Friday, 1 November 2019

Perfect chaos

I smile, knowing
the gentle crunch of feet on gravel.
I smile, knowing
earth not as a solid entity
but billions of particles vibrating closely.
I smile, knowing
water as holding, guiding, flowing.
I smile, knowing
fire as benevolent, revealing, illuminating.
I smile, knowing
air as a single life force, animating, arranging.
I smile, knowing
space as omnipresent
the essence of every particle and atom.

I smile, seeing
the elements dance in a new, alive way
not holding their usual form.

I listen, to see the essence of birdsong.
I look, to feel the aliveness of air.
I taste, to touch the dance of oneness
as everything rearranges itself
into chaotic perfection and
perfect chaos.

© 24 Oct 19

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Beyond mind

Beyond mind
is a still quiet
harmonious and even and free.
Beyond mind
I am released from limiting ideas
of who I am
what I am capable of.
Here I move freely
certain in uncertainty
knowing in unknown.

Beyond mind
is a vibrancy
where life is lived in fullness
in the brightness of daylight
shining near and far.

Beyond mind
energies flow freely
not bound by earthly limits
not held in prisons of right and wrong.
Beyond mind
effort is effortless.
Here I dwell
harmonious and even and free.

© 24 Oct 19

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Longing to understand

Mind cannot go there
yet longs to understand.
Language cannot find words
yet aches to describe.
Body cannot reach there
yet yearns for its destination.

Mind, language, body
all desperately seeking
for something that cannot be sought
all desiring what cannot be desired
all longing to own what cannot be possessed.

to all those who are seekers.
Lay down your longing,
your yearning, your desire.
I am already with you,
already present, already knowing.

I am the answer to
all your unasked questions.
I am closer than your heartbeat.
I am more vital than breath.
I am sweet nectar.
I am the life force overcoming death.
I am all your needs met.
I am perfect rest.
I am the space in which you dance.

I am always with you,
always present, always knowing.
I am you!

© 22 Oct 19

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The song of autumn

Hear the hum of the turning earth
hear the song of the distant sun
hear the crackle of frost-coated leaves
hear the crispness of sharp grass
hear the falling of the last, late petals
hear the farewells of migrating birds
hear the glory of photosynthesis
hear the scent of mulching leaves
hear the forage of sprouting mushrooms
hear the early darkening of the day
hear the snuffle of hibernating hedgehogs
hear the redness of hips and haws
hear the blanket of autumn descending
hear the hum of the turning earth.
© 29 Oct 19

Friday, 4 October 2019

The middle of the story

We are in the middle of a story
our own story
We are in the middle of a chapter
we don’t know how the story
or even the chapter ends
yet so often we live as if we do!

Whatever story-path
the mind leads you down
is not how this story unfolds.

This story continues
beyond the expiration
of our own lives
continues to unfold with
our children’s children,
grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

There is no end.

Be here now
in this moment
however painful and sad-full it feels.
Be here now
in this moment
watching the strong emotions
rise and fall
as waves crashing
onto a sandy shore.

No skipping to the last page
to read the ending
there is no ending.
This story does not end
with death
that may come in a future chapter
but it’s not the end.

Whatever story-path
the mind leads you down
is not how this story unfolds.
Be here now.

© 4 Oct 19

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Cosily moving along

Cosily moving along
a path towards enlightenment
life swerves onto a new
urgent path
to find out what is true.
Bubble burst
I am raw, vulnerable
open to feeling every wound
feeling more alive
as well as scared, unsure
stumbling in a half-light
instead of the brightness of daylight
territory unknown to me
I know others have journeyed this way before.

Unexpectedly awoken from a
dreamy sleep
before I was ready.
Yet here I am
I will not go back to sleep.
I can only go onward.

© 27 Jul 19

Monday, 30 September 2019

Feel it

Feel the conflict
the paradox
feel the unease
the desire for resolution
feel the not knowing and
the desire to know
sitting side by side
feel the friction
the pull of one against the other
allow both to be here
allow both a place in your heart.

