Sunday, 17 March 2013

Beyond the veil of tears

I cried when I heard
about the woman raped in the woods,
whilst her husband, beaten and tied up,
was forced to watch.
I cried at the hardness of men's hearts
that could treat people so cruelly and viciously.
I cried for the men
who have been taught to be
so lacking in compassion.
I cried for my lack of understanding
at how their lives must be,
at what fear and ugliness they have witnessed,
that makes them believe what they did is ok.

And I remind myself that each being
is worthy of  honour, respect and love,
no matter how ugly or frightening their actions.
For how else will they learn
to honour, respect and love others?

Beyond the veil of tears of outrage
is a heart yearning to understand.
It is not enough
to hear the news and cry,
but if it helps
this fragile heart to be more open,
more loving and more truthful,
and if it reminds us to demonstrate
to our sons and daughters
that the way of compassion and love
is the only way,
it is a beginning.

© 17 Mar 2013

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