Wednesday 31 July 2019

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me
to walk blindfold down this path
with only my hand to guide you?
I will not let you fall
though you may stumble over many rocks.

You will not be lost
though you cannot see the way ahead.

Feel the ground beneath you
I will catch you when you falter.

If you lose hold of me
and cannot feel my support
Stand still

I am always with you
always here.

Breathe and wait
till you know my presence again.
We will walk together.

© 26 Jul 19

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Enjoy the Storm

The sky, the whole sky
was alive with light.
The sound, the tremendous sound
as crowds roaring.
The earth, the whole earth
was soaked in the downpour.
I lay in bed
enlivened by the storm.

This body, my whole being
seems enveloped in sadness.
This mind, my creative mind
runs wild with crazy thoughts.
My bed, the ground I thought I knew
is shaken, trembling in the downpour.

Seek to enjoy the storm.

© 26 Jul 19

Friday 26 July 2019

Let the energies move you

Grass as my bed
sky as my blanket
see the energies
dancing in-between
feel the vibrations
moving in-between

The space is not empty
it is full
as fireflies flitting

Let the energies in
feel the pull of the universe

Accept the direction
you are being guided in

Let the energies move you.

© 25 Jul 19

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Let spirit roam freely

Spirit is a kite
dancing in space
tethered to this body
by a long, long string.
Keep winding the string out
let spirit roam freely
no need to bring it down to earth.

Let the string go
let spirit roam freely
dancing in space.
No need to be
tethered to a body.

© 14 Jul 19

Monday 15 July 2019

It's only when

It’s only when the chaotic nature
of the universe
slaps you in the face
and laughs at your foolishness
in thinking ‘I know’
that you begin to understand
what is truly important
and let go of petty foolishnesses.

It’s only when the very ground
on which you stand
crumbles beneath you
that you begin to realise
you have placed your trust in false gods
who can offer nothing
that is lasting or real.

It’s only when your ‘created’ world
falls apart at the seams
do you see you have constructed
a fa├žade based on dreams and
strong imaginings.

And when the threads of your
constructed life wear thin and
do you see that all there is
is love

Perhaps love has a different face
to the one you painted
in your dreams.
Perhaps love is clothed unexpectedly
and not as you imagined.
Perhaps love speaks with
an unfamiliar tongue
and not as you anticipated.

When everything else falls apart
and you feel abandoned and lost
then you are empty enough
to see that
love alone is

© 13 Jul 19

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Sometimes it's enough

Sometimes it’s enough
to smile gently at the rose
specially picked for this occasion
and to let the scent of honeysuckle
find its way to your nostrils.

Sometimes it’s enough
to let go of striving and
just walk
with a sense of aimlessness
barefoot on the grass
or between tall, tall trees.

Sometimes it’s enough
to revel in the lilac clouds
with golden tips
that the sun illuminates
as we roll backwards towards night.

Sometimes this is enough to
replenish your spirit
to help your heart find
it's natural ease again.

© 1 Jul 19