Fear - I see you, I hear you
I know you have a part to play
thank you for keeping me safe.
Now rest, go back to sleep
let others play their part.
Let courage, daring and have-a-go
come to the fore.

© 18 Sep 19

Monday, 9 September 2019

Spiritual beings

We are spiritual beings
in a human body
‘me’ and ‘mine’
are post-it notes
highlighting attachment
to being human
sticky buds denoting claim
and belief in the
historical dimension.

The real ‘I’ speaks from the
Ultimate dimension
an ‘I’ forever free
not an ‘I’ with something to attain or
‘not quite there yet’.

We are spiritual beings
playing a human part
for a while.

© 1 Aug 19

Friday, 6 September 2019


Looking through a veil of sadness
everything loses its light.

I am not completely enveloped
Curiosity is my dharma door
into the present moment.

Look at the hibiscus flowers
what shape their leaves?
How does a bud unfurl
to become a flower
a full bloom?

Without doing anything
it seems
I am drawn into engaging
with the world
and out of my head.

Grateful for the insight to
plant the hibiscus bush
in just that spot
ten years ago.

© 21 Aug 19

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Peel away! Part 2

Peel away the layers
of who I think I am
to see what is real
at the core.

No longer a daughter
there goes one layer.
No longer a child, a teen.
So many layers I have shed
over the years
without knowing
without minding.

When I am no longer
a mother, a sister, a wife,
a friend
who will I be?

Find out now!
Before these layers peel away.
Find out now
what is real
at the core.

© 26 Jul 19

Sunday, 25 August 2019

What are you saying to yourself?

Be ever vigilant
to what power you are giving your thoughts!
Do you really want to hand over power
to a wild, ranging,
Be careful of self-talk.
What are you saying to yourself?
What words are you putting
into the ether?

© 26 Jul 19

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


dissolve all external parts
characteristics, beliefs, opinions
collected over the years
consciously and unconsciously.

all attributes that claim to be me.
I will not disappear
I will be more free
less burdened
lighter, cleaner, more authentic.
I will not disappear
only those external parts
claiming to be me.

all of this
until what remains is
pure, fresh, open, curious
delighting, loving.

into the light of
pure knowing, pure being.

until all collected accoutrements
are washed away
until all that is left is a
clean, pure heart
a personification of love
limitless love, pure being.

© 3 Aug 19

Monday, 19 August 2019


And this is how it is
how it actually is.
Welcome to the world of
step out of delusion
and into the light.

Welcome to freefall.
This is what you have been
turning your back on
doing your best to avoid.
Creating a busy life
when all the time
Life was tapping you on the shoulder, saying
‘here I am!’
Welcome to the world of not knowing
beyond mind.
What appears to be
an unfathomable chasm
is reality as it is.

Beyond the mundane
beyond the everyday
beyond knowing.
Welcome to freefall.

© 23 Jul 19

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

This path

There isn’t a particular way
to walk this path.

It only emerges
with each footstep
touching the ground.

Even those who have gone before
can only indicate the way
not walk it for you.

You can only meet the path
by walking it.

© 26 Jul 19

Thursday, 1 August 2019

What are these tears washing away?

What are these tears washing away?
Cleansing the heart
for something new and fresh
creating new channels
for love to flow.

What are these tears washing away?
Until the answer
shows itself
keep on crying
keep on cleansing

There is much
dead wood and garbage
to wash away.

© 25 Jul 19

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me
to walk blindfold down this path
with only my hand to guide you?
I will not let you fall
though you may stumble over many rocks.

You will not be lost
though you cannot see the way ahead.

Feel the ground beneath you
I will catch you when you falter.

If you lose hold of me
and cannot feel my support
Stand still

I am always with you
always here.

Breathe and wait
till you know my presence again.
We will walk together.

