Monday, 30 January 2017

What does the universe say?

What does the universe say?
What messages are being flagged
before my eyes that
in dullness and sadness
I do not notice?
I have to go outside to listen
to breathe the fresh calming air.

The universe says,
be strong like the trees
ready to withstand this
“world’s storm-troubled sphere”.
Be gentle as the evening breeze
smiling with generosity and kindness
on all, not a favoured few.
Be truthful as the songbird
singing “where is the love?”
it has to begin here.
Be playful as the redbreast
hopping from branch to branch
and don’t take life too seriously.
Be fearless as the still heart
unmoved by shadowy figures
playing across its surface.
Be courageous as the roaring ocean
don’t let words lie unsaid
festering in the heart.

The universe says
we are all bound together
in oneness
a connection so fine it
can easily be overlooked
yet we are “more united than divided”.
We all live together
in oneness
an unbreakable truth
that words of hate or condemnation
cannot dissolve.
My name is True mountain of non-fear
and sometimes I forget.
Happily, the universe does not!

© 30 Jan 17

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