Tuesday, 20 January 2015

An early morning walk to Upper Hamlet

In the darkness we set off
a brisk wind chilling face and hands.
In the darkness the sky shimmers
with a profusion of stars.
Thay is here is the half slice of moon.
We are here
six feet and one stick
softly padding along quiet roads.
The frost glimmers brightly
on grass and fallen oak leaves.
The air is too cold to linger
or gaze for long into the darkness above
and the pinpricks of light.

Ahead in Thenac
a Christmas tree becomes our beacon
guiding us onward.
Reaching the familiar rustic fence
we turn towards the hamlet.
Potholes and puddles have to be negotiated.

Ahead the lights of buildings
become our beacon
guiding us home.
Thay is already here in the half slice of moon
we are already here.

The meditation hall is warm and cosy
after the outside chill.
My cheeks are zinging
with the warmth.
Outside night slowly turns to day
as we emerge from meditation.
A bold streak of orange
silhouettes the trees
announcing the coming sun.
Thay is still here
in the half slice of moon
and we are here.

© 12 Jan 15

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