Monday 29 March 2021

Years and years

 Years and years
of being imprisoned
by my own hand
my own thoughts.

Years and years
of believing there is much to do
to free myself
and much time needed.

Years and years
of looking to an external
prison-guard holding
the key to the lock.

Years and years
of looking forward to
a future time of freedom
never present.

And in a moment
I see the prison-guard is me
I am my own key.
The notion of time is a fallacy
there is no future time of freedom
there is only here and now
there is no lock
there is no door
there is no prison
there is only freedom.

© 14 Mar 21

Sunday 28 March 2021

Not becoming

I never forget my given name
when it is called I respond
yet how often do I remember
my true name
and hear it’s call?

I am pure, perfect, free
not becoming, already am.

Mind has drawn a shape of
who I think I am
yet awareness knows I am
shape-free, limitless, liberated
not becoming, already am.
Awareness erases all shapes
blurs edges, nothing fixed.

I remember my true name
and respond to it’s call
I am
not becoming, already am.

© 28 Mar 21


Tuesday 16 March 2021

We found each other

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.
We were both present
in that moment.
We met and
journeyed together
hand in hand.
Have you been
So have we all.
Our hearts spoke
the same language
as we met
deeper than words.

Did I find you
or you find me?
We found each other.

© 11 Mar 21


Thursday 11 March 2021

Seek universal knowledge

A mental fog descends as ‘me’
desires to understand
what is being said.
One speaks
this one cannot hear it
because there is a desire to know.

This is not a test
an exam
where I am required to regurgitate
what another has just spoken.

Knowing is universal
not captured in this body
to be unearthed at will.
Seek not for individual understanding
which is merely reconfirming
old habits and beliefs.
Seek universal knowledge
that turns a seed into a snowdrop,
that sees the luscious strawberry
among seemingly dead leaves,
That feels the tender embrace
of the beloved
apparently far away.

Seek not life among the
dying and the dead
their season has past and is over.
Seek knowing in the vitality of spring
in hearing of words
washing the mind clean
as a mountain spring,
echoing through the heart
as a vibration of energy.

The mental fog dissipates
and clarity arises
as the light of awareness
is recognised
shining from within.

© 7 Mar 21

Wednesday 10 March 2021

This bird

This bird
flies at twilight
when day and night
are not opposites.
This bird
sings a song
scarcely anyone hears
yet it sings wholeheartedly.
It’s song gives it life
to ride air currents

This bird
flies in freedom
going nowhere
finding it’s home

This bird
flies playfully
every feather quivers
full of love.

This bird
flies alone
yet not lonesome
completely at one with
clouds, raindrops,
trees, leaves.

This bird
is free.

© 6 Mar 21

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Bypass mind

No judging
no opinionating
can you rest in this quiet space
with nothing going on?
Not forcing or looking for anything?
Let the space be open and free
don’t limit or close it down
with ideas and images
thoughts and perceptions.

Be free.

Feel the heart opening
gently unfurling
like a flower gladly receiving
the rains of attention.
The heart longs to be open
to be heard and acknowledged.

Bypass mind
apparent location of ideas and concepts
learning and thinking.
Connect with heartspace.

Bypass mind
go directly to the heartspace
centre of knowing, intuition, loving.
Let the cogs of cognition
whirl themselves into silence.
Give them no energy.
Let the heart speak.
Let the heart blaze it’s truth
loudly and clearly.

© 27 Feb 21 

Monday 8 March 2021

What a joy

What a joy
to play as archeologists
seeking within
that lies deep in the heartspace.

What a joy
finding a worthy expression
for these universal words
writing without edit or thought
words appearing cleanly on the page.

What a joy
to hear these words
knocking on the door of heartspace
indicating qualities that are
ever-present and available.

What a joy
to meet quiet peace, ease,
contentment, wellbeing, love.

What a joy
to know
when mind is troubled
these qualities are ever-present
in the background
ever available.

© 27 Feb 21