Tuesday 6 July 2021

Take off the covers

I am turned around
to meet myself
full of perfect peace and purity.
In the Now
there is no place and time
there are no boundaries or limits.
There is no light to turn on
or off
the light already shines

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Be with those who
let your light shine brightly.

The light shines everywhere
unaffected by individual forms.
It is our understanding
that comes and goes.

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Let your light shine brightly.

© 20 Jun 21 

Sunday 4 July 2021

Two halves become whole

Here I am
trusting, willing, vulnerable
putting my heart in your hands.
Treat it kindly, gently, lovingly.
We are two halves become whole
become One.

We are two missing pieces
completing the jigsaw puzzle.

We are bigger and better together.
Life is easier with your hand in mine
your shoulder to rest on.

Life is an adventure we share together
a perilous boat-ride
cresting waves and surfing shallows.
Holding on to each other
we can cruise triumphantly
in to safe harbour.
Our need for one another
is primordial
as sunshine and rain.

We are two halves become whole
become One.

© 5 Jun 21 

Friday 2 July 2021

Being here

Being here
a moment
beyond space and time
utterly free.
This moment overspills
into other moments
without boundaries
fluid, limitless
unfolding and perfection
certain, knowing
warm, glowing.

A thought dances in
flitting from flower to flower.
I watch
the beauty of this moment
this endless moment
Peace is present
a constant foundation
background and foreground
sustaining all that moves and rests.
Sustaining all.

© 5 Jun 21