Wednesday 13 October 2021

Moving my blog

 Dear Friends, 

thank you for following me on my journey of mindfulness.

I am relocating my poems onto my website. 

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I'm beginning with moving some of my favourite poems onto my website.

I hope you will continue to follow my poems.

Much love Lauri 

Monday 6 September 2021

Thoughts of I

What is a “Lauri”?

Who is she? Where is she?

Look deeply

if we picture a ‘self, person, living being, lifespan’ 

these are limitations placed on space

they divide, define, delineate, differentiate.

Look deeply

these limitations dissolve, disintegrate, disappear.


she is blood, bone, sinew, muscle, bodily fluids, hair, nails, skin.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is a conduit for passing thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

They are not hers 

they are universal energies passing through a human form.

They are of the historical dimension

of coming and going

past, present and future.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is Oneness itself

a being of the Ultimate dimension

a being full of light and love.

Where does she begin and end?

These notions cannot be delineated.

All descriptors of her are not entirely true.

She is not a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, artist, teacher.

She is not limited by how you see, picture or remember her.

There is not a Lauri-shaped vessel 

with a particular size and form.

Her essence,

your essence, our essence

is love, light, Oneness.


© 6 Sep 21 

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Take off the covers

I am turned around
to meet myself
full of perfect peace and purity.
In the Now
there is no place and time
there are no boundaries or limits.
There is no light to turn on
or off
the light already shines

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Be with those who
let your light shine brightly.

The light shines everywhere
unaffected by individual forms.
It is our understanding
that comes and goes.

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Let your light shine brightly.

© 20 Jun 21 

Sunday 4 July 2021

Two halves become whole

Here I am
trusting, willing, vulnerable
putting my heart in your hands.
Treat it kindly, gently, lovingly.
We are two halves become whole
become One.

We are two missing pieces
completing the jigsaw puzzle.

We are bigger and better together.
Life is easier with your hand in mine
your shoulder to rest on.

Life is an adventure we share together
a perilous boat-ride
cresting waves and surfing shallows.
Holding on to each other
we can cruise triumphantly
in to safe harbour.
Our need for one another
is primordial
as sunshine and rain.

We are two halves become whole
become One.

© 5 Jun 21 

Friday 2 July 2021

Being here

Being here
a moment
beyond space and time
utterly free.
This moment overspills
into other moments
without boundaries
fluid, limitless
unfolding and perfection
certain, knowing
warm, glowing.

A thought dances in
flitting from flower to flower.
I watch
the beauty of this moment
this endless moment
Peace is present
a constant foundation
background and foreground
sustaining all that moves and rests.
Sustaining all.

© 5 Jun 21  

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Be a dancer

The quiet of the June morning
belies the burgeoning garden growth
it’s plethora of leaves, buds, flowers, fruit.

Birdsong celebrates a
cyclical symphony of
growth and change
flourish and decay.

I focus on the beauty of fullness
hesitantly acknowledging
everything has a flow
a dance of movement and rest
rising and falling.
Decaying leaves are nourishment
for future growth.

Don’t resist the energy of change.
Be a dancer
go with the flow.

© 5 Jun 21 

Monday 28 June 2021

Thank you to the sunrise

 The sunrise called me out of bed.
It’s pinkness filled my window
drew me outside
where the morning thronged
with invisible birdsong.
The green grass and reddish brown earth
danced a complementary dance.
The distant hills moulded in mist.
The horses nodded genteelly.
The world was alive, yet silent
not quite woken up.
We wandered through woods and fields and lanes
silent and welcoming.
Glad to be awake and alive.
Thank you to the sunrise
for calling me out of bed.

© 28 May 21

Saturday 26 June 2021

Awareness is stillness

Always running, never arriving
What next? What next?
The thought-train thunders
hither and thither
always moving, never still.
What can help?
Get off the train!
Movement never arrives
never ceases.
Awareness is stillness.
Don’t miss stopping at the station.
No need to keep hurtling forward.
Take a breath.


Awareness is stillness.

© 23 May 21 

Thursday 24 June 2021


I am here, body, mind and spirit in Oneness.
I present myself to you
I offer my presence
I’m here for you
I’m willing to listen,
to hear, to feel, to acknowledge.

I stand in the presence of Oneness
I melts away, Oneness only is present.

This gift I give to myself
being present, being full and whole.
What great gift is there than presence?
Being here, for ourselves
for each other
dissolving difference.

