Monday 25 February 2019

Honoured in reverence

We are not here to protect nature
we are nature

self-preservation in the widest sense.

We are all earth guardians
here to honour and revere
mother earth

our originator
ancient wisdom
providing an ambient eco-system.

How can we best heed your needs?

In silence and calm
taking only what we need

seeking permission to
pick, dig or pluck.

How can we best heed your needs?

By living the truth
all life is sacred

loving this sacred turning orb
as child, grandmother, friend.

© 11 Feb 19

Saturday 23 February 2019

Change Ringing

I am the centre of this soundscape
we are all the centre of our own soundscape.
We try to attribute meaning
or name to each sound.
What is its relevance to me?
Often it is nothing at all.

These bells do not ring for me

this siren is not heading for me

these playing children
have no relation to me.

And yet the bells ring on
drawing me out of my
tight circle of reference points
of knowing into unknowing
drawing me out of my own small circle.

We meet and sometimes we
collide and clash
and yet we meet.

These bells call us
into presence
into a burgeoning
blossoming soundscape
full of wonder.

© 17 Feb 19

Thursday 21 February 2019

In case of emergency break glass

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
purporting to be a protection
but instead stops the world
from touching you
prevents you from being
curious and playful.

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
supposedly to stop wounds
from being too serious
And in actuality stops you
from feeling too deeply
experiencing too fully
the glories and wonders of the world.

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
designed to protect 
and instead numbs.

In case of emergency break glass.

In all cases, break glass
and allow yourself to breathe
to feel
to know the deep joy of love and loss
that ensures you are alive
and stops you living a half life.

In case of emergency break glass.

The emergency is now.

© 21 Feb 19

Friday 8 February 2019

Perfection is here

The elegance of a simple, kind gesture
a hand offered
in help
in peace
in comfort

a smile
lighting the spark of
wakefulness within
a reminder of interbeing
interconnection between these
seemingly disparate souls

resolute optimism in a sea
of dread and fear
the certainty that in the end
all will be resolved
not as we wish
not how we imagine
but absolutely perfectly

because perfection is here
right now
in this and every moment
flooding your room
seeping out of crevices
pouring over each stone and
stumbling block.

“there is not room for death”*
each breath
the kiss of life
to a dark, despairing soul
each smile
a soothing balm
to a fearful thought.

Look into my eyes
there is no fear
only joy

When eyes meet
when hands touch
when souls converse
each is a confirmation
that doubt, fear, imperfection
do not exist
yet only in our minds
only in our negative
problem-seeking minds

Perfection exists
Sometimes we call it

It is the essence
in which we

It is all there is.

© 6 Feb 19

* Emily Bronte

Wednesday 6 February 2019

I invite you to stop

Bring to me
the troubled, the weary, the anxious
the ones burdened by
the relentless stream of thoughts
the ones seeking quiet and calm
the ones seeking space and relief
from the whirligig of imaginings.

Bring to me
the ones who wake
in the night, troubled and afraid
the ones from whom the sweet peace
of sleep eludes them
the ones seeking respite from
an overactive brain
presenting difficulties at every turn.

Bring to me
the nervous, the tongue-tied
the heart-broken, the dispirited
the ones for whom life
is a heavy weight, not a joy.
Leave your troubles at the door
along with the jumble of shoes
the heap of coats.

I will invite the bell
I invite you to listen
to attend to your own breath
each live and transient breath
flowing like soft waves on a quiet ocean.

I invite you to stop
to sit awhile
we do not need to say
or do anything.


to your own breath
to your own heart
and feel peace return to your soul
return to its resting place
in each fibre of your being.

© 6 Feb 19

Monday 4 February 2019

Who are you?

Who built this house?
Who farmed this land
before the house was built?
Who planted trees
that now burn as logs in our grate?
Who first realised wool and cotton
could be woven into fabric
to make the clothes I wear?
Who discovered paint for these walls?
paper for these books?
Who first sang in harmony
before notes were ever notated?
Who first woke and saw life
as a wondrous true reality
of beings manifesting as love
compassion and kindness?
Who caused my eyes and heart to open
to hear life singing
in every leaf and petal?

Who are you?
My ancestors all.

Who are you
calling down the ages
outside of space and time?
Who are you
shimmering with stars
and the singing planets?
Who are you
energy that keeps
it all in motion?

Who are you?
My ancestors all.

Be with me
clothe me
feed my dreams
sharpen my insights
keep me in wakefulness.

© 3 Feb 19

Friday 1 February 2019

Held in hoar frost

The world held in a
suspended animation
everything held on
a pause button
touched by
the ice-queen’s cloak.

Winter has finally arrived
painting leaves
with a delicate whiteness.

dangerous beauty

the garden is awash
with wonder
each tendril
decorated with a
mass of ice crystals
a hoar frost.

The spider’s web
hangs weighted
attracting a different
kind of feast.

Winter has finally arrived.

© 31 Jan 19