Tuesday 31 July 2018

Are we heeding mother earth's cries?

Flow of energy from the universe
emerging as dramatic weather.
Are we heeding mother earth’s cries?
Do we comprehend
what we humans generate
contributing to her possible destruction?

Powerful cosmic forces at play
telling us how much
we damage mother earth.
And will we wake up in time?
Will we heed the call
to change our ways
and nurture instead of desecrate?
Will we continue our lives thoughtlessly
or realise our responsibility?

© 28 Jul 18

Friday 27 July 2018

Teachers all around me

Heat of the sun
heal my cold body.
Warmth of the sun
energise my tired mind.
Freshness of the air
soothe my aching heart.
Sounds of the birds
bring me out of introspection.
Vastness of the sky
offer me some perspective.
Strength of the trees
lend me your stability.
Firmness of the earth
teach me your groundedness.
Gentleness of nature
aid me in gratitude.
Teachers all around me
let me be a willing student.

© 18 Jul 18

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Gathered together

Sunny evening
sunny days
gathered together in
contented tiredness.
Travelling some distance
for mindful enquiry.
Drawn to this place and time
in search of
a more conscious
way of living
instead of floundering
from one stressful event
to another.
Seeking mindful gifts
that enable us
to feel more alive.

© 17 July 18

Monday 23 July 2018

How do we get from should to shh?

How do we get from should to shh?
Should -
a damning statement
imposing some expectation
or looked-for outcome
onto a situation.
Wanting to get rid of
some aspect that is present.
Not accepting what is.
“I should do better”
“I should be able to cope with this”
“That shouldn’t be here”
“This shouldn’t be happening”.
Says who?
Always wanting something else
something different.
The remedy?
Shush the chattering mind
the mind presenting objections
and resistance.
How do we get from should to shh?

© 17 Jul 18

Saturday 21 July 2018

Who will we be at the end of the day?

We are here because of Helena.
Here to enjoy the space
to discover and explore
outer and inner.
What will we find out
about ourselves today?
Standing at the beginning
the first stepping stone
on a path leading
to untold adventures.
A special place of not knowing
willing to face the adventure
greeting the unknown and strangers
as welcome friends.
We have a lot to accomplish today.
Who will we be at the end of the day?

© 10 Jul 18

Thursday 19 July 2018

Cry of seagulls

Central York
cry of seagulls
one distinct sound
evoking vivid memories
immediately transported
far away from urban life.

A sandy beach
crashing waves
cry of seagulls
salty air
collecting pebbles
laughing children.

Cry of seagulls
carry me skyward
out of this body
flying free
swooping and diving
free as the birds.

© 9 Jul 18

Tuesday 17 July 2018

The universe is calling

The universe is calling
do you recognise its persistent
knocking at the door?

What is needed?
Harmony in
heart, spirit, nature
body, speech, mind.
With these aligned
Yield ego to the space
let ego dissolve
in its warm embrace.

The universe is calling 
do you recognise its persistent
knocking at the door?

© 2 Jul 18

Sunday 15 July 2018

Walk with me

Walk with me
just walk
feel your feet on the ground
the air playing on your skin.

notice what is around you
and within you.
Notice the joy, beauty and presence
all around
and within.

rising thoughts and feelings
as clouds passing across the sky
not blemishing or disrupting
the sky
not affecting it in any way.

Walk with me
just walk
away from ego-driven
self-centred behaviour
towards a more open and
receptive way of being.
Walk with me
just walk.

© 27 Jun 18