Thursday 31 October 2019

Beyond mind

Beyond mind
is a still quiet
harmonious and even and free.
Beyond mind
I am released from limiting ideas
of who I am
what I am capable of.
Here I move freely
certain in uncertainty
knowing in unknown.

Beyond mind
is a vibrancy
where life is lived in fullness
in the brightness of daylight
shining near and far.

Beyond mind
energies flow freely
not bound by earthly limits
not held in prisons of right and wrong.
Beyond mind
effort is effortless.
Here I dwell
harmonious and even and free.

© 24 Oct 19

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Longing to understand

Mind cannot go there
yet longs to understand.
Language cannot find words
yet aches to describe.
Body cannot reach there
yet yearns for its destination.

Mind, language, body
all desperately seeking
for something that cannot be sought
all desiring what cannot be desired
all longing to own what cannot be possessed.

to all those who are seekers.
Lay down your longing,
your yearning, your desire.
I am already with you,
already present, already knowing.

I am the answer to
all your unasked questions.
I am closer than your heartbeat.
I am more vital than breath.
I am sweet nectar.
I am the life force overcoming death.
I am all your needs met.
I am perfect rest.
I am the space in which you dance.

I am always with you,
always present, always knowing.
I am you!

© 22 Oct 19

Tuesday 29 October 2019

The song of autumn

Hear the hum of the turning earth
hear the song of the distant sun
hear the crackle of frost-coated leaves
hear the crispness of sharp grass
hear the falling of the last, late petals
hear the farewells of migrating birds
hear the glory of photosynthesis
hear the scent of mulching leaves
hear the forage of sprouting mushrooms
hear the early darkening of the day
hear the snuffle of hibernating hedgehogs
hear the redness of hips and haws
hear the blanket of autumn descending
hear the hum of the turning earth.
© 29 Oct 19

Friday 4 October 2019

The middle of the story

We are in the middle of a story
our own story
We are in the middle of a chapter
we don’t know how the story
or even the chapter ends
yet so often we live as if we do!

Whatever story-path
the mind leads you down
is not how this story unfolds.

This story continues
beyond the expiration
of our own lives
continues to unfold with
our children’s children,
grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

There is no end.

Be here now
in this moment
however painful and sad-full it feels.
Be here now
in this moment
watching the strong emotions
rise and fall
as waves crashing
onto a sandy shore.

No skipping to the last page
to read the ending
there is no ending.
This story does not end
with death
that may come in a future chapter
but it’s not the end.

Whatever story-path
the mind leads you down
is not how this story unfolds.
Be here now.

© 4 Oct 19

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Cosily moving along

Cosily moving along
a path towards enlightenment
life swerves onto a new
urgent path
to find out what is true.
Bubble burst
I am raw, vulnerable
open to feeling every wound
feeling more alive
as well as scared, unsure
stumbling in a half-light
instead of the brightness of daylight
territory unknown to me
I know others have journeyed this way before.

Unexpectedly awoken from a
dreamy sleep
before I was ready.
Yet here I am
I will not go back to sleep.
I can only go onward.

© 27 Jul 19