Thursday 24 December 2015

Where does ... come from?

Where does doubt come from?
An over-active imagination
bearing no resemblance to the
truth of a situation.

Where does fear come from?
An unrealistic expectation
of perfection.

Where does anxiety come from?
An over-worked mind
seeing the danger in every situation
instead of the positives.

Where does trust come from?
Meeting the reality of the moment and
seeing doubt, fear, anxiety for the
overweight charlatans they are.

Where does patience come from?
An openness to seeing what is and
allowing it to be.

Where does kindness come from?
An open heart seeing the
interconnectedness of all life and
letting it in.

Where does ... come from? audio

© 25 Nov 15

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Autumnal forget-me-nots

In the unkempt garden
where moss covers the path
because there is not yet time
to tend it
forget-me-nots grow in the pond
flowering in autumnal October
delightfully reckless.

The artist’s garden
is a feast for the eyes.
Metal watering cans waiting for the rain
a shed with no door
heaped high with items
unfamiliar to a glancing eye
clay birds resting on a lichen-strewn wall
holly shining brightly
attractive yet dangerous
stepping stones leading towards
the artist’s lair
bushes of berries
thistles and seed heads inviting nature in
piles of pebbles.

The garden a collection of
things placed and
things yet unsure where their home is.
Amidst the muddle and the creeping moss
my heart delights in
forget-me-nots flowering unseasonably
in the pond.

© 18 Oct 15

Sunday 6 December 2015

Faith in humanity restored

I discover
as I heard this phrase yesterday
that my faith in humanity
did not need restoring
it has never faltered.
I see that for each person inflicting
suffering, pain and injury
on another
there is one willing to give
a helping hand
food to eat, clothes and warmth.
For each child who falls and cries
there is an adult willing
to pick up and comfort.
For every mean or harsh word
there is a kind and generous one.
For every aggressive or dangerous act
there is a calming hand and soothing voice.

These acts may not always meet
or manifest in the same place
yet I perceive they balance
one another out.
With a rise in aggression, violence and conflict
there is equally a rise in compassion and love
willing to meet and embrace the negativity.

If we expect only the negative or the bad
this is all we will find.
Let’s seek out and praise the
generous, kind-hearted and the giving.
Let’s speak of those who
go the extra mile and
care for the stranger.
My faith in humanity
does not need restoring
it never faltered.

© 30 Sep 15

Friday 4 December 2015

Snow bird

I was reminded of a snow bird
a delicate, beautiful formation
created by a delicate, beautiful being.

We met together
this group of girls and two adults
to enjoy a day of meditation and
quiet presence.

Our plans were thrown awry
by the snow that fell
delicately and beautifully
settling, covering, disguising.
We went outside to play.

Whilst many threw snowballs and
messed around noisily
you created a snow bird
delicate and beautiful
to sit atop the fence and
watch our gambolling.

Next day much of the snow
had gone
all that was left lay dirty and sullied.
Yet the snow bird
still sat atop the fence
a gentle, lovely reminder
of our day together
and of its originator
delicate and beautiful.

© 18 Oct 15