Sunday 30 November 2014

Winter in my heart

Now it is winter in my heart
with no signs of spring
no clue of seeds safely nestled
in dark frost-hardened earth
waiting for warmth
to nurture their growth.

Though signs are bleak
in this season of winter and
everything appears to be dying
this is the in-breath
from which a fresh out-breath
will surely follow.

Everything is held
as if encased in ice
waiting for a touch of sun
which will surely follow.

A time of rest
of breath holding
before the burst of energy
which will surely follow.

Enjoy this fallow season
this time of slowing down
of nurturing.
This in-breath
from which a fresh out-breath
will surely follow.
© 30 Nov 14

Sunday 23 November 2014

Two birds

This bird’s song
is muted
by a cage
that is
too narrow
too small
too heavy
too dark.

This bird sings
echoing through
all the valleys
there is
no cage. 

© 23 Nov 14

Tuesday 18 November 2014

I found a tiara

I found a tiara
A discarded tiara
or one being forged?
No human hands created these
fine gossamer threads
intricately woven together.
Only the most knowledgeable
could create such a delicate thing
bedecked with the finest
hand-picked diamonds,
glistening, reflecting.

Safely protected by
nestling holly leaves
waiting for an attendant
to collect the precious jewel.
A fitting gift for
the queen of the faeiries.
I shall sit quietly
waiting to see her pass by,
adorned in this beautiful tiara.
© 18 Nov 14

Friday 14 November 2014

Nothing was moving

Nothing was moving
the wind had died down
barely a sound to be heard
except distantly
far off birds riding air currents
an occasional bleat of sheep
reminding we are in their territory
the wind was still
the sun was full.

Nothing was moving
the climb was over
we stood to watch
to look
to drink in magnificent
rolling undulations
to watch cloud shadows
slide across the
brackeny hillside.
© 10 Oct 14

Thursday 13 November 2014

The Beck

I walked by the beck
down towards the river.
The beck laughed
as it danced along
and said to me,
‘don’t be sad.
Everything rests
in the wintertime.
But there will always be
a new spring’.

The beck slowed
as it approached the river
and I watched as
the two became one.
I could no longer tell
which was beck and which was river
but I still heard
the laughter of the beck
as it danced along.
© 13 Nov14

Wishing Thay a speedy recovery

A head full of sadness
a heart full of love
my tears water seeds of
gratitude, appreciation, compassion.
Sending my heart along
with the sound of the bell.
The bell echoes my heart's resonance
for all to be safe, happy, free.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

A thousand mile journey

We have journeyed a thousand miles
to arrive at this place and
know it was always within.

We have journeyed a thousand miles
looking in the wrong direction.

Today, with no steps
we journeyed within and
came home.

We have journeyed a thousand miles
asking the wrong questions.

We have journeyed a thousand miles
seeking the unseekable.

Today, with no steps
we journeyed within and
found the seeker looking back at us.

We have stumbled a thousand miles
in darkness, looking for the light.

We have stumbled a thousand miles
in ignorance, trying to find a teacher.

Today, with no steps
we journeyed within and
found the teacher
found the light
resting in our own heartspace.

No more seeking.

© 10 Nov 14

Monday 10 November 2014

No need

No need to change the colours
in the glorious splash of sunset.
No need to move the clouds
to achieve a more aesthetic view.
No need to adjust the chromatic
range of autumn leaves.
No need to water the garden
in the rain.
No need to dwell on details
and forget the big view.
No need to be impatient with today
when tomorrow it will be over.
No need to worry over
what may never come.
Every need to notice
what is already here.
© 10 Nov 14

Friday 7 November 2014

I see you

Wanting to get the words ‘right’
better to be silent than get it ‘wrong’.
I see you
thought bubble
I see your arising
I see your force
seemingly real, seemingly true.
I see your influence
tripping the words
tying up the tongue.
I see you
accompanied by a legion of ideas
shame, desire, need.
I see you
as a blanket of darkness
seeking to cover the light.
It will not work
the light will not be hid.
Better to hear
a thousand stumbling, searching words
and find a grain of truth
than to say nothing
and believe in you.
I see you
thought bubble
I see you as you are
insubstantial. ethereal,
already dying.
You have no power here
the light will not be hid.

© 29 Oct 14

Monday 3 November 2014

Being with

Being with the cosmos
in whatever shape it takes.

Being with the storm that rages
patiently watching
waiting for it to blow over.

Being with the tears that fall
watching the emotion
that gives them birth.

Being with the tantrum of the ego
like a petulant child
demanding to be heard.

Being with the impatience
that wants the storm to be gone
to snatch at peace and
cling to it as a life raft.

Being with the voice of the unbeliever
loud, persistent
wanting to have its say.

Being with the seed of gentleness
quietly making its way
through the overbearing weeds.

Being with the voice of truth
sounding from heartspace to heartspace
leading into silence.

© 29 Oct 14