Wednesday 20 August 2014

I’ll walk with you

I’ll walk with you
wherever you want me to.

I’ll walk with you
up and down hills carpeted with purple heather,
on slim paths through woods where
tumbledown trees reveal torn branches and upturned roots,
along overgrown riverbanks beating aside
waist-high weeds, prickling gorse and nettles.

I’ll walk with you
in buffeting wind, through rain and snow
towards the sunset and the rainbow
amidst darkening clouds and blue skies.

I’ll walk with you
in harmonious gardens and admirable vegetable patches,
with purple, yellow and green produce.

I’ll walk with you
through villages with puzzling wells and
town pavements crowded with fire-eaters and saxophone players.

I’ll walk with you
anywhere you ask me to.

© 17 Aug 14

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Meditation haikus

Quiet! Restless mind
looking for something to grab
wandering always.

Still! Indecisive mind
‘I can’ to ‘I can’t’ instantly
jumping not settling.

Hush! Rambling chatter
wishing to express opinions
backdrop never calm.

Stop! Butterfly mind
leaps from this to that to that
not pausing for breath.

Look outside, look, look!
Plums ripening, wind shaking,
cyclamen flowering.

Mind cloaked in noise
misses life’s reality
growing and changing.

World of wonders has
enough to say, clattering
mind need add nothing.

Open eyes, ears, heart,
magnificent universe
plays at my doorstep.

Put down incessant
bluster, open to being
one part of it all.

Glorious dance of
rhythm, colour and splendour
all playing its role.

My heartbeat is but
one tinkling triangle in
a vast orchestra.

© 11 Aug 14

Friday 8 August 2014

Being peace

I have joined joined Deepak Chopra and over 100,000 people worldwide in a global meditation for peace.
We were asked two questions - what does peace mean to me? and what does peace feel like?
Here is my response.

When the ripples across the water settle
and the vibrations within come to rest
I am peace.
When I breathe and know I am breathing
when I sit and know I am sitting
I am peace.

I am peace
I am steadfast
I am rocklike
I am unmoving
I am stable.

When the mind and the heart
sing the same single note of love
I am peace.
When the waves of emotions are no longer disturbed
by the winds of change
I am peace.

I am the pebble sinking slowly
to the bottom of the pond
seeking its own depth
leaving behind the movements at the surface.

I rest
I rest
just rest
I am peace.

© 8 Aug 14

Sunday 3 August 2014

Moving freely

A morning walk
striding briskly
appreciating beautiful surroundings.

I am the small boy
learning to ride his first bike
moving freely
dashing along the path
with no thought of dangers
or bumps in his way.

I am the dog
leaping joyously
into the river
moving freely
shaking water droplets from its coat
with abandon.

I am the gentle wind
moving freely
tousling hair
rippling grass
softly caressing.

I am the fisherman
(secretly hoping he won’t harm the fish
yet won’t be disappointed
if his desires are thwarted
but enjoying instead a moment of quiet).

I am the dead tree branch
no longer moving freely
languishing gracefully
half in and half out of the water
on its way to becoming compost
nurturing new life.

I am the wind blowing roughly
rattling leaves
loosening beechnuts
with a hint of autumn
an expectancy of rain.

I am the river
moving freely
dancing along
unconcerned with the dull thoughts
of humans
the secret desires and expectations.

I am life
moving freely
blowing through each form
settling but a moment
and quietly moving on.

© 3 Aug 14

Friday 1 August 2014

Evening sit

Sitting on the patio
sinking with the sun
into deep peace.
Letting go of thoughts
Watching them dance away
as lightly as butterflies
adorning the garden.
I finally catch
the scent of honeysuckle.

© 31 July 2014