Saturday, 30 December 2017

Words unspoken

Where do all the beautiful
unspoken words go
if pencil is not put to paper
if they remain unsaid?
Are they swirling in the air
an over-heavy cloud
unable to release its droplets?
Are they dancing in the ether
just out of reach?

What happens to words unspoken?
We do not hear their resonance and beauty.
Do they remain in the ether
searching for a voice?
Or do they die from neglect?
Is there a space, a void somewhere
unintentionally filling
with words unvoiced?
Heavy with potential
heavy with potent ideas yet
to be realised.
They do not get chance to fly
to shine
to light a spark in another.

Release, release
set them free
free as birds winging through the air.
Let them be sung, chanted
Give them life
give them voice
let they fly!

© 30 Dec 17

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