© 26 Jul 19

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Enjoy the Storm

The sky, the whole sky
was alive with light.
The sound, the tremendous sound
as crowds roaring.
The earth, the whole earth
was soaked in the downpour.
I lay in bed
enlivened by the storm.

This body, my whole being
seems enveloped in sadness.
This mind, my creative mind
runs wild with crazy thoughts.
My bed, the ground I thought I knew
is shaken, trembling in the downpour.

Seek to enjoy the storm.

© 26 Jul 19

Friday, 26 July 2019

Let the energies move you

Grass as my bed
sky as my blanket
see the energies
dancing in-between
feel the vibrations
moving in-between

The space is not empty
it is full
as fireflies flitting

Let the energies in
feel the pull of the universe

Accept the direction
you are being guided in

Let the energies move you.

© 25 Jul 19

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Let spirit roam freely

Spirit is a kite
dancing in space
tethered to this body
by a long, long string.
Keep winding the string out
let spirit roam freely
no need to bring it down to earth.

Let the string go
let spirit roam freely
dancing in space.
No need to be
tethered to a body.

© 14 Jul 19

Monday, 15 July 2019

It's only when

It’s only when the chaotic nature
of the universe
slaps you in the face
and laughs at your foolishness
in thinking ‘I know’
that you begin to understand
what is truly important
and let go of petty foolishnesses.

It’s only when the very ground
on which you stand
crumbles beneath you
that you begin to realise
you have placed your trust in false gods
who can offer nothing
that is lasting or real.

It’s only when your ‘created’ world
falls apart at the seams
do you see you have constructed
a façade based on dreams and
strong imaginings.

And when the threads of your
constructed life wear thin and
do you see that all there is
is love

Perhaps love has a different face
to the one you painted
in your dreams.
Perhaps love is clothed unexpectedly
and not as you imagined.
Perhaps love speaks with
an unfamiliar tongue
and not as you anticipated.

When everything else falls apart
and you feel abandoned and lost
then you are empty enough
to see that
love alone is

© 13 Jul 19

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Sometimes it's enough

Sometimes it’s enough
to smile gently at the rose
specially picked for this occasion
and to let the scent of honeysuckle
find its way to your nostrils.

Sometimes it’s enough
to let go of striving and
just walk
with a sense of aimlessness
barefoot on the grass
or between tall, tall trees.

Sometimes it’s enough
to revel in the lilac clouds
with golden tips
that the sun illuminates
as we roll backwards towards night.

Sometimes this is enough to
replenish your spirit
to help your heart find
it's natural ease again.

© 1 Jul 19

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

This garden of mind

Meandering through
this garden of mind
seemingly chaotic
thought seeds jumble together

Which ones will take root
and reach for the light?

No apparent order or cultivation

What allows a thought seed to flourish?
A deep bed
in which to set deep roots
Love soaking through
to the core of the seed
Space and light

A gardener delicately prunes and
abundantly hacks back
removing dead wood
clearing space
for fresh new seeds

careful attention
is the gardener
Spring-cleaning the mind
using natural energy
as the sap rises

To clear a path through
To stop regurgitating old stories
Listening for what is new.

© 22 Jun 19

Friday, 21 June 2019

Be like the flower

This compassionate heart
sometimes flourishes
open like a flower feeling
the sunshine stroking its petals
natural and easy

Sometimes forced open painfully
like a nut being cracked apart.

This compassionate heart
is made for loving
and if it sees no reason to love
it can be jemmied open with a crowbar.

Find the means
to see with the eyes of love
the heart of love.

Develop a way of looking
seeking for love
whenever it appears to be absent.

Be like the flower
feeling the sunshine
stroking its petals.

© 15 Jun 19

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

How the writing happens

The soft shuffle of pencil on paper
as Dumbledore’s wand
unburdens the mind
of its weighty thoughts
relieves the crowdiness
of words and images in the air.

