Thursday 27 September 2018

Advice for myself

and free.
Fall not into
the trap of
doubt and fear.
Dance over
these qualities and
don’t be danced by them.

Be present.
Practise amazement
and enjoyment.
Practise astonishment
and love.

Be not partial
or dependent on reciprocity
or change.
Be accepting and full
untethered and

© 25 Sep 18

Tuesday 25 September 2018

No need to hide

Starting with sounds
starting to relax
curious about what I am
recording right now,
the inner secret soul
who longs to be noticed
be heard
be attended to.

No need to hide
no need to be selective
or present a particular form
to the world.
Be open and transparent
no difference between
inner and outer.

Be like the sun
shining on all.
Be open, be peace
be kind, be yourself
without any covers.

© 23 Sep 18

Friday 21 September 2018

Moonlit walk

We move into the darkening garden
becoming shadows
greeted by indistinct bushes and trees.
The moon beams down
welcoming us
shaking off a gossamer orange glow.
We are unexpected
nocturnal visitors
not the usual snuffling, creeping,
flying visitors of the dusk.
We glide gently
through the slightly unfamiliar space
meeting the cool grass.
There is no foreboding here.
The bright half-moon reassures
lighting our footsteps
in the darkening garden
and we slip
back into the building.

© 17 Sep 18

Thursday 20 September 2018

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?
The captivating and addictive qualities
of the latest drama on TV,
or the captivating and nourishing
endless beauties of the garden?
Do I dive into a heady world of
suspense and intrigue
played on a screen,
or do I wander and enjoy
the gentle moments of nowness
alive in the garden?

I recognise within me a strong pull
towards the former
yet also knowing it won’t feed this
current niggle of dissatisfaction.

The air is surprisingly warm.
The breeze is brisk
shaking all the leaves
testing which are ready to dance
in the fullness of autumn.

I choose to give myself up to
the natural world.
Mother earth, sustainer,
peace-giver, soul-soother,
true friend.

© 17 Sep 18

Monday 10 September 2018

Come play!

Imagine being free
even for a moment
from all that binds us
to being human.

Imagine freeing yourself
even for a moment
from self-imposed burdens
that tie us to the mundane.

Imagine being free
from dualistic opposites of good and bad
and all the judgements
part of the package of being human.

Imagine freeing yourself
from all the ‘shoulds’
with which we tether our own wings
whilst longing to fly
and “ride the curled clouds”*.

Imagine being a child again
free to play, discover, explore
not bound by adult rules
heavy with responsibility.

Imagine, just for a moment.

And in that moment
all is possible
the door to a new adventure opens
freedom beckons.
Shake off the shackles of adulthood.
Shake off the tethers of humanness
and come play!

Loosen your wings
dance on the breeze
ride the circling thermals
cry into the wild wind
be the freedom you long for.

Come play!

© 10 Sep 18
* from The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Sunday 2 September 2018

Living well in order to die well

Living at peace with myself
right now
in this moment.
Accepting growing old
ill health and death
but not giving in to them.
This body ages and changes.
Spirit, the ultimate reality, remains constant.

People come and go
moving in and out
of our lives.
Spirit, the ultimate reality, remains constant.

Thoughts, feeling and emotions
change with astonishing rapidity.
We cannot be held account for them
we cannot place our trust in them.
Spirit is the only constant.

We are not bound to
physical limitations
unless we choose to be.
Then they become a prison
in which we are both jailer and jailed
yet only recognising the latter.
Knowing we are the jailer
we have the key to set ourselves free.

Be unbound, fearless, immortal.
Spirit, also called Oneness, is
the only constant
where we can place our faith and trust.

Unbound, fearless, immortal.
Spirit is the breath of life
the sustainer.
Spirit is before manifestation
giving birth to all that unfolds
Spirit remains when all else falls away.

Know spirit right now
in this moment.
Do not wait
do not procrastinate!

Practise knowing spirit and freedom
in every moment of daily life
until there is no difference
between outer and inner.

Practise knowing spirit and freedom
so that when the last breath
is taken and released
there is no loss or pain
there is no fear
there is only recognition
peace and joy.

Boundless, fearless immortality.

© 2 Sep 18