Friday, 17 June 2016

It has to be me

The weather may not be balmy
yet there is a sense of
midsummer madness in the air
high pressure causing people
to behave in crazy ways
even killing, shooting
those who disagree with their opinion.

The only certainty is uncertainty
yet does this need to be agitated
by disturbances?
Is the only way forward
throwing all the balls into the air and
seeing where they will land?
Is it necessary to stir up trouble
in order to bring about change?
Is it frightening or exhilarating?
It depends upon your perspective.

Where is the voice of reason
in all this furore?
What do I know?
I know big decisions
should not be made in an agitative state.
I know calm is needed
within myself
to see the reasonable way forward.
I know love is necessary in all circumstances
and especially now
when there seems to be so much hate.
I know a wave of hate
will be met with a stronger wave
of love
that people can and will help
one another when push comes to shove.
And can we also show love without
the push and the shove?

Where is the voice of reason
in all this?
It has to be me.
It has to be me keeping calm
whatever winds of change are blowing
knowing it will pass and
things will settle.
It has to be me
not feeding the seeds of anger, of hate
within myself.
It has to be me
showing compassion towards those
who disagree with me.
It has to be me
saying no to the rising tide
of aversion and frustration.
It has to be me
saying I will not be overcome by despair.
It has to be me
saying yes to love, in all its forms.
It has to be me.

© 17 Jun 16

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