My pencil is a magic wand
conducting coherence
painting beauty
clearing a path
for words to arrive
on the page unencumbered.

I am not an editor
I am a listener
trusting that what is needed will appear
hearing precisely the words
vibrating in my vicinity
clearing a path
for words to arrive
on the page unencumbered.

© 15 Jun 19

Saturday, 8 June 2019

I have a block of sadness

I have a block of sadness
heavy, dense granite.
I prowl tiger-like around it
waiting to see what it does.
I turn my back
as if to walk away
it tugs at my hem, not letting go.
I try to heave it out of the way
it is immovable.

I tend to its needs
asking what it wants.
Sit with it
and slowly
as a sculptor
begin to chip away
removing what is unnecessary
allowing its innate beauty
to be revealed.

It takes time and patience
won’t be complete in one go.

We work together
this block of sadness and I
meeting in a gentle dance
of removing what is unnecessary
allowing its innate beauty
to come out.

Its flowering is my healing
my acceptance.

This heavy block of sadness
becomes a beautiful gift.

© 4 Jun 19

Friday, 7 June 2019


Unready yet open

Here is a moment
never experienced before
a sky never seen before.
This particular arrangement
of layers and colours
never known before.

Unready yet open
I am unseeing
to what is available for me
in this moment
to receive its gifts.

Unready yet open
willing to be touched
to be moved
to greet the space that unfolds.

I don’t need to be ready
unready is enough
unready is real.

© 28 May 19

Thursday, 6 June 2019

How do your doubt and fear manifest?

locked doors
brick walls.

How do your doubt and fear manifest?

locked doors
brick walls.

All stopping us from
reaching our intended aim.
All stopping us from
achieving what we want to achieve.

Doubt and fear can be
stones, we can easily step over
boulders, we have to find a way around
or maybe crawl under
fences, seemingly with no end or way through
locked doors, seemingly without a key
brick walls, seemingly impenetrable.

If we look hard enough
there’s always a gap.
On examination they can be penetrated.
Water can always find a way through.

When we know doubt and fear
as mere obstacles in our path
put there by an over-protective mind
too tuned to negativity
to see the harm it does
When we see doubt and fear
as mere obstacles in our path
that we ourselves have placed there
we can smile at them
reduce them to rubble and dust
blown away in the wind.
We can clearly see what lies ahead
with the eyes of curiosity

Don’t be held back by
the imaginary boulders of
doubt and fear
boulders of our own making.

© 23 May 19

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


This is great – I want to hold on.
This is not great – I want to relinquish
leave it behind.
Where is the midpoint
the place of balance
Where is acceptance of what is?

Going with the senses
going with preferences
likes and dislikes
are shifting sands.
Nothing is ever quite right
nothing is ever prefect.

Can we be with just so?

Welcome and unwelcome
sit side by side
shifting like weather vanes.
One comes to the fore
the other lurks in the background.

Find the unmoving balance
the point of equanimity.

Preference is particular, individual
sometimes shared yet often personal.

Preference feeds on
an isolated point of view.
Where is the midpoint
the place of balance
Where is acceptance of what is?

© 14 May 19

Tuesday, 4 June 2019


Always seeking
looking for more
wanting things to be different.

Let go of the idea
you are lacking.
Everything you need
is available within.

ideas of lacking
are only ideas
as solid and real
as dandelion seeds
blown in the wind.

Here one moment and
gone the next.

These perceptions
are insubstantial
will never feed your heart’s longing.
The real nourishment lies within.

© 4 May 19

Monday, 3 June 2019

Here I stand

Here I stand
a flower
battered and bruised
by yesterday’s storms.

Here I stand
rain and tears mingling
nourishing my roots
strengthening my resolve
softening my harsh edges.

Here I stand
a seemingly fragile flower
still blooming
my roots go deep
my ground unshakeable.

Here I stand
smiling to the garden of flowers
around me
enjoying life
loving life
soaking up the sun
no harking back to when
I was a seed, a shoot, a bud.

