guide
and the cloud covering the star.
I am the boat
gently carrying you to the other shore.
I am the waves rocking the boat
the calm depth of the ocean
the fish that swim beneath
the birds that fly above.
I am the quiet stillness
on the ocean floor.
I am One, I am many
I am All.

© 4 Jul 20

Sunday 28 June 2020

Acts of radical kindness

This moment of stopping
this pressing of the pause button
is an act of radical kindness
an act of daring and courage.
We, who take the time
to stop and breathe
to look within and greet
what we meet
with kindness and compassion
are warriors.

We, who take the time
to rest in infinite space
to merge in the ocean of Oneness
are warriors
courageous warriors
daring warriors
willing to investigate
the knots in the heart and
undo them
with patience and diligence.

These moments of stopping
of pressing the pause button
emit waves of energy
into the universe
soothing a troubled world.
These are acts of radical kindness
of daring and courage.
© 28 Jun 20

Monday 22 June 2020

One stream of life

We are all one in the stream of life.
We are all one in the flow of consciousness.
What appears to be personal
I no longer claim as mine.
I practise for all beings
near and far
known and unknown
in the past, present and future.

My practice is for healing.
Love heals the gap.
Love helps us recognise
there is no ‘me’ and ‘you’.
We are not separate, we are one.
We are one in the stream of life
in the flow of consciousness.
© 15 Jun 20

Sunday 21 June 2020

All that remains is love

Step into the boat
to journey on the ocean.
The boat is merely the vessel
to get us to our final destination most
directly and accurately.
I am not the boat
I am the ocean, vast and deep
cradling, holding the boat.
I am not tossed and thrown by life’s waves
I am the ocean, vast and deep
cradling, holding the boat.
With each remembrance 
the boat diminishes in size
with each knowing 
the boat becomes less significant.
There is no final destination to reach
there is no starting point of lack
or journey of accruing.
There is only love
a vast, deep ocean of love
cradling, holding all ‘boats’
until the boats diminish and 
all that remains is love.
© 14 Jun 20

Saturday 20 June 2020

This is not personal

This is not personal
this dissonance, this mismatch
between you and me.
It is fed by many generations
of not knowing how
to speak love, show love, be love.
It is amplified by
strong expectations, deep disappointments
situations becoming other than expected.
It is sustained by cycles of tough ‘love’
of not knowing that love
is giving freely
without any expectation of returns.
It is fed by learned disappointments
and lack of understanding.

Here is a chance to break these cycles
they are not forged out of steel.
Here is a chance to tread a new path
where to say ‘I love you’
is as natural and easy as
breathing out.
Here is a chance to start afresh
to open a door that seemed closed and
tightly locked.
Here is a chance to tread a new path
to speak love, show love, be love.
© 14 Jun 20

Monday 8 June 2020

Windows of perception

Know what windows you choose 
to view the world through.
Know what reams of knowledge
you have collected over decades
stored in dusty boxes
in an unvisited attic.
Know there are many windows of perception
ours is just one, a small one.
Stand awhile 
at another window
see the cosmos from a different viewpoint.
Welcome new learning
new ways of seeing
however uncomfortable.

© 5 Jun 20

Sunday 7 June 2020

Rest awhile

Curtain the windows
close all the doors
turn off the radio
the non-stop thinking radio.
Settle body, mind and heart.
Turn inward.
Close off all external sounds and distractions.
Settle all inner movements.
Come to that quiet, peaceful space
apparently located within your heart-space
that turns out to be everywhere.
Meet that quiet, peaceful space
that has no location
no end and no beginning
is not associated with time or dimension.
And rest.
Rest awhile
no need for movement or agitation
nothing to gain, or to lose.
Rest awhile
freeing all claims of me
letting all limiting perceptions dissolve.
Rest awhile.

© 5 Jun 20

Saturday 6 June 2020


I sit, waiting
patiently, quietly
for the word-birds to come
to land on my shoulder
and share their wisdom.
Francis-like I sit
waiting to see if the word-birds will come
waiting to hear what knowledge 
they have to impart.

They will not present themselves
to an agitated mind
full of bluster and noise.
They descend unobtrusively
when I am gazing in a different direction
they arrive in the corner of my eye
as if wishing to remain invisible.

Yet the food they bring 
nourishes my soul
feeds my creativity
lightens my heart
awakens a deeper understanding.

I sit, waiting
patiently, quietly
for the word-birds to come.
© 30 May 20

Friday 5 June 2020

Whenever I walk this path

Whenever I walk this path
I catch my clothes
on a protruding nail
and swear at the tear.
I know it is there
it is visible, not hidden
yet somehow
I again catch my clothes
on the same nail.

Each time it occurs
I exclaim loudly at 
another tear to mend
and promise myself to bring a hammer
and fix the nail.

Somehow, a fog of habit descends
and before I am aware
there is yet another tear.
This time, instead of shouting in anger
and frustration
I resolve to remember.
Back at the house
I immediately find my hammer
and leave it by the door.

whenever I walk this path
there is no protruding nail
on which to catch my clothes.
The hammered head gleamingly smiles at me
and I smile back, grateful to it
for welcoming me
into mindfulness.

