Wednesday, 7 January 2015

In what can I put my trust?

Hope is too fragile a post
to bind my flag to.
Fear is a two-faced ally
full of deceit and disappointment.
Doubt is unworthy of the name ’friend’
as it fails last minute.
In what can I put my trust?
In uncertainty

The cosmos does not stand still
it ever rolls onward,
providing freshness
Can we really think we are so
powerful as to be able to
set down unshakeable roots,
create permanent foundations,
stopper death?
Foolish humans!

We are only one part of this
magnificent universe,
one ant on a gigantic anthill,
one atom in a sea of dust.
In the historical dimension
mind occupies the space.
In the ultimate dimension
space occupies the mind.

Anything is possible
to a mind free from conventions.
“Should” is the deadliest of enemies
with a smiling mask of comradeship.
Freedom comes with eyes open
ears open
heart open
arms open
ready to embrace the now.

© 1 Jan 15

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