Here I stand.

© 30 May 19

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Birds' Song

The birds called out
“let the rain rain
for we shall fly anyway.
Let the wind blow
for we shall dance anyway.
Let the thunder roar
for we shall not fear its voice.
Let the rain rain
and we shall bathe in each drop”.

© 15 May 19

Thursday, 2 May 2019


Surrender peaceably

Why struggle to be one droplet
when you can be an ocean?


Walk calmly into the present moment
with a quiet heart

as a spring bird proclaims the dawn.

rather than trying to force
or create a particular something.

Put down all your burdens
release the small, the insignificant
for the whole world and all its treasures.


© 1 May 19

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Don't look up!

Don’t look up!

The perfect advice
a cover-all for every situation
doesn’t exist.
It depends on your perspective
on which way you’re facing.

At the bottom of
a steep flight of steps
cut into the hillside
heading to a waterfall
best not to look up
but take each step at a time
to avoid being put off
by the incline and the number of steps
stretching high above.

Standing in the garden
on a quiet moonlit night
with a vast arch of sparkling goodness
above your head
the advice ‘don’t look up’
would be terrible to heed.
Why choose to miss out
on the natural display of beauty
even the greatest of artists
cannot accurately portray?

Don’t look up!
Look up!
It all depends on your situation
on your perspective.

© 15 Apr 19

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

An exploration of compassion

It is empathy
seeking to understand
recognising the shortfall of
not fully being able to stand
in another’s shoes.

It is listening without judgement
a silent acknowledgement
of another’s pain and suffering.

It is a generosity of heart
willing to move towards
rather than turn away.
It is a heart connection
overriding the incessant speech
in the mind.
It is a heart doorway
spaciousness, openness
kindness and stable tenderness.

It is a willingness to be vulnerable
and be with another’s vulnerability.
To be with the question
‘are you sure?’
It is true survival of the community.

Kindness is a compass
that directs towards being more compassionate.
It is the knowledge that
fear separates and kindness connects.

© 7 Apr 19

Monday, 22 April 2019

So much space

This body
made of flesh, blood and bone
muscle and sinew
organs, nails and hair
full of
earth, water, fire, air and space
so much space
for the elements to dance in
and not one particle or atom
to be found and name as me
not one particle or atom
to say
this is me alone
separate and whole.

This mind
full of concepts, ideas, thoughts and dreams
inspirations, information
and not one new or original thought
to say
this alone is me, this is me alone
separate and whole.

This heart
full of impulses and longings
intuition and knowing
feelings and emotions
and not a single beat can say
this is me alone
separate and whole.

I am only earth, water, fire, air
dancing in space
so much space
and not a single microcosm to claim
this is me alone
separate and whole.

And when I am free
I  am only space
empty of me and non-me elements
beginningless, endless
forever free
nothing to hold on to
nothing to possess
nothing to claim as me
only emptiness.

© 6 Apr 19

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Choose peace

You can spend all your time being disgusted,
upset, horrified and frustrated about
what's going on in the world.
What do you do to bring some peace
into your being
into your life
into your world?

It's not enough to be upset
it's not enough to be angry
be peaceful
be at ease.

In spite of what is happening around you
choose peace
choose joy
choose happiness
choose love.

© 27 Feb 19

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Dedicated to the next generation

I discovered today as I looked through my poems that I never posted this one although I originally wrote it several years ago, and reworked it in 2014.

The flowers in this garden
are given unto my care
for a time.
May I nurture you with love,
nourish you with beauty and
feed you with truth.

I wish for you to grow strong,
free to dance in the movement of the winds,
yet not be broken by its force.
Reaching fearlessly for the light
and fully open to the rains of love.

I will give you my time and
all the goodness of my heart
and space to grow,
listening to the inner calling
of the heart.

