Sunday 25 February 2018

This breath is not mine

This breath is not mine
I do not own this breath.
I can neither hold nor release it.
I am only a channel
through which it moves.

This body is not mine
I do not own this body.
It is only a collection
of elements
no different
to anything else perceivable.

These thoughts are not mine
I do not own these thoughts.
They are only a collection
of waves
movements I can
latch onto or let pass.

I am only a channel
through which these energies move.

© 18 Feb 18

Saturday 24 February 2018

The way of freedom

Hold tightly
to what is ‘mine’
and it will be ripped from my fingers.
Let it sit lightly
on an open palm
and it can move freely
of its own accord.

With the effort of holding on
comes the pain of losing.
Let it rest lightly
This is the way of freedom.

© 16 Feb 18

Friday 23 February 2018

True essence of oneness

Mind and the senses
act as curtains
covers over true essence
of oneness.

This reality
by any covers
no matter
how apparently thick or heavy.

is inextricably woven
into the fabric of the universe
can never be extracted from it.
is the power of breath
life, speech, actions.
When these are destroyed
oneness remains
pure being
forever free.

© 15 Feb 18

Thursday 22 February 2018

A single snowflake

I am a single snowflake
falling from a cloud
tumbling through sky and space
carried by the wind.
I let go of the cloud
the cloud lets go of me.
My friends and I
we dance together
through the greyness
falling towards earth.
Singing and dancing
we descend on our joyous journey.
Look out world!
Here I come
to imprint my uniqueness
on the earth.
Look out world
here I come!

© 14 Feb 18

Wednesday 21 February 2018

No within or without

Listening to the universe
listening with the heart.
Feeling the waves of
crackling energy
washing over me.
Listening to the heart of the universe
hearing its gentle lullaby
and its vibrancy.
Listening in the heartspace
no within or without.

Seeing the universe
seeing with the third eye.
Knowing the waves of beauty
awe and wonder as me.
Seeing the face of the universe
as my smiling face.
Seeing from the heartspace
no within or without.

Listening to the space
from the space.
The dreams of the mind
too small
to contain this great being
this giant.
The workings of the mind
cannot create a beauty
as vast and gorgeous
as this now surrounding
enveloping the body.

from the heartspace
no within or without.

© 14 Feb 18

Tuesday 20 February 2018

I sing into existence

I sing into existence
the dawning of each new day
throwing light onto
a hungry baby and exhausted mother
a thief running with newly acquired goods
shops opening, tills ringing
the murderer
the lover
the nurse holding the hand of one
passing from life
one sheltering from a rain storm
one hurrying with a battered umbrella
one catching the sun’s rays on a beach
one sweltering and parched in a paddy field.
A play of many parts
taking place
as the light passes over.

I sing into existence
gathering and rising
expanding and contracting
meetings and missed opportunities
energy moving
undulating waves and moments of rest
attracting and repelling.
I sing into existence
light and shadows
receiving and donating
descending and dispersing.

I sing
I sing.

© 13 Feb 18

Monday 19 February 2018

Heart knows

Two paths become one path
side by side
hand in hand.

Mind creates prisons in the
limitations of its thinking.
Heart knows
I am boundless and free.

Mind wrestles with these
trying to straighten a crooked path.
Keeping busy, distracted
not seeing truly.

Heart allows, accepts.
Darkness and light born together
stillness and movement present simultaneously.
Heart knows
I am boundless and free.

© 13 Feb 18

Sunday 18 February 2018

Lean into the wind

Lean into the wind
let it carry and support me.
Lean into space
let the mind go free.

Be a leaf blown on the wind
cradled and caressed
carried where it will
let the mind go free.

Mighty force of life
take me in your arms
gentle breath of life
soothe my turbulent thoughts.

Mighty force of life
buffeting and breaking
gentle breath of life
lead me sweetly home.

© 15 Feb 18

Monday 5 February 2018

Standing like a mountain

Standing like a mountain
finding balance, seemingly not easy.
Can I rely on myself?
A breathing, living body
not static, not rigid.
standing still, yet not entirely still
minor adjustments, tiny movements
to keep balanced.
Does the mountain breathe?

Seeking for a sense of inner poise.
Reach down, reach up.
Touching earth, touching sky
filling the space between.
Experience solid and spacious
within one body.
Grounded and free.
Let the air support my weight.
Heels pressing into the earth
giving support.
Heart reaching skyward
I am free.

© 4 Feb 18

Thursday 1 February 2018

Feel it

There is a jewel hiding
at the centre of each black hole.
the darkness is too dense
to reveal it.
So we must feel it
find a new way of connecting with it.

Flowers of spring are not absent in winter
only waiting for their time to shine.
Sunlight has not yet touched
the soul of the seed
allowing it to crack open.

Knowledge of each situation is present
as a seed.
Our inability to see it
marks our own ignorance and
not a lack of beauty.

Dense earth nurtures the seed
waiting for a touch of sunlight
and its time to shine.

There is a beautiful flower of opportunity hiding
in every circumstance and situation.
we are too engrossed in sadness or fear
to notice it.
So we must feel it
find a new way of connecting with it.

© 28 Jan 18