Tuesday 26 September 2017

The violence of the storm

Don’t be afraid of the violence
of turbulent emotions
they are one means of cleansing
cleaning out the debris
making space for new.

The violence of the storm
may shake all the leaves
from the tree
stripping it of beauty.
Yet the bareness of clear branches
is a beauty in itself
a different kind of beauty.

Don’t be afraid of the violence
of the storm.
Afterwards, see how the sky shimmers
with pink and orange clouds.
The fresh sunset proclaiming
an unfolding delight

© 22 Sep 17

Sunday 24 September 2017

Insight into myself

Still painful feelings and associations
an uncontainable coiled spring released
insight, stop fighting with myself
body, mind, heart meet non-violently.

© 22 Sep 17

Monday 11 September 2017

Miracles or mayhem?

See how this magnificent universe
unfolds before our eyes
moment by moment
producing miracles of awe and wonder.

See how this crazy universe
is hurtling towards mayhem and
moment by moment
edging closer to the abyss.

See how this universe
is created in our own image
formed by our own desires
and perceptions.

© 24 Aug 17

Saturday 9 September 2017

It was all a dream

And so it turns out
it was all a dream.
All a dream as to how
this week would unfold.
What activities I would engage in
who I would meet
what conversations would take place.
It was all a dream.
And now reality kicks in
with hobnail boots
not that but this.
The beautiful images and daydreams
disappear like wisps of smoke
ethereal and intangible.
Here is the reality
a sick body on its way home
too ill to partake in the lovely dream.
When will I learn?
There is only now.
We can plan and arrange and then
wait to see what unfolds.
And stop trying to force dusky
into our reality.

© 24 Aug 17

Thursday 7 September 2017

Enjoying creative practice

Enjoying creative practice
workshops full of
beauty and colour
exploring the edge
my larger self
who often gets ignored
or left out.
Words and phrases
are my connection
not knowing
allowing myself to be

© 13 Aug 17

Just now I notice 

Just now I notice
the world is a delight
and is so because of forces at play
allowing us to be together.
You are here and I am here
surrounded by and partaking in
great beauty, great joy.
A jubilant celebration of
nature, words and mark-making.
Just now I notice
deep contentment.
© 13 Aug 17

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Waiting for Perseids

Going to bed
summoned outside
a diamond bright sky
tree branches creating
dramatic silhouettes
heavy raindrops
dripping from leaves
an iridium flare
a second flash
the space station
a distant hooting owl
the soft rustle of
a possible hedgehog
a gorgeous canopy
pin-pricked with light
a momentary flash
one Perseid, then four
the stars laugh at
our childlike wonder
standing in the garden
hear the church clock strike
cosmic forces
playing overhead
the sound of raindrops
dripping from leaves.

© 12 Aug 17

Sunday 3 September 2017

Secluded walled garden

Secluded walled garden
whispering grasses
rustling leaves
playing in the wind.
Peace broken by
nearby amplified music.
With it irritation arises.
I am affronted.

This seemingly idyllic space is spoiled.
Or is it?
The peacefulness of the place
is a perception
conjured by a state of mind.

My idyll is your boring dullness.
Your idyll is my chaotic busyness.
Both different
equally different
to seeing what is.
Secluded walled garden
full of life and birdsong

© 29 Jul 17

Friday 1 September 2017

Today my world was heavy

Today my world was heavy
weighted down with
more to do than anticipated.
Hunched for hours over a computer
my shoulders ached and creaked.
And so I took myself
to lie down on the sun-soaked grass
still damp from last night’s rain
to let the strong dependable earth
melt away my sorrows.
I saw a bee drunkenly
absorbing yellow pollen from
Japanese anemones
until its legs were heavy
with yellow dust.
I saw the Cotinus leaves have
spots in them that diffuses light
like the beauty of stained glass windows
seen from the inside.
I felt a tickle of an unknown bug
across my arm, perhaps
also wondering what I was.
I lay down on the sun-soaked grass
the body itself knowing
what was needed without
intervention from the mind.
Even as the rain came
I did not hurry back inside
enjoying its freshness
needing its nourishment.

© 17 Aug 17