Sunday 25 June 2017

What did you hear?

What did you hear?

I heard the bell resonating
singing from oneness to oneness
reminding me I am already free.

What did you hear?

I heard the leaves dance
their final autumnal crackle.
I heard the moon slide into place
above the trees.
I heard the earth drinking in
the refreshing rain, nourishing.
I heard the season slowly turning
and coldness in the air.

What did you hear?

I met the silence
holding, creating
giving birth to all sounds.
I heard it call my name.
I heard the silence sing
a song of love
a song of freedom
a song of nowness
a song of being.

I heard the silence call my name
eternal light

© 27 Oct 15

Saturday 17 June 2017

Peace in motion

The knower is peace and
peace in motion
no difference between.
sitting, walking, being
dancing, interacting
all take place
within the realms of peace.
Nothing else exists.

Thoughts arise, seemingly unbidden
and are already having an effect
impelling action.
Stay with the space
in which thoughts arise.
Here is choice
believe or watch
act or witness
suffer or enjoy.
The knower is peace and
peace in motion
nothing else exists.

© 12 Jun 17

Friday 16 June 2017

What do you know?

Words gently whispered on the wind
“what do you know?”
I know the All
for All is within me.
I know the sun and moon
gently rotate following
the curves of my heart.
I know the stars dance
on each fingernail and toenail.
I know the rhythm of life
pulsates through my veins.
I know the contours and creases
of the body follow the undulating
curves of hills and mountains.
I know the colours of my hair,
eyes and skin echo the arcing
rainbow in the sky.
I know earth, water, fire, air
and space vibrate through my being.
I know this body
a microcosm of the cosmos
echoes the cyclical patterns
of seasons and weather.
I know earth, water, fire, air
and space dance and cascade through this being.
I know the All
for All is within me.

© 12 Jun 17

Thursday 15 June 2017

The true dance

We cannot know the true dance
until we know existence as one.
We cannot hear the words of
the true song
until we silence the cacophony
of noise in the mind.
Always, we are being danced
until we know we are the dance
we are the words, the singer and
the song.
The tune is written on the heart.
To hear it we have to let go
of all internal noise
and rest
in the infinite abundance of Oneness.
The words of the true song
are woven into the very fabric
of our being.
The rhythm of the true dance
is tapped out with
our own heartbeat.
Are we being sung, or are we singing?
Are we being danced, or are we dancing?
© 10 Jun 17

Wednesday 14 June 2017

The view of the universe

The view of the universe
from within the universe
spinning plates
always one too many
the fear they will all
crash to the ground.
The fabric of the universe
will rend apart and
I will tumble into a void
of nothingness.
Keep the plates spinning
they justify my existence.

The view of the universe
from the space
beautiful, limitless Oneness
spreading out in all directions.
Let the plates fall
see what happens.
They cannot disturb Oneness.
Let the fabric of the universe
split asunder
I am not become nothing.
I am I, I am Oneness.
Space knows itself
Awareness knows itself.
I am I, I am Oneness.

© 9 Jun 17

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Listen to me

Anxiety rises like a tidal wave
sweeping through my mind
stealing away clarity.
Convincing, believable.
Take note of me!
Listen to me!
Don't heed the voice of reason.
Listen to me!
Panic, panic, PANIC!
All rationality swept away
instead comes indecision
doubt, fear, mistrust, caution.
I am flooded to the nerve ends
with debilitating, paralysing fear.
Brain on high alert
every person to be mistrusted
every situation a danger.
Best to stay at home, stay in bed
the only place of safety!

Calm breathes like a gentle breeze
blowing through my mind
inducing clarity and peace.
Convincing, believable.
Take note of me!
Listen to me!
Stop, breathe, calm.
Listen to me!
Rationality returns
with it comes decisiveness
confidence, steadiness, trust, daring.
I am flooded to the nerve ends
with soothing, reassuring calm.
Brain on low alert
people can be trusted
every situation an opportunity.
Best to go out and live life, enjoy!
Breath provides a safe space.

© 7 Jun 17

Sunday 4 June 2017

Elements playing

Causes and conditions arise to
create and dissolve.
Energy and matter meet and form
coming together and moving apart
this is all that is happening
this is all.
Anything else we perceive or experience
is tainted or coloured by
thoughts, feeling and emotions.

Elements playing.
An intricate dance of
attraction and repelling
just like magnets.
All we perceive
all we know and experience
is simply elements playing
dancing together.

© 4 Jun 17