Friday, 15 May 2015


We are skylarks
riding the breeze
of the divine breath.

We are skylarks
glistening in the sun
of the divine light.

We are skylarks
singing in space
the song of the divine.

We are skylarks
dancing in the heartspace
of divine beauty.

We are skylarks
larking about
seeing everything as play.

© 4 May 15


  1. Thank you for these beautiful poems. A poem by Wendell Berry came my way today, and these words from it seem to describe the way your poetry arrives:

    "Accept what comes from silence.

    Make the best you can of it.

    Of the little words that come

    out of the silence, like prayers

    prayed back to the one who prays,

    make a poem that does not disturb

    the silence from which it came."

    Except, not only do they not disturb the silence, they deepen it. Thank you again.

    1. Dear Valerie3812,
      thank you so much for your beautiful and encouraging words, and the Wendell Berry poem - a beautiful writer who I have much resonance with. So happy that you are enjoying the poems :)