May you become trees
growing endlessly tall
to touch the infinite sky.
Let your branches spread wide,
to greet all who will seek your shade.
I wish you to become great trees
spreading your seed throughout the earth,
sharing your own goodness and love.

May you have the courage to be free,
to love and laugh and enjoy,
and wherever you go,
to be at home.

May you have patience and stillness
to hear your own inner voice,
fortitude to follow those words and
reason to do so wisely and purely.
May you have great stature and
a great heart that cannot be contained,
knowing your own greatness
to use it justly and faithfully.

May you have wisdom in your heart
to bring forth words of truth
upon your lips.
May you never doubt or quaver,
or stumble on your path.

May whoever comes
into this garden
be contented with what they meet,
basking in beauty and peace.
In time may your own seeds grow strong and beautiful and pure.
And for now,
may you rejoice that you are free.

© 9 Feb 14

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Boundless openness

Boundless openness
willing to receive all
the world has to offer
without judgement.

Broken open
to let love pour forth
closely followed by
hand in hand with trust.
A plethora of riches
a river of qualities
aching to be known

Who would stop this flood?
Who can build a dam
high enough to contain it?

I am broken open
empty and filled
filled and empty
willing to receive all
the world has to offer.

© 25 Mar 19

Saturday, 16 March 2019

What are you listening to?

What is the soundtrack
to your life?
Is it joyful, peaceful or
discordant and edgy?

Is there a narrator
proclaiming your positive deeds
and achievements
or demeaning your efforts and
condemning your every move?

What is the soundtrack
to your life?
How do you meet each happening
each circumstance?
With an open, embracing heart
or a heavy, closed mind?

If you find the soundtrack
disagreeable, too emotional
or not in accord with
your aspirations

change it!

Find a new tune
to dance to
to get you through the day.
Find a new record
that attunes more closely
with how you want to be.

Find it in your heart
listen carefully.
Memorise each phrase
each notation
each rise and fall.

And sing it wholeheartedly
let it fill your being
with love and joy and life.

Let the soundtrack to your life
be that which quickens
your heartbeat
and makes life glorious.

© 15 Mar 19

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

You touched my heart

You touched my heart
causing it to burst forth
like a voluminous flower
spilling its seeds
letting its love freely flow.

Take a piece of my love
care for it well
hold it
polish it
look at it often.
Keep it safe for me
until we meet again.

You broke open my heart.
I willingly give all
that pours forth
it does not belong to me
it belongs to the receiver.

It happened when we met
truly met
in silence and space
where words were not necessary
a smile said it all
and we are all the richer
for this meeting.

You have opened my heart
as I knew you would.
We share a common understanding
that love is the vital ingredient
for the world to keep turning.
Love is all that is needed.

© 10 Mar 19

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Be still o mind and let silence speak

Be still o mind and let silence speak.
And what will silence say?
I am here always
never absent, never distant
closer than your heartbeat
holding and supporting all.

I am infinite love
at the centre of
every cell, every atom in the universe.

I am all knowledge
I am complete peace and utter rest.

I am before all, behind all
within all.

I am where truth dwells
the space from which all movements emerge.

I am endless, infinite, beginningless.
I am complete, I am now.

I am the backdrop
to all the comings and goings of the world.
I am the utter rest of deep sleep.

I am here always.
I am complete
I am now.

© 28 Feb 19

Monday, 25 February 2019

Honoured in reverence

We are not here to protect nature
we are nature

self-preservation in the widest sense.

We are all earth guardians
here to honour and revere
mother earth

our originator
ancient wisdom
providing an ambient eco-system.

How can we best heed your needs?

In silence and calm
taking only what we need

seeking permission to
pick, dig or pluck.

How can we best heed your needs?

By living the truth
all life is sacred

loving this sacred turning orb
as child, grandmother, friend.

© 11 Feb 19

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Change Ringing

I am the centre of this soundscape
we are all the centre of our own soundscape.
We try to attribute meaning
or name to each sound.
What is its relevance to me?
Often it is nothing at all.

