Monday 29 January 2018

Sliding teardrops

Lying on my back
meditating in a fog of grief
I am startled to wakefulness
by teardrops 
running into my ears.

Brought to my senses
by sliding teardrops.
Joy overcomes me
with simplicity and ease.
Grateful for 
the laughing tricks of life.

© 25 Jan 18

Sunday 28 January 2018


Exquisite tenderness and love
in gentle voices lullabying
a cradle song.
Truth emanating from words
uniting historical and ultimate dimensions.
There is no here and there
no from and to
no moving, no becoming.
There is only love
pure, innocent, tender
fresh as a child
lullabying a cradle song.
Sweet as flower scents
adorning the bedroom.
Precious as this moment
of no moving, no becoming.

© 28 Jan 18

Time to be awake

The energy of youth
passionate and full
now my energy is softer, realistic
accepting and patient.
I acknowledge change
takes time
yet it does happen.
Things come to pass.
Sometimes events are upon us
before we’re aware.
Now more than ever
is the time to be awake.
Let passion and fullness
dance with acceptance and patience.
Now more than ever
is the time to be awake.

© 17 Jan 18

Saturday 27 January 2018

Who am I?

Admitting imperfections
approaching vulnerabilities
being honest with myself
recognising shades
a collection of traits
qualities in flux
changing and moving
come and go.
Who am I in all this?
Not the changing and moving
neither good nor bad
dirty or innocent.

Never a moment to pinpoint
to freeze motion and say
‘this is me’.
I am a collection of
shifting traits and qualities
advancing and receding.
Some I welcome, and others
would rather not admit
pretend it’s all ok and
hope the cracks don’t show.
Who am I in all this?
Unchanging, unmoving
neither good nor bad
dirty or innocent.
Unchanging, unmoving.

© 17 Jan 18

Friday 26 January 2018

Cycle of life

I wrote and decorated this poem on Wednesday evening as part of a mindfulness and creativity workshop I was running. It is dedicated to a dear friend who's husband is close to the end of life.

This cycle of life
essence of nature
Why do we resist it?
Why are we fearful?
Celebrate instead
the energy created
from this individual.

Celebrate each drop
each pulse of energy
drifting out in the universe
as floating embers
from a burning flame
touching hearts and minds
wherever they land.

How far do these pulses travel?
How wide does their influence reach?
This energy of love and peace
of vitality and curiosity
carried on the wind
as floating embers
from a giant burning flame.

© 24 Jan 18

Sunday 14 January 2018

A night-time journey

Cocooned in a denim blue patchwork
warm, snug, safe.
Wide-awake in the midnight hour
a thought bubble floats by
“cannot sleep”.
Grasp it and hold on
or let the breeze carry it onward to
another night-time mind?

Lie in a boat
sail free from the harbour.
Let the wind and waves
describe the journey
guided only by
the pull of the moon.

What is this time for
if not for sleeping?
awakening to a being free
of wants and desires.
Accepting what is
may be different from what I want.

Let the boat course its own journey
always moving closer to home.

What will be remembered
in the morning?

© 12 Jan 18

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Walk With Me film

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film Walk With Me, which is already on in several cinemas in the UK, having shown worldwide as well. It's a film about Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village and has been several years in the making. 
A rare insight into the world of mindfulness and Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.
I'll be at showings in York on Tuesday 23rd (6.40pm) and Sunday 28th (10.40am) 
if you want to join me. 
For more about the film watch the trailer here 
and for dates in your local UK cinema have a look at this website
Oh, and did I mention, it's narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch? Yet another reason to see the film!

#thichnhathanh #plumvillage #becalmbehappy

Friday 5 January 2018

Don't need a bird-cage

Grateful to know
the unbound.
Grateful to see
like flitting birds
without their usual
stamp of authority and
Grateful to know
don’t need a bird-cage
to trap and keep them
make them real.
Grateful to see
thoughts milling in
universal consciousness
as dust motes in sunlight
dancing in the unbound.
Grateful to know
don’t need a bird-cage.

© 5 Jan 18

Wednesday 3 January 2018


The wildness inside me responds
to the wildness outside
calling, drawing
tempting me to come and play.
I spend too long indoors and
the wildness is quiescent
yet still it needs to roar
needs to be buffeted by the wind
battered by the rain
like a lone wolf answering
the call of its pack.

And so I slip-slide through mud
wind trying to bowl me over
rain to make me submit.
The wildness inside refuses and
on I go
to the top of the hill and catch
the beginning of a rainbow.
On I go
until the wildness is content.
Allowing the wildness within
to be itself, be free.

© 3 Jan 18