Wednesday 13 October 2021

Moving my blog

 Dear Friends, 

thank you for following me on my journey of mindfulness.

I am relocating my poems onto my website. 

You can find all new posts here

I'm beginning with moving some of my favourite poems onto my website.

I hope you will continue to follow my poems.

Much love Lauri 

Monday 6 September 2021

Thoughts of I

What is a “Lauri”?

Who is she? Where is she?

Look deeply

if we picture a ‘self, person, living being, lifespan’ 

these are limitations placed on space

they divide, define, delineate, differentiate.

Look deeply

these limitations dissolve, disintegrate, disappear.


she is blood, bone, sinew, muscle, bodily fluids, hair, nails, skin.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is a conduit for passing thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

They are not hers 

they are universal energies passing through a human form.

They are of the historical dimension

of coming and going

past, present and future.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is Oneness itself

a being of the Ultimate dimension

a being full of light and love.

Where does she begin and end?

These notions cannot be delineated.

All descriptors of her are not entirely true.

She is not a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, artist, teacher.

She is not limited by how you see, picture or remember her.

There is not a Lauri-shaped vessel 

with a particular size and form.

Her essence,

your essence, our essence

is love, light, Oneness.


© 6 Sep 21 

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Take off the covers

I am turned around
to meet myself
full of perfect peace and purity.
In the Now
there is no place and time
there are no boundaries or limits.
There is no light to turn on
or off
the light already shines

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Be with those who
let your light shine brightly.

The light shines everywhere
unaffected by individual forms.
It is our understanding
that comes and goes.

Take off the covers
that hide the light.
Let your light shine brightly.

© 20 Jun 21 

Sunday 4 July 2021

Two halves become whole

Here I am
trusting, willing, vulnerable
putting my heart in your hands.
Treat it kindly, gently, lovingly.
We are two halves become whole
become One.

We are two missing pieces
completing the jigsaw puzzle.

We are bigger and better together.
Life is easier with your hand in mine
your shoulder to rest on.

Life is an adventure we share together
a perilous boat-ride
cresting waves and surfing shallows.
Holding on to each other
we can cruise triumphantly
in to safe harbour.
Our need for one another
is primordial
as sunshine and rain.

We are two halves become whole
become One.

© 5 Jun 21 

Friday 2 July 2021

Being here

Being here
a moment
beyond space and time
utterly free.
This moment overspills
into other moments
without boundaries
fluid, limitless
unfolding and perfection
certain, knowing
warm, glowing.

A thought dances in
flitting from flower to flower.
I watch
the beauty of this moment
this endless moment
Peace is present
a constant foundation
background and foreground
sustaining all that moves and rests.
Sustaining all.

© 5 Jun 21  

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Be a dancer

The quiet of the June morning
belies the burgeoning garden growth
it’s plethora of leaves, buds, flowers, fruit.

Birdsong celebrates a
cyclical symphony of
growth and change
flourish and decay.

I focus on the beauty of fullness
hesitantly acknowledging
everything has a flow
a dance of movement and rest
rising and falling.
Decaying leaves are nourishment
for future growth.

Don’t resist the energy of change.
Be a dancer
go with the flow.

© 5 Jun 21 

Monday 28 June 2021

Thank you to the sunrise

 The sunrise called me out of bed.
It’s pinkness filled my window
drew me outside
where the morning thronged
with invisible birdsong.
The green grass and reddish brown earth
danced a complementary dance.
The distant hills moulded in mist.
The horses nodded genteelly.
The world was alive, yet silent
not quite woken up.
We wandered through woods and fields and lanes
silent and welcoming.
Glad to be awake and alive.
Thank you to the sunrise
for calling me out of bed.

© 28 May 21