Friday 24 March 2017

The largest boulders

Even the largest boulder
can be moved with some creative thinking.
Employing levers, cranes, water
can allow the most immovable object
to be shifted.
The rage and tumult that seems to be
the instinctive reaction to such blocks
may not be the most effective response.
The fury and hail accompanying
an impending storm may
rattle the windows and sting the face
yet may not remove
my seemingly stubborn blockages.

Admit allowing, accepting
waiting patiently for the sun to shine again.
Take a watery approach!
Drop by drop inviting kindness
to gently dissolve the obstacles.
Drop by kindly drop
moment by friendly moment
day by patient day
until the realisation dawns
the boulder is no longer there.

© 22 Mar 17

Thursday 23 March 2017

How many times?

How many times have I judged you?
Met you from my perception
instead of your presentation?

How many times do I see you as a
reflection of my own ideas
instead of as you are?

How many times do I imprint
my ideas of you onto you
and not appreciate you as an
individual and unique being?

How many times do I reduce you
to the limits of my understanding
instead of acknowledging your own greatness?

How many times do I meet you as you
as you are right now?

How many times do I see you as you
and not an appendage of my thoughts?

How many times do I meet you as you?

© 22 Mar 17

Sunday 19 March 2017

Enigmatic, elusive butterflies

Words are enigmatic, elusive butterflies
dancing, flitting on the air
waiting to be heard
tasted, touched, seen, smelt.
When mind is still and quiet
they congregate together
wanting to be recognised
to be admitted.
Waiting for the spark of recognition
a sign of being most interested.
Willing to receive
a beautiful collection
of words and phrases
arranging themselves into
a fine necklace or bracelet
becoming a poem.
Here is magic working
being still enough to hear and receive
allowing them to dance and settle
onto the paper
in their own formation.
Be open, be alive
to this creation
forming itself right now.
I am a conduit, a channel
allowing themselves to appear and
be true to themselves.

© 18 Mar 17

Saturday 18 March 2017

Here I sit

Here I sit
ready to listen
putting aside
all I think I know.
Merging with Oneness
familiar as my own hand.

Here I sit
here and now
nowhere else to be
fall in step with being
fall in step with Oneness.
Embracing life
as a free being
not tied down by human convention
a free being
flowing with the breath of the ether.

Here I sit
embracing Oneness
seeing through the many disguises

I heed the call.

© 15 Mar 17

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Be as free

Be as free as a leaf
tumbling in the wind
be as free as raindrops
showering from the sky
be as free as the stars
sparkling for their own sake
be as free as the wind
blowing where it will
be as free as a feather
floating on the breath of love
be as free as space
enjoying its own freedom.

© 7 Mar 17

Wednesday 8 March 2017

We held a petal in our hands

We held a petal in our hands
and it held us.
Today, a momentous event took place
and nothing happened.
We received the news with
tenderness and great love.
We received the message
loud and clear
'never grieve!'

We held a petal in our hands
and it held us.
A symbol of pure beauty
pure love
transcending mind and body
birth and death
dwelling in pure space.

We held a petal in our hands
and it held us to truth and reality
infinitely stronger than
grief and thoughts of loss.

I have never moved.
I am with you always.
The petal held us.

© 5 Mar 17

Wednesday 1 March 2017

You tore down the walls of my heart

You tore down the walls
of my heart
broke down all my defences
let all my vulnerabilities show.
Though I am melting
in a veil of tears
I welcome your intrusion.
I know it as pure love.

You tore down the walls
of my heart
with gentleness and persistence
showed me the defences exist
only in my imagination.
I am washed clean
by a shower of tears
happy to reveal my fragility
and strength.
I embrace your teaching.
I know it as pure love.

© 16 Feb 17