Sunday 28 June 2020

Acts of radical kindness

This moment of stopping
this pressing of the pause button
is an act of radical kindness
an act of daring and courage.
We, who take the time
to stop and breathe
to look within and greet
what we meet
with kindness and compassion
are warriors.

We, who take the time
to rest in infinite space
to merge in the ocean of Oneness
are warriors
courageous warriors
daring warriors
willing to investigate
the knots in the heart and
undo them
with patience and diligence.

These moments of stopping
of pressing the pause button
emit waves of energy
into the universe
soothing a troubled world.
These are acts of radical kindness
of daring and courage.
© 28 Jun 20

Monday 22 June 2020

One stream of life

We are all one in the stream of life.
We are all one in the flow of consciousness.
What appears to be personal
I no longer claim as mine.
I practise for all beings
near and far
known and unknown
in the past, present and future.

My practice is for healing.
Love heals the gap.
Love helps us recognise
there is no ‘me’ and ‘you’.
We are not separate, we are one.
We are one in the stream of life
in the flow of consciousness.
© 15 Jun 20

Sunday 21 June 2020

All that remains is love

Step into the boat
to journey on the ocean.
The boat is merely the vessel
to get us to our final destination most
directly and accurately.
I am not the boat
I am the ocean, vast and deep
cradling, holding the boat.
I am not tossed and thrown by life’s waves
I am the ocean, vast and deep
cradling, holding the boat.
With each remembrance 
the boat diminishes in size
with each knowing 
the boat becomes less significant.
There is no final destination to reach
there is no starting point of lack
or journey of accruing.
There is only love
a vast, deep ocean of love
cradling, holding all ‘boats’
until the boats diminish and 
all that remains is love.
© 14 Jun 20

Saturday 20 June 2020

This is not personal

This is not personal
this dissonance, this mismatch
between you and me.
It is fed by many generations
of not knowing how
to speak love, show love, be love.
It is amplified by
strong expectations, deep disappointments
situations becoming other than expected.
It is sustained by cycles of tough ‘love’
of not knowing that love
is giving freely
without any expectation of returns.
It is fed by learned disappointments
and lack of understanding.

Here is a chance to break these cycles
they are not forged out of steel.
Here is a chance to tread a new path
where to say ‘I love you’
is as natural and easy as
breathing out.
Here is a chance to start afresh
to open a door that seemed closed and
tightly locked.
Here is a chance to tread a new path
to speak love, show love, be love.
© 14 Jun 20

Monday 8 June 2020

Windows of perception

Know what windows you choose 
to view the world through.
Know what reams of knowledge
you have collected over decades
stored in dusty boxes
in an unvisited attic.
Know there are many windows of perception
ours is just one, a small one.
Stand awhile 
at another window
see the cosmos from a different viewpoint.
Welcome new learning
new ways of seeing
however uncomfortable.

© 5 Jun 20

Sunday 7 June 2020

Rest awhile

Curtain the windows
close all the doors
turn off the radio
the non-stop thinking radio.
Settle body, mind and heart.
Turn inward.
Close off all external sounds and distractions.
Settle all inner movements.
Come to that quiet, peaceful space
apparently located within your heart-space
that turns out to be everywhere.
Meet that quiet, peaceful space
that has no location
no end and no beginning
is not associated with time or dimension.
And rest.
Rest awhile
no need for movement or agitation
nothing to gain, or to lose.
Rest awhile
freeing all claims of me
letting all limiting perceptions dissolve.
Rest awhile.

© 5 Jun 20

Saturday 6 June 2020


I sit, waiting
patiently, quietly
for the word-birds to come
to land on my shoulder
and share their wisdom.
Francis-like I sit
waiting to see if the word-birds will come
waiting to hear what knowledge 
they have to impart.

They will not present themselves
to an agitated mind
full of bluster and noise.
They descend unobtrusively
when I am gazing in a different direction
they arrive in the corner of my eye
as if wishing to remain invisible.

Yet the food they bring 
nourishes my soul
feeds my creativity
lightens my heart
awakens a deeper understanding.

I sit, waiting
patiently, quietly
for the word-birds to come.
© 30 May 20

Friday 5 June 2020

Whenever I walk this path

Whenever I walk this path
I catch my clothes
on a protruding nail
and swear at the tear.
I know it is there
it is visible, not hidden
yet somehow
I again catch my clothes
on the same nail.

Each time it occurs
I exclaim loudly at 
another tear to mend
and promise myself to bring a hammer
and fix the nail.

Somehow, a fog of habit descends
and before I am aware
there is yet another tear.
This time, instead of shouting in anger
and frustration
I resolve to remember.
Back at the house
I immediately find my hammer
and leave it by the door.

whenever I walk this path
there is no protruding nail
on which to catch my clothes.
The hammered head gleamingly smiles at me
and I smile back, grateful to it
for welcoming me
into mindfulness.

© 30 May 20