Sunday 31 January 2021

Always to the Source

The river flows in one direction only
always to the Source.

The river adapts its course
to always find a way around obstacles,
overcoming blocks that hinder
wearing away stone
forging a way through.
The river fearlessly penetrates
new ground
in its one aim
to reach the Source.

Never standing still
never retreating
never hesitant
always going forward
meeting Source in every moment.
The river never fails
to gain
its final destination.

Be like the river
flowing in one direction only.

© 24 Jan 21


Saturday 30 January 2021

Go within

 We are not intrepid explorers
with complex butterfly nets
collecting as much light as we can.
The net of Indra
is spread over the face of Earth
each intersection
a jewel-like beacon
lighting all around.
We go within to meet it
to experience light
shining from our hearts.
Light is Oneness
essence of every
thought, word, deed.

Put away the butterfly nets
the deep-seated feelings of lack.
Go within
to experience the light of Oneness
shining from our own hearts.

© 23 Jan 21

Friday 29 January 2021

Out of adversity

 Out of adversity
something brilliant has arisen.
Out of the mud
blooms a beautiful lotus.
Look to the gifts, the flowers
don’t get stuck in the mud!
is here to waken us
from the illusion of separation.
Nothing is wrong
all is as it should be.
Life is simple
complicated only by the mind.
Out of adversity
something brilliant will arise.

© 22 Jan 21

Thursday 28 January 2021

A quiet heart

 What are those words
dancing at the fringes of understanding
longing to be recognised as truth?

Turning them from elusive ideas
floating in the air
to words appearing
on a page
with substantial meaning.

Give yourself time to listen
to hear
it is all being gifted to you.
Give yourself space to hear
to understand
to know that these words
this understanding
dwell deep in your heart
not coming from an external source.

Knowingness comes from quiet,
peacefulness, space, openness,
willingness to listen.
Knowingness is met only in
the awakened moment
only now
it’s qualities are peace,
quiet, certainty, wholeness.

Let in those words
dancing at the fringes of understanding
seemingly external yet
rising from a quiet heart.

© 22 Jan 21

Wednesday 27 January 2021

love and acceptance

 “How cam’st thou in this pickle?”*
No longer a relevant question.
What do we need now?
Love and acceptance.
This is where we are.
Not what we would have chosen perhaps
but where we are now.

Would there be any relief by pouring out my resentment on you?
Would it help?
There is no use picking at old wounds.
Let them be.
See what can be done now.

Love and acceptance
especially with the difficult.

Love and acceptance.

© 14 Jan 21

* From The Tempest, Shakespeare.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Already free

Who is the Me who wants to be free?
Where is this Me located?
The mind claims I to be me.

No longer a human doing
no longer a human being
I have never been human
actions take care of themselves.

Rest with the space
at the end of each out-breath
not with the breath itself.

I am pure, perfect, free
not working to get free
not hoping to be free, someday
already free.

© 22 Nov 20

Monday 25 January 2021

Coming home

 The seeming busyness
the unending ‘to-do’ list
only occurs in a mind
separated from Myself.

Coming home
the list does not disappear
there is no loss
they re-establish themselves as One.
There is no-thing else.

© 13 Dec 20

Sunday 24 January 2021

Chain of paper dolls

 A chain of paper dolls
seemingly unending
constantly appearing
versions of me.

Watch the display
unattached, uninvolved.
They are all made from one paper
they are not separate individuals.

Look to the paper
not the individual dolls.

© 6 Dec 20

Saturday 23 January 2021


 And here it is
I can choose not to be disturbed
even now
amid the mess and chaos
it doesn’t need to be resolved first.
What do I need?
To acknowledge I am
lovable just as I am.
This one situation
doesn’t diminish my capacity
to love and be loved
to be lovable.
This one situation
out of my control
says more about the pain and suffering
of another
than my abilities.

This un-relationship
is a drop in the ocean
amid many other relationships
that are fruitful
loving and kind.

Don’t let this one taint all the rest.

© 5 Dec 20

Friday 8 January 2021

Flower, fresh - after Thay

Does the flower hide it’s freshness
amid all the weeds that surround it?
it continues to bloom gloriously.

Is the mountain’s solidity shaken
by the strong storms around it?
it connects with its roots
deep in the earth.

Does the water ruffle it’s surface
to distort ‘unwelcome’ images?
the smoothness of the water
clearly reflects all, impartially.

Does the sky diminish it’s space
to chase away clouds?
the sky glorifies in its vastness
with no thought to passing clouds.

© 2 Jan 21 

Wednesday 6 January 2021

New Year Intentions

Honouring all that is present
keep the perception wide and open
keep the heart open and loving.
Look for the lotuses
don't get stuck in the mud.
Feel the freshness of the rain
not the greyness of the clouds.
Look up to the stars and the shining moon
instead of the overwhelming darkness.
Meet the beauty and wonders of life
let fear and doubt stay in the background.
When a difficulty arises, ask
'what can this situation teach me?'
Don't shy away from the unloving, the ugly, the unforgiving
look closely to see what diamonds and pearls
are available even in these difficulties.
Keep the heart open and loving.

© 2 Jan 21