Sunday 27 September 2020

This home of Love

I gave away my authority

to the mind and the senses.

Instead of keeping them in check

as obedient servants

I let them run wild

returning to me 

with false information and lies.

I now take back my authority.

I rein in the wild horses of 

mind and senses 

I stable them close to my heart.

Instead of their incessant whittering

I heed the constant, quiet pulse 

of my own heart

emanating from awareness and knowing.

The world is not ‘out there’

to be sorted out and fixed

It is within me

complete, perfect and whole.

I know Love alone

is constant, durable, unending, forgiving.

I place my confidence in Love alone.

It will not fail.

No matter how believable,

the mind and senses cannot provide constancy, completion

they dwell in a world of impermanence

ever moving and changing.

For a long time

I have wandered in the world

seeking to attain

to know, to become

seeking to get what I lack

all the while moving further away

from my true home.

Now I come home knowing

there is no lack

there is nothing to attain

there is nothing to know.

The home I wandered from

is where the answers lie

simple and straightforward.

This home of Love

is where I belong

where I choose to dwell

where I am completely myself

pure, perfect, free.

There is no lack

there is nothing to attain.

Let go of doubt and self-criticism

bring them close

let them sit by the fireside

to be complete in themselves.

Fear is stirred up

in the world of mind.

Let mind go,

come home to Love,

to awareness.

Fear cannot exist here

where confidence, acceptance,

generosity abound.

This home of Love  

is where I belong

where I choose to dwell

where I am completely myself

pure, perfect, free.

© 27 Sep 20

Saturday 19 September 2020

Take out the stoppers

 Take out the stoppers

set free the infinite well of love

residing in your heart.

Let it wash over all that appears

good or bad

right or wrong.

Let it soak into all the cracks

seep into the walls we raise

to separate and divide.

Let it wash them away

they are not as sturdy or unbreakable

as they appear.

Set free the infinite well of love

residing in your heart.

© 15 Sep 20

Friday 18 September 2020

We are one

We are one in the endeavour

there is no giver or receiver

we are one

there is no lover and beloved

we are one 

there is no teacher and learner

we are one 

It is all embraced in love

encased in love

swimming in love

living in love.

© 18 Sep 19


Thursday 3 September 2020

Be courageous enough to meet yourself


be courageous
be really courageous
allow yourself time and space
to journey beyond time and space
to meet yourself
sitting in your favourite chair
wearing your favourite clothes.

Be courageous enough to meet yourself
be yourself
love yourself.
There is no greater gift than this
no greater blessing than this.
Allow yourself to stop and breathe
to be
just be
with no thought of what comes next
no thought of what is.
Lay down your plans, thinking, schemes
they are the blocks
that stop you meeting yourself.
Release the covers of ignorance
the creator of shade and darkness
let the light shine out.

A daring one looks inward
to meet themselves.
Many are called
few hear the call
fewer still heed the call
knowing it as myself, not other.

be courageous
be really courageous.
Oneness longs to be discovered
acknowledged, known and loved.

© 2 Sep 20

Wednesday 2 September 2020

What is meditation?

A conscious non-doing
allowing the universe to speak
instead of our small, narrow mind.
A conscious turning away from
the mundane every day
turning towards unknowing
with a willing and open heart.

Meditation is to be
desire-free, need-free, carefree.
Allowing all ideas of me and mine
to be thrown into the wind
to see how and where and if
they will land.
Meditation is not an action
but a conscious non-action
a giving up of doing to allow being.
Space to see and hear the ideas
of who we think we are
that keep us small and bound
Transcending all ideas
to be who we always are and have been
pure, perfect, free.

© 1 Sep 20