Monday, 29 October 2018

I have a suitcase

I have a suitcase
full of advice
to share with you
knowing it is as much for me.

Love deeply
live lightly
let go happily

Love each glorious sunset
as if it were the first and only one
you experience.

Live without being owned by your possessions
and if the thief comes
gladly hand them
one more item to take away.

Let go as freely as sleep comes
with a heart
always at ease.

Be a light that shines for others
no matter who chooses shades
to dim the light.

Be happy in the life you have chosen
choose each moment
choose love
choose kindness

Above all,
choose kindness
kindness to yourself and
everyone you meet.

What you practise in your heart
your eyes find in others.

Practise gratitude
for what already is.

Be bold
be fierce
be daring
be unpredictable
be spontaneous.

Forge your own path
which only becomes yours
in the making
of each step.

Take each step as it comes and
greet each morning with a smile.

Don’t save any part of yourself
back for ‘best’.
Don’t pay attention to negative talk,
yours or anyone else’s.
Don’t play small.
Don’t try to please others.

Don’t wait to be older and wiser
you may only get more experienced.

Be patient with idiots
they’re doing the best they can.
One day, the idiot will be you!

Notice the beauty in small things.
Laugh uncontrollably
cry wholeheartedly
Let the doors to your heart
be wide open
to feel it all.

Enjoy what is
smile at worries
trust everything is fine.

Above all
be kind.
Be the person you look for
in others.

I would not for one moment
unwish you to feel your experiences
the good, the bad and the ugly
as these are the stepping-stones
forging your path.

Love deeply
live lightly
let go happily

Make your suitcase a small one
not burdensome
to carry lightly through life.

© 25 Oct 18


  1. So true, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing ��

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Diana! :)