Sunday, 12 July 2015


What a thing of beauty twilight is!
The dancing interaction of
shifting colours across a vast
pale blue background.
The dancing interplay of
changing cloud forms
feathery, ethereal, across a
background of azure sky.
A descending sun sending
blaze and fire over both sky and clouds.
A rising moon silently
settling into place
a quiet silver orb
gently watching the dance.
And on this night

the added treat of music
plays into the magical mix.
Piano, cello, violin and percussion
set the evening alight
as if conducting the
sun set and moon rise
as if choreographing
the movement and chorus of
swooping swallows
as if commanding our hearts
to beat stronger, louder,
more insistently
to remind us of our own vitality and
interconnectedness with the
glories playing above our heads.

© 5 Jul 15

Twilight audio

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