Wednesday 30 June 2021

Be a dancer

The quiet of the June morning
belies the burgeoning garden growth
it’s plethora of leaves, buds, flowers, fruit.

Birdsong celebrates a
cyclical symphony of
growth and change
flourish and decay.

I focus on the beauty of fullness
hesitantly acknowledging
everything has a flow
a dance of movement and rest
rising and falling.
Decaying leaves are nourishment
for future growth.

Don’t resist the energy of change.
Be a dancer
go with the flow.

© 5 Jun 21 

Monday 28 June 2021

Thank you to the sunrise

 The sunrise called me out of bed.
It’s pinkness filled my window
drew me outside
where the morning thronged
with invisible birdsong.
The green grass and reddish brown earth
danced a complementary dance.
The distant hills moulded in mist.
The horses nodded genteelly.
The world was alive, yet silent
not quite woken up.
We wandered through woods and fields and lanes
silent and welcoming.
Glad to be awake and alive.
Thank you to the sunrise
for calling me out of bed.

© 28 May 21

Saturday 26 June 2021

Awareness is stillness

Always running, never arriving
What next? What next?
The thought-train thunders
hither and thither
always moving, never still.
What can help?
Get off the train!
Movement never arrives
never ceases.
Awareness is stillness.
Don’t miss stopping at the station.
No need to keep hurtling forward.
Take a breath.


Awareness is stillness.

© 23 May 21 

Thursday 24 June 2021


I am here, body, mind and spirit in Oneness.
I present myself to you
I offer my presence
I’m here for you
I’m willing to listen,
to hear, to feel, to acknowledge.

I stand in the presence of Oneness
I melts away, Oneness only is present.

This gift I give to myself
being present, being full and whole.
What great gift is there than presence?
Being here, for ourselves
for each other
dissolving difference.

© 20 May 21

Tuesday 22 June 2021


 Togetherness and presence
are joyful qualities of home.
No need for mind to be off
dancing on some distant shore
or out among galaxies.
No need for mind to be
swirling mundanely round
the supermarket with a
long list of ‘should’ and ‘to-do’s.
Coming home I am free.
Qualities such as fear and mistrust
can be laid on the doorstep
no need to invite them in.
Home is here and now
Mind and body anchored together as One.
Togetherness and presence
are joyful qualities of home.
© 20 May 21

Sunday 20 June 2021


Don’t jump in
don’t rush to find words
let silence envelope you
immerse you in
it’s welcoming presence.

to hear, truly hear
what is reverberating in silence.

Burbling clouds roll above
thunder clouds
full of words and bluster
saying nothing.
is a deep, calm well of peace
quiet and still
by the thunder clouds above.
Here in this deep well of peace
are words to pay attention to.
Heed what these words say,
full of space and knowing.

© 15 May 21