Monday 6 September 2021

Thoughts of I

What is a “Lauri”?

Who is she? Where is she?

Look deeply

if we picture a ‘self, person, living being, lifespan’ 

these are limitations placed on space

they divide, define, delineate, differentiate.

Look deeply

these limitations dissolve, disintegrate, disappear.


she is blood, bone, sinew, muscle, bodily fluids, hair, nails, skin.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is a conduit for passing thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

They are not hers 

they are universal energies passing through a human form.

They are of the historical dimension

of coming and going

past, present and future.

Undifferentiated from all beings.


she is Oneness itself

a being of the Ultimate dimension

a being full of light and love.

Where does she begin and end?

These notions cannot be delineated.

All descriptors of her are not entirely true.

She is not a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, artist, teacher.

She is not limited by how you see, picture or remember her.

There is not a Lauri-shaped vessel 

with a particular size and form.

Her essence,

your essence, our essence

is love, light, Oneness.


© 6 Sep 21