Sunday 20 March 2016

What is doubt?

(The long version)
I can’t decide!
Is it wavering indecision
not knowing where to place the
next footstep on the path?
Is it not daring to take a step
in case it goes in the wrong direction?
Is it a mind full of distractions, diversions
jumping from one thought to the next
trying to grasp at some kind of solution?
Is it the restlessness
that is never satisfied?
Is it a lack of clarity?
Is it an absence of peace
an absence of stillness
an absence of calm?
Is it the not knowing and
the longing to be in control?

It is all these
and more.
Mostly it is a cover
the dust stirred up on a dry road
covering the peace, stillness, calm
that then appears to be absent.
It is the fumbling attempts
to grasp a shifting cloud
control the ever-moving seas
pin down the ever-changing moment.
It is an energy that
doesn’t wish to be still
but it is only a movement.
It can be sated by embracing
peace, stillness, calm
by recognising they are ever-present.
Doubt may seem to be substantial
powerful, all-consuming
yet it is only movement.

(The short version)
Doubt is movement,
when the energy is stilled
doubt does not exist.

© 20 Mar 16

Friday 4 March 2016


‘Beautiful’ was all
we shared as we passed by and
greeted the morning.

‘Beautiful’ was all
that was needed to
a bright winter sun
a sharp, biting wind
a clear expanse of blueness
an absence of rain
light bouncing off yesterday’s puddles
the gleaming greenness of wet grass
stark trees latent with buds and leaves
waiting to burst forth
the shininess of each individual ivy leaf.

Beautiful was all.

© 18 Feb 16

Thursday 3 March 2016

The dance of life

The dance of life
The dance of life goes on
but ever the centre is still.
The rhythm of life beats on
and ever the centre is still.
The heartbeat of life flows along
yet ever the centre is still.
Moving, changing
getting, giving
losing, loving
choosing, chasing
highs and lows
ebbs and flows
change and change and ever-changing.
The circle of life goes on and on
and ever your centre is still.

© Jun 06