Monday 9 December 2019

A shift in perception

A shift in energies
from sleep to wake
eyes open
body moves
performing a ritual morning dance
of toileting and dressing.
The sky lightens as
this magnificent orb
rolls slowly towards
our source of energy and life.

A shift in perception
reverting to habitual thinking
believing I wake up, I dress
I greet the morning, the outside dawn.
A shift in perception to right view
I am a dancer
partaking in the dance
of light and dark, moving harmoniously.
The elements and energies
causing this body
to move, think, feel, perceive
are simultaneously creating
what is often called
a beautiful sunrise.

A shift in perception
laying down the cloak of pretence
that I am I, you are you
separated by a vast gulf of
Let’s meet in the space
of understanding
of recognition.
The Awakened nature in me greets
the Awakened nature in you.
I apologise for not always viewing you
this way
I don’t always see myself
as One.

A shift in perception
adjusting and balancing.
I greet I.
In this moment
everything is rightly viewed.
In this space
dualistic opposites no longer
hold sway.
In this space of deathlessness
and birthlessness
no right and wrong
nothing to achieve or become
perfection already abounds.

© 8 Dec 19

Wednesday 4 December 2019

How many ways to say 'I love you'?

Here's a cup of tea
I made you a pizza
I brought your favourite chocolate
Let me do your ironing
I chopped some wood for you
Here's a hand to hold
I made you a card
I knitted you a jumper
I fed your cat
Let me wash your cup
Have the last biscuit
Come and look at this butterfly/ this sunset
Let's watch this programme together
Shall we go for a coffee?
I thought you'd like this book
This made me think of you
I'll put the ice-cream away
Your hair looks nice
Thanks for the text
I want to sit beside you
Will you come with me?
I'll give you a lift
Would you like to borrow this?
I wrote a poem for you
You make me laugh
I want you to have this
Are you watching that tv series?
Shall I light the fire?
I picked you some beans
That colour really suits you
Are you ok?
How was work today?
Can we facetime soon?
I haven't heard from you in a while
Shall we have a cuppa?
What did you think of the book?
Do you need a blanket?
Shall we see this comedian?
Let me show you this
Let's play scrabble
Have you got a key?
What would you like to do?

If we could see
that everything we say
is an expression of love
(sometimes expressed inarticulately)
we might say things in a different way.

© 19 Aug 19

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Be still, listen with your heart

Be still, listen with your heart
to hear what the universe
needs from you.

Be still, listen with your heart
to what your desires are.
What are you imposing
on the universe?

Be still, listen with your heart
to know the difference
between the two.

© 17 Oct 19