© 30 May 20

Sunday 31 May 2020

Stay awhile

Stay in presence with yourself
be actionless, merely responding
be openhearted and embracing
loving towards all
rest deeply in the unshakable knowingness
of yourself as a divine being.
Be the strong and steady staff
around which the elements of creation play
bodies, speech, minds, perceptions come and go
be the unaltering, infinite expression of love
be the essence from which
all action proceeds.
Stay awhile
Stay in presence with yourself.

© 31 May 20

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Who do I say I am?

Space within and without and
suddenly this body is
no longer solid.
I am infinite possibilities
only limited by mind.
I am tree, bird, sky

Nothing holding me in this
particular form except mind
thoughts and perspectives.

I am pure energy
boundless, limitless, free.

© 20 May 20

Thursday 14 May 2020


I do not claim these thoughts
they dance into view
from beginningless
endless space.
I cannot call them mine
they are simply vibrations
to which I respond.

Sometimes I collect them
bring them close
place them in my shopping bag
hold them dearly
as if they are uniquely mine.

Yet I cannot claim them
mercury-like they slip out of reach
floating on the breeze
to a new receiver.
We are radios
finely tuned to pick up
certain frequencies.
Retune, retune
choose which vibrations to accept
and which to let float on by.
They are merely whispers on the wind
echoing from beginningless
endless space.

to hear silence speaking
to hear elemental hearts pounding
with life’s rhythm.

To call them thoughts
reduces the power of a mighty
cascade into a single drop.
To call them mine
reduces the energy of a
thunderstorm to a mere atom.

I cannot claim these thoughts
these words
dancing into view from
beginningless, endless space
they are the quiet calling
of your own essence
like meeting like.

© 2 May 20

Sunday 26 April 2020

Water River Ocean

Water droplets in a river
know no separation
see no difference between each droplet
hold no sense of me and you
know not where I end and you begin
flow along together as one body
a single entity.

The river flows easily
wearing away obstacles
shaping itself continually 
to keep flowing as one body
a single entity.

A journey going nowhere
seeming to arrive at the ocean
already home.
Standing still as one body
a single entity.

The ocean body
knows no separation
sees no difference between river and sea
holds no sense of you and me
sees not the waves as separate
knows only water
one body
a single entity.

The river already is the ocean
each water droplet already the river

© 19 Apr 20

Friday 17 April 2020

Take the time

Take the time to soak in these moments
these “strange” “unprecedented” times.
Do we yet see them as a gift?
A present?
An invitation to be present
to slow down and take notice of
what is around and within.

Take the time to revel in this pause
this diversion from the usual busyness
that has us fixed on a one-track road
of getting through the day, the life
blinkered and unseeing.

Can we take the time to learn
some wonderful lessons?
To see that our modus operandi
wasn’t working
wasn’t beneficial
for family life, for being together
for work-life balance?

Take the time to bathe in these days
when we can hear the birds
enjoy the sunrise and sunset
sit with a cup of tea
converse with our neighbours.

Take the time to soak in these moments.
Do we yet see them as a gift?
© 16 Apr 20

Wednesday 15 April 2020

The human agreement

Each morning is a choice
an opportunity
whether or not to sign
the human agreement.
Usually the signature takes place
and with it comes belief in
this body as me
these feelings, thoughts, emotions as me
this mind as me.
All this falls into place
as soon as the signature is writ
before the ink is dry.

Know there is a choice
the signature can be writ
written in pencil and erased very easily.
The choice is to dwell in
peace, certainty
free from doubt and unknowing.

The choice is to accept
this body
these feelings, thoughts, emotions
from the side of Oneness
a spiritual being
stepping into a human body.

The signature can be writ
written in pencil and erased very easily.
© 12 Apr 20

Saturday 11 April 2020

The full moon

The full moon pulled me
out of sleep into wakefulness
called to me
to drink in her light, so fulsome
it cannot be missed
summoned me
out of bed into her attendance.

A silver orb so rich against a velvet sky
A golden orb with billowing
streams cloaking behind her
in the dawning sky.

Each bird sings a proclamation
to her magnificence.
May my words approximate
her beauty and splendour.
The moon orchestrates
our ebbs and flows
pulling me out of sleep
into wakefulness.
© 7 Apr 20

Thursday 9 April 2020

Never before

Never before
have I so closely observed
the moment-by-moment
unfolding of spring.

Never before
have I paid so much attention
to the inch-by-inch growth
of peony stalks
the petal-by-petal uncurling
of plum blossom
and cherry blossom
whose appearance
always signals my daughter’s birthday.

Never before
have I delighted so much
in the minute changes revealing
bud then leaf then flower.

Never before
have I peered so curiously closely
at the bowing fritillary heads
and the unique snakehead pattern
on each flower.

