Friday 1 November 2019

Perfect chaos

I smile, knowing
the gentle crunch of feet on gravel.
I smile, knowing
earth not as a solid entity
but billions of particles vibrating closely.
I smile, knowing
water as holding, guiding, flowing.
I smile, knowing
fire as benevolent, revealing, illuminating.
I smile, knowing
air as a single life force, animating, arranging.
I smile, knowing
space as omnipresent
the essence of every particle and atom.

I smile, seeing
the elements dance in a new, alive way
not holding their usual form.

I listen, to see the essence of birdsong.
I look, to feel the aliveness of air.
I taste, to touch the dance of oneness
as everything rearranges itself
into chaotic perfection and
perfect chaos.

© 24 Oct 19