Wednesday, 21 April 2021

All is well

 Joining in
with a body already breathing
joining in
with mediation always vibrating.

There is no doer
no being
to begin and end meditation.

Pure awareness is the essence
in which the world and all creation
moves, lives, flows.

Space is a description
of the quality present in meditation.

The space
alive, singing, vibrating
tangible in the heartspace
recognisable as peace and
deep contentment.

All is well.

© 18 Apr 21

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Always returning to source

 Is it an arc or a circle?
Always returning to source
always beginning afresh.
Learning anew what heart already knows.
A secret whispered on the wind
shining in the light of the sun.
To see only an arc is not to achieve fullness.
The circle is a true descriptor
no beginning, no end.
Alive in each moment
always returning to source.

© 13 Apr 21

Monday, 19 April 2021

Enjoy a simple life

Go where the wind blows you.
Follow where the sun beckons you.
Hear the tempting fragrances calling you.
Heed the pull of hum and buzz.
Move with the arc of the sun.
Let the energies play.
Enjoy a simple life.

Go with the flow of energy
awakening, growth, stretching,
blossoming, fullness, ease
rest, sleep, new growth.

Lean into insights and wisdom.
Lean into joy, beauty, wonder.
Find ways of being at ease.
Enjoy a simple life.

© 13 Apr 21

Monday, 12 April 2021

I is always free

 I is always I
whether we clothe it as Me
or know it as I.
I is always free
the mind’s claims as me
reduces it to bondage.
I rests in being
open and spacious
mind creates a doer
bound and limited.
Let I do the work
play the many different parts
all the while remaining free
and uninvolved.
I is always free.

© 11 Apr 21

Monday, 29 March 2021

Years and years

 Years and years
of being imprisoned
by my own hand
my own thoughts.

Years and years
of believing there is much to do
to free myself
and much time needed.

Years and years
of looking to an external
prison-guard holding
the key to the lock.

Years and years
of looking forward to
a future time of freedom
never present.

And in a moment
I see the prison-guard is me
I am my own key.
The notion of time is a fallacy
there is no future time of freedom
there is only here and now
there is no lock
there is no door
there is no prison
there is only freedom.

© 14 Mar 21

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Not becoming

I never forget my given name
when it is called I respond
yet how often do I remember
my true name
and hear it’s call?

I am pure, perfect, free
not becoming, already am.

Mind has drawn a shape of
who I think I am
yet awareness knows I am
shape-free, limitless, liberated
not becoming, already am.
Awareness erases all shapes
blurs edges, nothing fixed.

I remember my true name
and respond to it’s call
I am
not becoming, already am.

© 28 Mar 21


Tuesday, 16 March 2021

We found each other

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.
We were both present
in that moment.
We met and
journeyed together
hand in hand.
Have you been
So have we all.
Our hearts spoke
the same language
as we met
deeper than words.

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.

© 11 Mar 21