Never before
have I seen so full and bright
a moon in a pale blue sky
harmonising with the dusktime
melody of chorusing birds.

Never before
have I allowed myself
to be immersed
in the moment-by-moment
unfolding of spring.
© 6 Apr 20

Monday 30 March 2020


There’s a rather splendid sky
out there
pinks and oranges
elongating space

There’s a rather splendid sky
in my heart
where all the singing birds
find a home.

© 31 Oct 18

Saturday 28 March 2020

Light as love

Being together
arriving together
no happy accident
all has been arranged
energy of joy vibrating
light manifesting as love
friends happily together

The room is full of light
describing Oneness
vibrating now as
What vibrations are you receiving?
What are you tuned into?
Love is palpable
singing from each atom
light as love.

© 7 Mar 20

Thursday 26 March 2020

Expressions of love

Shining sun
singing birds
glistening frost
cold morning air
heart greeting
everything is
an expression of love.

© 6 Mar 20

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Local lanes

I walk from the house
round local lanes
full of silence and emptiness.
I meet only curious cows and
singing birds.
The empty lanes are full
zinging with life and energy
the season ready to spring forth.
All I see is a reflection of my heart
joyous, calm, immeasurably peaceful.
Love abounds
the substance of every molecule
of greening moss
reflecting puddle
squelching mud.
The open sky
the rain-filled clouds
the grandeur of the trees
each pulsating love
raining love
being love.
© 4 Mar 20

Sunday 22 March 2020

Breath is a lullaby

Breath is a lullaby
singing us into wakefulness
to a realm of light
Ego is left behind
heart enters singing joy
as freely as birdsong.

© 3 Mar 20

Friday 20 March 2020

These words

These words are infused with space
with silence
they do not arise from the mind
they are not received by the ears
they are not known in the mind.
These words echo through timeless space
waiting for a receptor
waiting for one who understands
These words are infused with space
with silence
I make no claim to them
they are not for me
they are to be proclaimed
and set free
for other ears to hear.
© 2 Mar 20

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Chaos is a crucible

Chaos is a crucible
into which everything
we think we know
is tossed and tumbled
readjusted and reinvented.
What emerges will be fresh and new
free of the dust from
habitual ways of thinking and behaving.

Don’t fear the crucible of chaos
fear only not being made anew
fear emerging the same as before
fear not waking up to this
precious opportunity.
© 17 Mar 20

Monday 2 March 2020

Offer yourself to the universe

Now is the time to offer yourself
to the universe
to stand open-hearted and wait
wait to see where your talents
will be drawn to.

Now is the time to offer yourself
to the universe
to say ‘I am here, I am ready,
I am willing’
and to listen
listen to what the universe
requires of you
which may be exactly
what you are doing
right now

© 26 Feb 20

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Be free

Be free, be free, be free.
I already am what I want to become.
Know, I am already free
My work is already accomplished.
No striving, no push, no reaching
no searching for particular aims.
Everything is complete
Nothing lacking or missing
Nothing to achieve
It already abides within
Go there! Be there!
Be free, be free, be free.

© 27 Jan 20

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Woodland Wandering

I meet a child
who loves to wander
through open fields, tree-lined lanes
woods of tall, tall trees
reaching skyward.
She rides a pretend horse
canters, jumps and gallops
past houses leading to open countryside.
She feels free in the open air
meandering with no aim.
The fairy-ring of trees atop the hill
is a favourite playground.

I haven’t met this child
in a long, long time.
As she grew
she forgot to love the countryside
and the trees
she abandoned her play-horse
and bussed, or drove.
She forgot the exhilarated breathlessness
of running through fields.

Happily, I found her again today
as we slipped down muddy paths
in the January woods and
early morning light.
We found each other
among tall, tall trees.
© 15 Jan 20

Monday 27 January 2020

Everywhere is change

The snowdrops are abundant,
signing both the coming spring
and the lingering snow.
The croci peep like sharpened pencil tips
standing in the crayon box.
Green fingers reach through the decaying leaves
to herald spring and warmer weather
and lighter days.
The curling, drying beech leaves
are still golden.
The black crows caw
against a greying sky,
showing the merest sliver of
pale turquoise
before the rain clouds come.
Everywhere is change.

Everywhere is birth and death
side by side.
Coming and going,
growth and decay,
the old and the new.
Can one be distinguished from the other?
Can one occur without the other?

With each breath
and with each step
I feel alive.
Heat courses through the body,
reddening the cheeks
and the tips of my ears.
Eyes can see the colourful signposts
of the coming spring.
Ears can hear the cry of birds,
the footsteps of fellow walkers.
Heart can gladden at the promise of sunshine
and warm days and the need
for less layers of clothes.

And mind can delight in the underlying stillness
from which it all begins.
The stillness one knows in the
quiet contemplation of a meditation hall.
The same stillness
that you and I welcome
with each sound of the bell.
The silence that our teachers’ teachers
taught us to feel, to know, to enjoy.
That silence is palpable when we
call things by their true names.

© 27/2/11