These bells do not ring for me

this siren is not heading for me

these playing children
have no relation to me.

And yet the bells ring on
drawing me out of my
tight circle of reference points
of knowing into unknowing
drawing me out of my own small circle.

We meet and sometimes we
collide and clash
and yet we meet.

These bells call us
into presence
into a burgeoning
blossoming soundscape
full of wonder.

© 17 Feb 19

Thursday, 21 February 2019

In case of emergency break glass

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
purporting to be a protection
but instead stops the world
from touching you
prevents you from being
curious and playful.

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
supposedly to stop wounds
from being too serious
And in actuality stops you
from feeling too deeply
experiencing too fully
the glories and wonders of the world.

In case of emergency break glass
the glass cage around your heart
designed to protect 
and instead numbs.

In case of emergency break glass.

In all cases, break glass
and allow yourself to breathe
to feel
to know the deep joy of love and loss
that ensures you are alive
and stops you living a half life.

In case of emergency break glass.

The emergency is now.

© 21 Feb 19

Friday, 8 February 2019

Perfection is here

The elegance of a simple, kind gesture
a hand offered
in help
in peace
in comfort

a smile
lighting the spark of
wakefulness within
a reminder of interbeing
interconnection between these
seemingly disparate souls

resolute optimism in a sea
of dread and fear
the certainty that in the end
all will be resolved
not as we wish
not how we imagine
but absolutely perfectly

because perfection is here
right now
in this and every moment
flooding your room
seeping out of crevices
pouring over each stone and
stumbling block.

“there is not room for death”*
each breath
the kiss of life
to a dark, despairing soul
each smile
a soothing balm
to a fearful thought.

Look into my eyes
there is no fear
only joy

When eyes meet
when hands touch
when souls converse
each is a confirmation
that doubt, fear, imperfection
do not exist
yet only in our minds
only in our negative
problem-seeking minds

Perfection exists
Sometimes we call it

It is the essence
in which we

It is all there is.

© 6 Feb 19

* Emily Bronte

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

I invite you to stop

Bring to me
the troubled, the weary, the anxious
the ones burdened by
the relentless stream of thoughts
the ones seeking quiet and calm
the ones seeking space and relief
from the whirligig of imaginings.

Bring to me
the ones who wake
in the night, troubled and afraid
the ones from whom the sweet peace
of sleep eludes them
the ones seeking respite from
an overactive brain
presenting difficulties at every turn.

Bring to me
the nervous, the tongue-tied
the heart-broken, the dispirited
the ones for whom life
is a heavy weight, not a joy.
Leave your troubles at the door
along with the jumble of shoes
the heap of coats.

I will invite the bell
I invite you to listen
to attend to your own breath
each live and transient breath
flowing like soft waves on a quiet ocean.

I invite you to stop
to sit awhile
we do not need to say
or do anything.


to your own breath
to your own heart
and feel peace return to your soul
return to its resting place
in each fibre of your being.

© 6 Feb 19

Monday, 4 February 2019

Who are you?

Who built this house?
Who farmed this land
before the house was built?
Who planted trees
that now burn as logs in our grate?
Who first realised wool and cotton
could be woven into fabric
to make the clothes I wear?
Who discovered paint for these walls?
paper for these books?
Who first sang in harmony
before notes were ever notated?
Who first woke and saw life
as a wondrous true reality
of beings manifesting as love
compassion and kindness?
Who caused my eyes and heart to open
to hear life singing
in every leaf and petal?

Who are you?
My ancestors all.

Who are you
calling down the ages
outside of space and time?
Who are you
shimmering with stars
and the singing planets?
Who are you
energy that keeps
it all in motion?

Who are you?
My ancestors all.

Be with me
clothe me
feed my dreams
sharpen my insights
keep me in wakefulness.

© 3 Feb 19

Friday, 1 February 2019

Held in hoar frost

The world held in a
suspended animation
everything held on
a pause button
touched by
the ice-queen’s cloak.