© 20 May 21

Tuesday 22 June 2021


 Togetherness and presence
are joyful qualities of home.
No need for mind to be off
dancing on some distant shore
or out among galaxies.
No need for mind to be
swirling mundanely round
the supermarket with a
long list of ‘should’ and ‘to-do’s.
Coming home I am free.
Qualities such as fear and mistrust
can be laid on the doorstep
no need to invite them in.
Home is here and now
Mind and body anchored together as One.
Togetherness and presence
are joyful qualities of home.
© 20 May 21

Sunday 20 June 2021


Don’t jump in
don’t rush to find words
let silence envelope you
immerse you in
it’s welcoming presence.

to hear, truly hear
what is reverberating in silence.

Burbling clouds roll above
thunder clouds
full of words and bluster
saying nothing.
is a deep, calm well of peace
quiet and still
by the thunder clouds above.
Here in this deep well of peace
are words to pay attention to.
Heed what these words say,
full of space and knowing.

© 15 May 21 

Friday 28 May 2021

The Garden

 Walking in the garden for the last time
I wonder who will harvest and enjoy the potatoes
not yet ready to be unearthed.
Who will share in the juiciness of the raspberries not yet seasoned?
Who will pick and sample the apples growing so abundantly
on the ancient-looking trees?
Will it be left to the birds, and the caterpillars
and worms to enjoy these delicacies?
After twenty-five years of love and care
the owners are moving out and
it is not yet known
who will move in.
Will the new owners be gardeners?
Will they appreciate the work and devotion
that has maintained this garden over two and a half decades?
Will they know to leave the seed heads for the birds to feast on?
Will they sit on the bank on warm summer evenings
and recognise the variety of birdsong
and watch the sun sink behind the house?
This garden has been created and nurtured
through a generation,
allowing children to play and grow up and
fall out of trees that stand like ancient monuments;
allowing its owner to paint here
every day,
capturing the new life of crocus bulbs
and pear blossom.
Now it is to be left behind,
a secret garden that has no one
to whisper its secrets to,
a hidden oasis in the midst of
a bustling market town,
unknown to the shoppers and farmers who wander
on the other side of its walls.
Now it has been let go of,
been surrendered to the seasons and
the vagaries of unknown new owners.
And in the letting go
a new garden can begin to live elsewhere.
The beauty and nourishment palpable in this garden
does not come only from the trees and flowers and
sculptural thistles that tower above our heads,
but from the owners, whose
love and tenderness and patience and attention
have created this garden
and these attributes go with them
to be born again in
new earth,
with new plants and trees
and soon the birds will come and sing
and enjoy the feasts generously offered to them. 

© 13 Jul 13

Shared humanity

 Walking this path
everyone meets stones
which cut their feet,
tree roots to trip over,
no-entry signs
and locked gates,
boulders that seem impassable.

Walking this path
our shared experience
is suffering
if that’s what we choose to focus on.
Our shared humanity
can also be joy and happiness
in accompanied walking,
helping each other
to notice stones,
avoid the tree roots,
find a new path
around the no-entry signs,
offer a helping hand
with the impassable boulders.

Our shared experience can be
not minding the stones or tree roots,
not complaining about the locked gates,
accepting the boulders,
and still finding
a reason to be joyful and happy
as we journey together
step by step.

© 26 Apr 21

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Silence is always sounding

Who do I say that I am?
Silence is always sounding.
Do I listen to the sound
reverberating energetically
or the silence from which
the sound is sprung?Silence is always sounding
often covered by noise.

I spend my day
telling myself
“mortal am I”
and with this death sentence
fear, doubt, confusion and unease
accompany as apocalyptic horsemen.
In a moment of awakening
a moment of reality
I hear the true sound
“immortal am I”
“love am I “
“peace am I”.

Everything changes.
Hearing moves from
sound to silence.
everything continues.
all is quiet, still, joyful.

Simply a change of direction
a shift from mortal to immortal.

Silence is always sounding
if  choose to hear.
“immortal am I”
“love am I “
“peace am I”.

© 25 Apr 21 

Monday 24 May 2021


 Green stalk
emerging buds
held tight and close
gently peeling apart
more growth
reaching out from the central stalk
declaring their own bellness
same yet different.

Slender branch
ending in bell
a protective sleeve
letting it go.
Dancing bells
singing bells
fullness already decaying.

As the floweriness reaches fullness
it is already dying.
Which is the stage of perfection?
Blossoming is brief.
Enjoy each step along the way.

