Saturday 31 March 2018

Enquire what is permanent in the transient

Enquire what is permanent in the transient*

See with the eyes of the heart
the eyes that open when the
physical ones close.

Speak with the voice of the heart
the voice echoing from
stream to mountain
from tree to tree in the forest
from blade of grass to poppy
in the field.

Sing the song of permanence
that meeting point when
question and answer arise and
there is no distinction between them.

See with the eyes of love
love resonating from being to being
in a wordless symphony.
Love vibrating in the atmosphere
carrying all knowledge, all goodness
into the hearts that hear.

Know the permanent in the transient.

* Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
© 29 Mar 18

Thursday 29 March 2018

These tiny moments

The tiny moments
when you smiled at me
when I saw the clouds
when I appreciated a kindness
become significant
grow in size and stature
to be of great importance and
make my day worthwhile.

The tiny things
when for a moment
I stopped worrying to enjoy the dog walk
I stopped criticising myself and allowed a little kindness in
I stopped focussing on the negative and noticed one positive
become significant
grow in size and stature
to be of great importance and
make my life worthwhile.

These tiny moments
are droplets of
mindfulness and self-love
filling my infinite vat with
compassion and awareness
allowing me to live my life
in joy, simplicity and freedom.

© 29 Mar 18

Monday 26 March 2018

New poetry booklet - Lean into the wind

I'm very pleased to announce the (long-awaited) publication of a new poetry booklet!
Lean into the Wind
records all the poems (77) I have written on several Silence on Sunday retreats since 2010.

Here are the contents pages.

The booklet costs £8, plus £2 p&p.
You can order the booklet via this link or from me personally.
I'm so pleased to finally be able to offer another booklet.
In my writing poetry career (since 2009) I have written over 500 poems,
most of which are on this blog!
Please see this previous post for details of the other two booklets :) 

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Layers and layers

Layers and layers
beneath me
layers of treasures
dust, growth, decay
ancestors of previous times.
And I?
a fragment of cloth
adorning these treasures.
Layers and layers above me
sounds intermingling with silence.

My energy feeds these layers
as much as I am fed
by the air I breathe and
goodness oozing out of earth
filling air and space.

May my contributions be generous
seeds of nourishment
for those in need
droplets of refreshment
for those who thirst
filling all the layers.

© 17 Mar 18

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Love removes fear

Tightness in the body
is only fear
that can be released
washed away with love.

Fear comes from the effort
of seeking to maintain
a separate individual.
Love is the real in-between
removing all differences.
Love is the great connector
the meeting place for you and I.

Release the fear
by accepting love
as an expression of oneness.
Love washes away all fear
as gently and easily
as a pattern in the sand
is washed away by the sea.

Love completely removes fear.

© 10 Mar 18

Sunday 4 March 2018

The bird of compassion

Something has appeared between us.
A box labelled ‘my frustration’
‘my resentment’.
A hardening of the heart.
The bird of compassion has flown
out of the window
sits on a branch out of reach.
It cannot be coaxed back inside.

The box is an unwanted gift
neither wishes to own.
I think you have generated it and
wish you to take it back.
You have no knowledge of creating it.
Passed back and forth as
emotional tennis
feeds it, allows it to grow.

I see the box for what it is
a shadow.
A small grey cloud seeking to
become a thunderstorm.
A breath of wind seeking to
become a tornado.
Lay it outside the door.
Let the softness of the rain
take way its heat.
Let the freshness of the wind
blow away all its conflicting parts
until nothing remains
except true friendship.
The bird of compassion has returned.

© 4 Mar 18