Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The wind and I

The wind and I
have been playing games.
It is gusting wildly and
rattling the door knockers
calling me outside.
We played a game
to see who would win my hat.
And as I walked
as a secondary game
it searched for bins to knock over
or hide from their owners.

Through the woods it
shook the branches menacingly
threatening to tip them
onto my head.
In the open field
it did its best to bowl me over
hurl me into the mud.
It called my bluff by
getting behind me as I
stepped up the hill and aided me.
On the lane it blew
full force in my face.
Eventually I had to hold
onto my hat to save
rescuing it from wherever
the playful wind would take it.
I arrived home with
rosy cheeks, a runny nose
ears singing with the cold and
heart alive with playfulness.

© 11 Jan 17

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