© 22 Apr 21

Saturday 22 May 2021

Turn towards it

It’s taking too much energy
this concern that you choose
to avoid rather than address.
Be present to it’s needs
then let it go.
Don’t deplete your energy
with unnecessary
worries and agitations.
Avoidance takes more energy
than addressing a situation.
Turn towards it
say hello
listen to it’s needs
and let it go.
Be free of it and
let it be free of you.

© 22 Apr 21 

Thursday 20 May 2021

This place-less place

The sound of the bell
flows on and on
and I follow.
It’s sound gently dissipates
into quiet emptiness
full of attention
and heartsease.
How to describe
this place-less place?
Feeling is not adequate.
The bell leads me home
where questions adorn the trees
as beautiful garlands.
Possibilities spring from the earth
as gorgeous flowers.
The qualities of contentment and ease
vibrate on the breeze.
The sound of the bell
gently tugs my heartstrings
opening, releasing, allowing.
Welcoming joyfulness sings
from every leaf.
This place-less place
immediately recognisable
completely comfortable
This place-less place
where I am known
and know myself
requiring nothing
absolutely free.

© 22 Apr 21

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Arriving and completeness

 Here we are in the midst of both
growth and fullness.
No beginning, no end.
In this moment
there is both
arriving and completeness.
Each seed contains
the whole cosmos
both new life and fullness.
Conditions allow
a miracle to arise
so mundane we may miss it
without eyes to see
and hearts to acknowledge.
Each One contains everything
Each One contains All.
An indication of connectedness
and interconnection.
We are all woven into
a web of life
moving and growing together.

In this moment
there is both
arriving and completeness.

© 22 Apr 21

Sunday 16 May 2021

What is the song of today

What is the song of today?
Each day a new song
filled with kindness and ease.

What do I need to fulfil?
How do I nourish myself
this day?

What is the song of today?

It combines
silence, connection, understanding.
It ends resting in the knowledge
I am a free being
nothing to achieve
nothing to prove.

What is the song of today?
it’s refrain echoes
and repeats.
I am a free being.

Each day a new song
ending with silence.

© 15 May 21 

Wednesday 21 April 2021

All is well

 Joining in
with a body already breathing
joining in
with mediation always vibrating.

There is no doer
no being
to begin and end meditation.

Pure awareness is the essence
in which the world and all creation
moves, lives, flows.

Space is a description
of the quality present in meditation.

The space
alive, singing, vibrating
tangible in the heartspace
recognisable as peace and
deep contentment.

All is well.

© 18 Apr 21

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Always returning to source

 Is it an arc or a circle?
Always returning to source
always beginning afresh.
Learning anew what heart already knows.
A secret whispered on the wind
shining in the light of the sun.
To see only an arc is not to achieve fullness.
The circle is a true descriptor
no beginning, no end.
Alive in each moment
always returning to source.

© 13 Apr 21

Monday 19 April 2021

Enjoy a simple life

Go where the wind blows you.
Follow where the sun beckons you.
Hear the tempting fragrances calling you.
Heed the pull of hum and buzz.
Move with the arc of the sun.
Let the energies play.
Enjoy a simple life.

Go with the flow of energy
awakening, growth, stretching,
blossoming, fullness, ease
rest, sleep, new growth.

Lean into insights and wisdom.
Lean into joy, beauty, wonder.
Find ways of being at ease.
Enjoy a simple life.

© 13 Apr 21

Monday 12 April 2021

I is always free

 I is always I
whether we clothe it as Me
or know it as I.
I is always free
the mind’s claims as me
reduces it to bondage.
I rests in being
open and spacious
mind creates a doer
bound and limited.
Let I do the work
play the many different parts
all the while remaining free
and uninvolved.
I is always free.

© 11 Apr 21

Monday 29 March 2021

Years and years

 Years and years
of being imprisoned
by my own hand
my own thoughts.

Years and years
of believing there is much to do
to free myself
and much time needed.

Years and years
of looking to an external
prison-guard holding
the key to the lock.

Years and years
of looking forward to
a future time of freedom
never present.

And in a moment
I see the prison-guard is me
I am my own key.
The notion of time is a fallacy
there is no future time of freedom
there is only here and now
there is no lock
there is no door
there is no prison
there is only freedom.

© 14 Mar 21

Sunday 28 March 2021

Not becoming

I never forget my given name
when it is called I respond
yet how often do I remember
my true name
and hear it’s call?

I am pure, perfect, free
not becoming, already am.

