Sunday 25 September 2016

I discover

I discover
I prefer the sound of
crashing water descending down rocks
to the chatter of humans
one to another.
I prefer
the conversation of leaves
rustling with the breeze
to the noise of humans
which becomes a distraction.

Mind makes a judgement and
sets up a preference.
I want to hear natural sounds.
I want to hear water
as it beats down incessantly
on the rocks below
rather than the stream of humans
come to visit this glorious sight.

And is there a point they can merge?
Can the mind stop deciding
there is a difference
seeing this one as natural
and therefore the other as unnatural?

Here on this busy bank holiday
many families with young children
friends and relations have all descended
on this beauty spot, as have we.
Do I really want to wish them away and
selfishly enjoy this by myself?
Where would I rather the humans were?
Sat in front of a TV screen?
Or just not here?

The mind that makes preferences
does not follow through
these logical conclusions
it makes a snap decision
“I would prefer things not to be like this”.
I decide to rejoice
that so many parents
have made the decision
to bring their children out into nature.

I decide to rejoice
that the chatter of human life
is equally enjoyable
to sounds of nature.
I decide
to enjoy things as they are
instead of how little ‘me’
would like them to be!

© 2 Sep 16

Thursday 22 September 2016

The wind of life

The wind of life
gusts round the house
strongly, forcibly
Do not forget me!
Do not let your sorrows
pull you into believing in death.
I am here! I am here!
Calling to you
smiling to you
from every leaf and every petal.

I am the origin
lending life to all that moves.
I am the song
lending voice to all that speaks.
I am the fire
lending light to all that sees.
Know my presence
hear my voice.
I am the sound of silence
the knowledge that remains
when all searching ceases.

© 7 Aug 16