Thursday 24 September 2015

Helmsley Walled Garden Haikus

We had a really lovely day on Saturday at Helmsley Walled Garden with a Creativity and Mindfulness Retreat. The weather was fantastic, food was superb and the garden was beautiful!
Here are my reflections on the day, in the form of Haikus.

Helmsley Walled Garden
peacefulness personified
soothing worn out heart.

Exploring garden
each nook, cranny, corner a
delight and a joy.

Inviting garden
playfulness not busyness
rest in sun awhile.

Transforming garden
slowing down time, opening
space to be, just be.

© 22 Sep 15

HWG Haikus audio

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Poetry booklets now available

I'm really happy to be able to tell you I have now printed the first two (in a series of 8 or more!) poetry booklets.
But don't worry, the poems will still be available here on the blog as well!

1. The unmoving quiet (poems written between 2008-2015)
2. I am elemental (poems written between 2014-2015).
They are A6 booklets (size 15 x 10.5 cm) and are available to buy from me.

This photo shows the 2 front covers.
And the next two photos show the contents of each booklet.

You can pay for these via PayPal or email me for my bank details. 
£5 each or both for £9 including postage and packing
Once the money/cheque is received I will post the booklets out to you.

Please email me any questions you have about the booklets as well. It is through the support and interest of friends, family and people like you reading this blog that these have come about.

Sunday 20 September 2015

The clematis flower

The clematis flower
dances to
the bright autumn sunshine.
The whispering leaves
sing a lullaby
only she can hear.

As I watch
the dancing flower
becomes my movement
the brightness of the morning
reflects my substance
the song of the leaves
echoes the song
in my own heart.
She and I are one.

© 6 Sep 15

The clematis flower audio

Thursday 10 September 2015

Audio recordings of my poems

I am delighted to say that after much encouragement (some could call it pestering!) and investigation I have succeeded in putting an audio link at the bottom of some of the poems here. Aside from a couple of particularly popular posts I am starting with the most recently added and working my way backwards. Any new posts will automatically have an audio version at the bottom. I hope you like them! If you have any specific requests please let me know as I'm happy to oblige.
Older posts that already have an audio attached to them are -
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Much love Lauri x

The magic of Heber's Ghyll

I am become an elf
a wood nymph
silently stealing
through the greenery
unseen by human eyes
I blend, I merge, I escape.

My home is under the shelter
of this rock,
in the midst of this trickling waterfall
around this bend
amongst this tall grass
I blend, I merge, I escape.

I play
atop the green canopy
dance with evening sunlight
brush insubstantial clouds
from my hair
lounge on rocks
let the grass tickle my toes.

My breath is the gentle breeze
blowing across the moorland
from far, far away.
My words are silenced by the
eloquent song of water
falling, calling
from rock to rock.
I blend, I merge, I escape.

© 14 Jul 15

The magic of Heber's Ghyll audio

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Dancing together

I was once a leaf and
you were once the tree.

I was once a poppy
waving in your cornfield.

I was once a pebble
worn smooth on your sea-bed.

I was once a river laughing
as I danced along your stones.

I was once a tree growing
sturdily on your mountainside.

I was once a clematis winding myself
gently around your Cotinus branches.

We have always been interconnected.
We have always been together.

When you were the moon
I was the evening star.

When you were a cloud
I was a raindrop.

When you were the rain
I was a rainbow.

Now you are here and
I am here.

We have always been dancing together.

© 1 Sep 15

Dancing together audio

Friday 4 September 2015

I walked slowly

When I woke up and smiled
the world was not yet awake.
My mind was too full to sleep again.
I crept out into the quiet morning air and
slowly walked to settle myself.
The sky was heavy and dark
thick with rain clouds holding off.
The trees whispered quietly to one another.
The birds chirped sleepily
like tired children,
‘is it really time to wake?’
The moon had hidden herself and
the sky was slowly pinking.

I held a cup of hot water
warming my hands.
The rain rained gently
barely making any effort.
The wetness of the grass gradually seeped
through my shoes, waking my toes.

I walked slowly
until the torrent of busyness
washed away by the beauty
of the still morning
and I was quiet enough to
hear myself breathing.

I walked slowly
until I noticed
the vast space of
pale, pale blueness
behind the clouds.

© 27 Aug 15

I walked slowly audio

Have you seen the moon tonight?

Have you seen the moon tonight?
Come look! Come see!
Leave your bed.
It is calling you.
There above the tree
riding brightly a chariot
of soft, billowing clouds.

It is singing to us
a song of peace
a song of love
a song of contentment.

Have you seen the moon tonight?
Shining to us a teaching
of mindfulness.
Come out of your bed
come out of your head
come out of forgetfulness.
Look up!
Everything is there
telling us
everything is here.

© 26 Aug 15

have you seen the moon tonight? audio

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The Miracle of Mindfulness

I have just returned from a fabulous six-day retreat in the UK run by monastics from Plum Village, called The Miracle of Mindfulness. And it was a miracle that it took place at all. It was only settled a few months ago that it would happen at all, and a small team of us came together to help make it happen. Here are my reflections.

There are not adequate words to express
the fullness of my heart.
It is a miracle that we are all here,
practising together
sitting together, being together
breathing, laughing, sharing together.
It is such a joy to be with you
to be moved by beautiful teachings
that come in a word
a smile, a hug, a connection.

My tears are not sadness but
the overspilling of a grateful heart
that cannot contain the
abundance of love.
My smile is the outer expression of
inner happiness in being together.
The miraculous interplay of many
conditions have brought us
to this place
to play and to enjoy
this moment
this inexpressible moment
this miraculous moment.