Wednesday 19 August 2015


The wheat dances to its own rhythm
as it sways, bends, folds and swoops
gently rippling as a calm, calm sea
nudged by a playful breeze
unconcerned by the walkers passing by
or the mournful cattle
bellowing in the adjacent field.

What rhythm am I dancing to
as I feel compelled to do
to achieve, to get?
This is not my rhythm
yet one I self-impose
caught in the busyness of activity.

What rhythm am I dancing to
as my hand casually strokes
the hairs of the wheat
as my face delights in the
soft caresses of a welcome breeze or
the warming touch of a late summer sun?

What rhythm am I dancing to
as I delight in the redness of poppies
the audacious tumble and fold of the
rolling hills and plunging valleys
the blueness of a crop
we cannot name?
This is my rhythm.

© 17 Aug 15

Rhythm audio

Tuesday 11 August 2015

The sea

The sea is a hungry lion
creeping stealthily
pouncing unexpectedly
ready to kill.

The sea is a sated lion
purring gently
rolling softly
bathing in sunshine.

The sea is an impatient lion
growling ferociously
crashing tumultuously
throwing itself against rocks.

The sea is a sleeping lion
rippling gently
rolling majestically
lulling us into a false sense of security.

The sea is a lion
beautiful and dangerous
an ever-present swishing roar
indicating its awesome power.

© 12 Aug 15

The sea audio

Monday 10 August 2015

Creativity and Mindfulness - a great combination!

Two day retreats coming up.
Saturday September 19th in Helmsley Walled Garden -
Sunday October 11th at SNAPArts in Wakefield -

We offer a day’s retreat - 9.30am to 4.30pm -  to encourage and support your creativity through playful drawing and writing, with mindful practice as our foundation.

Mindfulness is simply being aware of our attention in the present moment, with acceptance and without judgement of what we find there.

Practising the qualities of mindfulness - patience, trust, openness - we will enable you to explore your own creativity playfully, but without looking for an end result at this stage.

Our professional guidance in drawing, poetry writing and mindfulness will be offered throughout our day together, and will include a mindful approach to eating a delightful lunch.

Our retreat is devoted to anyone who wishes to explore mindfulness as a fresh approach to creativity, which can be expanded to all areas of life.  We especially encourage those terrified and afraid of drawing or writing as mindfulness offers a gentle and non-judgemental approach to these creative aspects.  Our tuition will include a full range of craft skills and technique so that beginners and more experienced practitioners alike can enjoy the retreat.

Lauri Bower - poet and mindfulness teacher. Clare Belbin - artist.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Out of my comfort zone

It may be a stomach-churning
whole body-revolting
kind of moment or
a quiet voice in the head
gently protesting or
a million points on the spectrum
in between.
Each time
there is a recognition
I do not feel safe
I do not feel comfortable.

And here is my choice
to stay with what I know or
to take a step into
the glorious and seemingly dark

And here is my choice
to stay small
to keep being fearful and anxious or
to go beyond and
see what happens.

All those whispering doubts
the 'what if's and the uncertainties
keep me bound
keep me from meeting
the glorious unknown.

Circumstance is irrelevant
the choice point is what matters
what I do next -
retreat or grow and learn?

I don't have to
believe those voices of doubt
they don't keep me safe
they just keep me small.

Out of my comfort zone
is the tipping point
when I know
I was born to take
giant footsteps
to meet strange and new experiences
to be bold and go forward
to welcome with open arms
the glorious unknown.

Out of my comfort zone
is the tipping point
when I know
it is only unknown and
seemingly dark
when I forget
what I am meeting
is myself.

© 5 Aug 15

Out of my comfort zone audio

Monday 3 August 2015

An elaborate game of hide and seek

This land
full of disguise
illusion and trickery.
Every termite mound
could be a lion.
Every angled tree stump
could be a giraffe.
An elaborate interplay
of light and shadow.
A tangle of trees
an elephant emerges
blending again
Our perceptions are being fooled
by each dark patch
and flickering light.
A nyala darts across our
field of vision and
is gone again
barely before we can notice
before our senses can register.
The long grass shelters lions
revealing only a casual tail-flick
no more.
Revealing only what is ready
to be seen.
An elaborate game
of hide and seek
as trees become animals and
animals trees
in a magic trick of disguise.

© 29 Jul 15

An elaborate game of hide and seek