Winter has finally arrived
painting leaves
with a delicate whiteness.

dangerous beauty

the garden is awash
with wonder
each tendril
decorated with a
mass of ice crystals
a hoar frost.

The spider’s web
hangs weighted
attracting a different
kind of feast.

Winter has finally arrived.

© 31 Jan 19

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

True home and refuge

What is a true home?
A place of safety, a refuge
relax and be myself
full of comfort and ease
breathe out and let go
a place indestructible and
therefore, not physical
a place to return to at any moment
full of great beauty
pleasing to ear and eye.

I have spent many years
searching for an external
physical abode
that does not exist
not yet recognising
 my true home within.

Always present
a refuge dwelling in the heartspace
open and receptive
for those tuned to hear.

My refuge is meditation
being quietly myself
closing out
external sounds and distractions
coming back to myself
as an entire, perfect whole
no needs or desires
nothing lacking or missing.

The refuge of myself is immanent
full of presence
maintained through diligent attention.

A true acknowledgement of
‘the peace that passeth all understanding’
an eternal reality
unchanging, undiminished
calm and quiet
an abode of love
full of qualities

© 28 Jan 19

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What is life

What is life
a dance
to be danced without
learning the steps.

a song
to be sung without
knowing the words.

a path
to be trod without
seeing the way.

a breath
to be breathed without
knowing from whence it came.

a love
to be loved without
any expectation.

an impulse
to be followed without
claiming it as mine.

a joy
to be exalted without
any reservation.

© 13 Jan 19

Monday, 14 January 2019

Death befalls us

Witness grief
resolutely clinging
to a hopeless belief
of immortality.

Witness grief
determinedly searching in shadows
constantly missing the light.

does not dwell here
among life
find it in the realms of
angels and spirits
circumnavigating this orb.

Witness grief
hopelessly claiming
‘this is mine’
unable to let go.

does not dwell here
among the changing
seek it in the unchanging
the heart-beat
pulse of energy
singing through silence
sounding through visions
surrounding our everyday life
as a cloak
invisible to the naked eye
known only by the soul.

Witness the ease
with which
death befalls us
as simply as the falling
of a wave that arose
a natural conclusion.

Witness death
as the closing of a door
the turning of a key
never to be unturned.

The only way is onward.

© 13 Jan 19

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The cold is full of clarity

Creeping into outside darkness
as if
forbidden territory.
Wondering what silent beings
silent creatures
we may disturb?
Who peers out from dense tangled branches at us?
Who dangles Puck-like from the trees
waiting to play some mischief or trick?

What silent beings
spirit guides
hover unseen watching our every move?
Whispering to our unhearing ears.

filling the vastness between
earth and the stars
I am ready to hear you
I am willing to listen
I appeal to you for assistance
guide my footsteps.

I had not planned to venture
into the cold
but something
someone drew me.
And the cold was full of clarity
shaking out dullness
as if I have been moving
in a half-sleep for days.

I hear your call
and I answer with my body
with my presence.
© 7 Jan 19

Monday, 7 January 2019

Be a channel

Be a channel
feel the energy
flowing through

Take out the stoppers
feel the stars
coursing through you

Let in the rain and wind

Feel the energy
let it move you

Be a channel.

© 5 Jan 19

Sunday, 6 January 2019

True Home

Come with me
come home
come to your refuge
a beauty within.

be quietly yourself
a joyous presence.

Rest in the true reality
full of giving
full of loving.

at rest.

© 26 Dec 18

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Christmas Eve night

Christmas Eve night
visible stars
singing triumphantly.

A merry band of singers
jubilantly celebrating

a seed of awakening
a baby born to lead us
to truthfulness.

a baby bodhisattva
a baby whose name will be
for thousands of years.

A message of love and light
passed on through generations
teaching us
peacefulness and
love for all.

© 25 Dec 18