Friday 28 May 2021

The Garden

 Walking in the garden for the last time
I wonder who will harvest and enjoy the potatoes
not yet ready to be unearthed.
Who will share in the juiciness of the raspberries not yet seasoned?
Who will pick and sample the apples growing so abundantly
on the ancient-looking trees?
Will it be left to the birds, and the caterpillars
and worms to enjoy these delicacies?
After twenty-five years of love and care
the owners are moving out and
it is not yet known
who will move in.
Will the new owners be gardeners?
Will they appreciate the work and devotion
that has maintained this garden over two and a half decades?
Will they know to leave the seed heads for the birds to feast on?
Will they sit on the bank on warm summer evenings
and recognise the variety of birdsong
and watch the sun sink behind the house?
This garden has been created and nurtured
through a generation,
allowing children to play and grow up and
fall out of trees that stand like ancient monuments;
allowing its owner to paint here
every day,
capturing the new life of crocus bulbs
and pear blossom.
Now it is to be left behind,
a secret garden that has no one
to whisper its secrets to,
a hidden oasis in the midst of
a bustling market town,
unknown to the shoppers and farmers who wander
on the other side of its walls.
Now it has been let go of,
been surrendered to the seasons and
the vagaries of unknown new owners.
And in the letting go
a new garden can begin to live elsewhere.
The beauty and nourishment palpable in this garden
does not come only from the trees and flowers and
sculptural thistles that tower above our heads,
but from the owners, whose
love and tenderness and patience and attention
have created this garden
and these attributes go with them
to be born again in
new earth,
with new plants and trees
and soon the birds will come and sing
and enjoy the feasts generously offered to them. 

© 13 Jul 13

Shared humanity

 Walking this path
everyone meets stones
which cut their feet,
tree roots to trip over,
no-entry signs
and locked gates,
boulders that seem impassable.

Walking this path
our shared experience
is suffering
if that’s what we choose to focus on.
Our shared humanity
can also be joy and happiness
in accompanied walking,
helping each other
to notice stones,
avoid the tree roots,
find a new path
around the no-entry signs,
offer a helping hand
with the impassable boulders.

Our shared experience can be
not minding the stones or tree roots,
not complaining about the locked gates,
accepting the boulders,
and still finding
a reason to be joyful and happy
as we journey together
step by step.

© 26 Apr 21

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Silence is always sounding

Who do I say that I am?
Silence is always sounding.
Do I listen to the sound
reverberating energetically
or the silence from which
the sound is sprung?Silence is always sounding
often covered by noise.

I spend my day
telling myself
“mortal am I”
and with this death sentence
fear, doubt, confusion and unease
accompany as apocalyptic horsemen.
In a moment of awakening
a moment of reality
I hear the true sound
“immortal am I”
“love am I “
“peace am I”.

Everything changes.
Hearing moves from
sound to silence.
everything continues.
all is quiet, still, joyful.

Simply a change of direction
a shift from mortal to immortal.

Silence is always sounding
if  choose to hear.
“immortal am I”
“love am I “
“peace am I”.

© 25 Apr 21 

Monday 24 May 2021


 Green stalk
emerging buds
held tight and close
gently peeling apart
more growth
reaching out from the central stalk
declaring their own bellness
same yet different.

Slender branch
ending in bell
a protective sleeve
letting it go.
Dancing bells
singing bells
fullness already decaying.

As the floweriness reaches fullness
it is already dying.
Which is the stage of perfection?
Blossoming is brief.
Enjoy each step along the way.

© 22 Apr 21

Saturday 22 May 2021

Turn towards it

It’s taking too much energy
this concern that you choose
to avoid rather than address.
Be present to it’s needs
then let it go.
Don’t deplete your energy
with unnecessary
worries and agitations.
Avoidance takes more energy
than addressing a situation.
Turn towards it
say hello
listen to it’s needs
and let it go.
Be free of it and
let it be free of you.

© 22 Apr 21 

Thursday 20 May 2021

This place-less place

The sound of the bell
flows on and on
and I follow.
It’s sound gently dissipates
into quiet emptiness
full of attention
and heartsease.
How to describe
this place-less place?
Feeling is not adequate.
The bell leads me home
where questions adorn the trees
as beautiful garlands.
Possibilities spring from the earth
as gorgeous flowers.
The qualities of contentment and ease
vibrate on the breeze.
The sound of the bell
gently tugs my heartstrings
opening, releasing, allowing.
Welcoming joyfulness sings
from every leaf.
This place-less place
immediately recognisable
completely comfortable
This place-less place
where I am known
and know myself
requiring nothing
absolutely free.

© 22 Apr 21

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Arriving and completeness

 Here we are in the midst of both
growth and fullness.
No beginning, no end.
In this moment
there is both
arriving and completeness.
Each seed contains
the whole cosmos
both new life and fullness.
Conditions allow
a miracle to arise
so mundane we may miss it
without eyes to see
and hearts to acknowledge.
Each One contains everything
Each One contains All.
An indication of connectedness
and interconnection.
We are all woven into
a web of life
moving and growing together.

In this moment
there is both
arriving and completeness.

© 22 Apr 21

Sunday 16 May 2021

What is the song of today

What is the song of today?
Each day a new song
filled with kindness and ease.

What do I need to fulfil?
How do I nourish myself
this day?

What is the song of today?

It combines
silence, connection, understanding.
It ends resting in the knowledge
I am a free being
nothing to achieve
nothing to prove.

What is the song of today?
it’s refrain echoes
and repeats.
I am a free being.

Each day a new song
ending with silence.

© 15 May 21