Mind has drawn a shape of
who I think I am
yet awareness knows I am
shape-free, limitless, liberated
not becoming, already am.
Awareness erases all shapes
blurs edges, nothing fixed.

I remember my true name
and respond to it’s call
I am
not becoming, already am.

© 28 Mar 21


Tuesday 16 March 2021

We found each other

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.
We were both present
in that moment.
We met and
journeyed together
hand in hand.
Have you been
So have we all.
Our hearts spoke
the same language
as we met
deeper than words.

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.

© 11 Mar 21


Thursday 11 March 2021

Seek universal knowledge

A mental fog descends as ‘me’
desires to understand
what is being said.
One speaks
this one cannot hear it
because there is a desire to know.

This is not a test
an exam
where I am required to regurgitate
what another has just spoken.

Knowing is universal
not captured in this body
to be unearthed at will.
Seek not for individual understanding
which is merely reconfirming
old habits and beliefs.
Seek universal knowledge
that turns a seed into a snowdrop,
that sees the luscious strawberry
among seemingly dead leaves,
That feels the tender embrace
of the beloved
apparently far away.

Seek not life among the
dying and the dead
their season has past and is over.
Seek knowing in the vitality of spring
in hearing of words
washing the mind clean
as a mountain spring,
echoing through the heart
as a vibration of energy.

The mental fog dissipates
and clarity arises
as the light of awareness
is recognised
shining from within.

© 7 Mar 21

Wednesday 10 March 2021

This bird

This bird
flies at twilight
when day and night
are not opposites.
This bird
sings a song
scarcely anyone hears
yet it sings wholeheartedly.
It’s song gives it life
to ride air currents

This bird
flies in freedom
going nowhere
finding it’s home

This bird
flies playfully
every feather quivers
full of love.

This bird
flies alone
yet not lonesome
completely at one with
clouds, raindrops,
trees, leaves.

This bird
is free.

© 6 Mar 21

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Bypass mind

No judging
no opinionating
can you rest in this quiet space
with nothing going on?
Not forcing or looking for anything?
Let the space be open and free
don’t limit or close it down
with ideas and images
thoughts and perceptions.

Be free.

Feel the heart opening
gently unfurling
like a flower gladly receiving
the rains of attention.
The heart longs to be open
to be heard and acknowledged.

Bypass mind
apparent location of ideas and concepts
learning and thinking.
Connect with heartspace.

Bypass mind
go directly to the heartspace
centre of knowing, intuition, loving.
Let the cogs of cognition
whirl themselves into silence.
Give them no energy.
Let the heart speak.
Let the heart blaze it’s truth
loudly and clearly.

© 27 Feb 21 

Monday 8 March 2021

What a joy

What a joy
to play as archeologists
seeking within
that lies deep in the heartspace.

What a joy
finding a worthy expression
for these universal words
writing without edit or thought
words appearing cleanly on the page.

What a joy
to hear these words
knocking on the door of heartspace
indicating qualities that are
ever-present and available.

What a joy
to meet quiet peace, ease,
contentment, wellbeing, love.

What a joy
to know
when mind is troubled
these qualities are ever-present
in the background
ever available.

© 27 Feb 21

Monday 15 February 2021

Swirling in the wind

 See thoughts as leaves
swirling in the wind
more beautiful from a distance.
I’m smiling at these thoughts today
not claiming them as mine
just leaves passing on the wind.
They are dancing, elegant patterns
seemingly chaotic
seemingly random
no need to pluck a leaf
out of it’s dance
let it be free
to blow where it will.

There is more beyond peripheral vision
than can be known or acknowledged
yet there is no lack.
This is enough
stand where you are
wellbeing is here
wellbeing is your stance
from which to view
thoughts as leaves swirling in the wind.

© 15 Feb 21

Sunday 31 January 2021

Always to the Source

The river flows in one direction only
always to the Source.

The river adapts its course
to always find a way around obstacles,
overcoming blocks that hinder
wearing away stone
forging a way through.
The river fearlessly penetrates
new ground
in its one aim
to reach the Source.

Never standing still
never retreating
never hesitant
always going forward
meeting Source in every moment.
The river never fails
to gain
its final destination.

Be like the river
flowing in one direction only.

© 24 Jan 21


Saturday 30 January 2021

Go within

 We are not intrepid explorers
with complex butterfly nets
collecting as much light as we can.
The net of Indra
is spread over the face of Earth
each intersection
a jewel-like beacon
lighting all around.
We go within to meet it
to experience light
shining from our hearts.
Light is Oneness
essence of every
thought, word, deed.

