Sunday 31 May 2020

Stay awhile

Stay in presence with yourself
be actionless, merely responding
be openhearted and embracing
loving towards all
rest deeply in the unshakable knowingness
of yourself as a divine being.
Be the strong and steady staff
around which the elements of creation play
bodies, speech, minds, perceptions come and go
be the unaltering, infinite expression of love
be the essence from which
all action proceeds.
Stay awhile
Stay in presence with yourself.

© 31 May 20

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Who do I say I am?

Space within and without and
suddenly this body is
no longer solid.
I am infinite possibilities
only limited by mind.
I am tree, bird, sky

Nothing holding me in this
particular form except mind
thoughts and perspectives.

I am pure energy
boundless, limitless, free.

© 20 May 20

Thursday 14 May 2020


I do not claim these thoughts
they dance into view
from beginningless
endless space.
I cannot call them mine
they are simply vibrations
to which I respond.

Sometimes I collect them
bring them close
place them in my shopping bag
hold them dearly
as if they are uniquely mine.

Yet I cannot claim them
mercury-like they slip out of reach
floating on the breeze
to a new receiver.
We are radios
finely tuned to pick up
certain frequencies.
Retune, retune
choose which vibrations to accept
and which to let float on by.
They are merely whispers on the wind
echoing from beginningless
endless space.

to hear silence speaking
to hear elemental hearts pounding
with life’s rhythm.

To call them thoughts
reduces the power of a mighty
cascade into a single drop.
To call them mine
reduces the energy of a
thunderstorm to a mere atom.

I cannot claim these thoughts
these words
dancing into view from
beginningless, endless space
they are the quiet calling
of your own essence
like meeting like.

© 2 May 20