Tuesday 24 November 2020

Message from my body to my mind

Thank you
for noticing me
for listening to me
for acknowledging me
for trusting me
for not opposing me
for your gentleness
for your kind thoughts
for your attention
for your lack of criticism
Thank you
for listening to me.

© 19 Nov 20


Sunday 22 November 2020

For Barbara

 A woodland burial 

a joyful celebration 

a hay barn full of love 

a hay barn full of grief 

a request to wear purple 

a bell and a poem 

a favourite piece of music 

a hillside full of space 

a family in loss 

a family held in love 

a clear bright sky 

a gorgeous setting sun 

a cry of geese 

a symbol of Sangha 

a flowering cherry tree 

a joyful celebration 

a reminder to live 

a reminder to love

© 6 Nov 20

Saturday 21 November 2020

Waiting for ideas to settle

What will emerge?
Whatever it is
all will be well.
I'm eager to meet you
eager to hear you
to discover our connection
our mutual understanding.
I feel your eagerness too.

We stand together
in a place of love
listening to the open silence
in which everything is held
nothing can harm it
or interrupt it.

We stand together
in an endless, limitless
place of love.

© 19 Nov 20

Monday 16 November 2020

Which path to choose?

 Where do I choose to dwell?
What world do I create for myself?
Stand at the crossroads
which path do I choose?
This road leads to freedom
this one to bondage.
This way leads to light
though it may be treacherous terrain.
This way leads to darkness
though it appears smooth and easy.
This track leads to community and
shared experience.
This track leads to a single, lonely life.
This lane leads to knowing, being
though it feels like
continual becoming.
This lane leads to certainty
and spiritual deafness.
This walk leads to peace
each step along the way peaceful.
This walk leads to doubt.
Fear and longing at every step.

Stand at the crossroads
which path do I choose?
There is no choice.
I long ago chose
the treacherous terrain
stumbling in unknowing
all the while confident
I walk with the light.

© 31 Oct 20



Saturday 14 November 2020

Dust motes

Thoughts and ideas
are dust motes
dancing in the light.
They are not the light
merely revealed by it.
The light consciousness
allows the transitory dust motes
to be seen as
coming and going
dancing and moving.

Pay attention to the light
not the dust motes.
Pay attention to the stillness
not the movement.
The light consciousness
allows seeing
and knowing.

© 30 Oct 20 

Thursday 12 November 2020

Every out-breath

 Every out-breath
an opportunity to let go
an opportunity to be free.
With every out-breath
releasing ideas of who I am and
who I want to be.
With every out-breath
I surrender ‘myself’
to be my authentic self.
With every out-breath
letting thoughts pass
not engaging with them.
With every out-breath
knowing I am free.

© 30 Oct 20

Tuesday 10 November 2020

The sound of the jewel

What is the sound of
the jewel in the heart
which we call Oneness?

How to describe the
soundless song
resonating through every cell
in the universe?

Can you feel it, sense it, know it?

The jewel sounds through silence
sounds through
the growing flowers
the blowing wind
the glowing sun
in every smile.

Listen, listen
the sound of the jewel
the sound of love
in the heart of everything I say.

Listen, listen
with the ears of the heart.

The sound of the jewel is Oneness.

© 30 Oct 20 

Sunday 8 November 2020

Heart undisturbed

 Mind at rest
heart gates open
love flowing freely
meeting One everywhere.

© 29 Oct 20

Friday 6 November 2020

Eternal presence

 Eternal presence
beyond past and future
beyond the pinprick present
beyond time and space
beyond comprehension and ignorance
beyond desire and preference
always within
the open secret
of the heartspace.

© 28 Oct 20

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Being breathed

Being breathed
being visited by thoughts
choosing not to take them on
being free.

Being breathed
knowing the flow of life-force
easing through this body

Being breathed.

© 28 Oct 20 

Monday 2 November 2020

The song of impermanence

 One by one
the leaves let go
from the trees
dancing gracefully
to land on river and earth
creating a soft, golden bed
to walk upon.

One by one
the raindrops drum their rhythm
on my hood and
on the already swollen river
creating a peaceful pattern
with which to walk.

One by one
the leaves and raindrops
sing the song of impermanence
sing the song of beauty
sing the song of love.

© 27 Oct 20