Put away the butterfly nets
the deep-seated feelings of lack.
Go within
to experience the light of Oneness
shining from our own hearts.

© 23 Jan 21

Friday 29 January 2021

Out of adversity

 Out of adversity
something brilliant has arisen.
Out of the mud
blooms a beautiful lotus.
Look to the gifts, the flowers
don’t get stuck in the mud!
is here to waken us
from the illusion of separation.
Nothing is wrong
all is as it should be.
Life is simple
complicated only by the mind.
Out of adversity
something brilliant will arise.

© 22 Jan 21

Thursday 28 January 2021

A quiet heart

 What are those words
dancing at the fringes of understanding
longing to be recognised as truth?

Turning them from elusive ideas
floating in the air
to words appearing
on a page
with substantial meaning.

Give yourself time to listen
to hear
it is all being gifted to you.
Give yourself space to hear
to understand
to know that these words
this understanding
dwell deep in your heart
not coming from an external source.

Knowingness comes from quiet,
peacefulness, space, openness,
willingness to listen.
Knowingness is met only in
the awakened moment
only now
it’s qualities are peace,
quiet, certainty, wholeness.

Let in those words
dancing at the fringes of understanding
seemingly external yet
rising from a quiet heart.

© 22 Jan 21

Wednesday 27 January 2021

love and acceptance

 “How cam’st thou in this pickle?”*
No longer a relevant question.
What do we need now?
Love and acceptance.
This is where we are.
Not what we would have chosen perhaps
but where we are now.

Would there be any relief by pouring out my resentment on you?
Would it help?
There is no use picking at old wounds.
Let them be.
See what can be done now.

Love and acceptance
especially with the difficult.

Love and acceptance.

© 14 Jan 21

* From The Tempest, Shakespeare.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Already free

Who is the Me who wants to be free?
Where is this Me located?
The mind claims I to be me.

No longer a human doing
no longer a human being
I have never been human
actions take care of themselves.

Rest with the space
at the end of each out-breath
not with the breath itself.

I am pure, perfect, free
not working to get free
not hoping to be free, someday
already free.

© 22 Nov 20

Monday 25 January 2021

Coming home

 The seeming busyness
the unending ‘to-do’ list
only occurs in a mind
separated from Myself.

Coming home
the list does not disappear
there is no loss
they re-establish themselves as One.
There is no-thing else.

© 13 Dec 20

Sunday 24 January 2021

Chain of paper dolls

 A chain of paper dolls
seemingly unending
constantly appearing
versions of me.

Watch the display
unattached, uninvolved.
They are all made from one paper
they are not separate individuals.

Look to the paper
not the individual dolls.

© 6 Dec 20

Saturday 23 January 2021


 And here it is
I can choose not to be disturbed
even now
amid the mess and chaos
it doesn’t need to be resolved first.
What do I need?
To acknowledge I am
lovable just as I am.
This one situation
doesn’t diminish my capacity
to love and be loved
to be lovable.
This one situation
out of my control
says more about the pain and suffering
of another
than my abilities.

This un-relationship
is a drop in the ocean
amid many other relationships
that are fruitful
loving and kind.

Don’t let this one taint all the rest.

© 5 Dec 20

Friday 8 January 2021

Flower, fresh - after Thay

Does the flower hide it’s freshness
amid all the weeds that surround it?
it continues to bloom gloriously.

Is the mountain’s solidity shaken
by the strong storms around it?
it connects with its roots
deep in the earth.

Does the water ruffle it’s surface
to distort ‘unwelcome’ images?
the smoothness of the water
clearly reflects all, impartially.

Does the sky diminish it’s space
to chase away clouds?
the sky glorifies in its vastness
with no thought to passing clouds.

© 2 Jan 21 

Wednesday 6 January 2021

New Year Intentions

Honouring all that is present
keep the perception wide and open
keep the heart open and loving.
Look for the lotuses
don't get stuck in the mud.
Feel the freshness of the rain
not the greyness of the clouds.
Look up to the stars and the shining moon
instead of the overwhelming darkness.
Meet the beauty and wonders of life
let fear and doubt stay in the background.
When a difficulty arises, ask
'what can this situation teach me?'
Don't shy away from the unloving, the ugly, the unforgiving
look closely to see what diamonds and pearls
are available even in these difficulties.
Keep the heart open and loving.

© 2 Jan 21