Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Mind moves like a child

Mind moves like a child
in a shop full of
shiny, attractive jewels
picking up one after another
examining each one
yet all the while knowing
this is not it
this is not satisfactory.

Mind longs for a location
yet never finds it
a kind of white hole
to say
‘here, here in oneness’
yet this is not satisfactory.

Oneness has no home
no location
cannot be found in a particular place
elusive and mysterious
it is yet the bedrock
of all movement and play.

Mind cannot find a place
to say
‘here oneness is not’.
Oneness is the rest
out of which
all movement comes.
The space before and beyond
each movement, each thought.

It is home of all
location of all
source of all.

© 16 Oct 17

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Moon, dancers and wind

Moon, dancers and wind
moving together.
Which is the conductor and
which is conducted?
Breath is the meeting point
bringing the dance together.
Sustaining, allowing.
Breath breathes life
into each being
originating from space.
Given particular conditions
elements form together
meet and join as one.

© 15 Oct 17

Friday, 3 November 2017

Analogy for the body

Water pebbles
on paint on paper
a fascinating process.
Rest patiently to see
the magic happen.
Water droplets
holding themselves
as spheres
seemingly solid.
An optical illusion.
How our perception is fooled
into seeing
apparent permanence
where there is none.

Analogy for the body.
Solidity lent to it
by true presence of oneness.

© 14 Oct 17

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The ego took a holiday!

Yesterday ego took a holiday.
What a delightful rest for both of us!
Today ego returned
with a vengeance
accompanied by boredom and ‘same old’.
Yet boredom played its part
on both sides.
Ego was bored and I
was bored with ego.
There was the choice
not to go with ‘same old’
but alive playfulness.
Space enough to notice
instead of being beguiled.

© 13 Oct 17

Monday, 30 October 2017

This autumn leaf

See the beauty of this
autumn leaf
glorious colours proclaiming
the essence of nature
impermanence and flow.

See the beauty of this
autumn leaf
hold it in your hand
to touch its essence.
Grasp it
to keep the essence
of its beauty fixed forever
forever an image in mind’s eye.

It is already broken
already gone.
Grasping has crushed its fragility.

See the beauty of this
autumn leaf
glorious colours proclaiming
its essence
of impermanence and flow.

It shines in being seen.

© 11 Oct 17

Friday, 13 October 2017

Don't be a container!

Stop being me in a body
be the creative force
that burns away ego and
yearns to be expressed.
Wait till the me voice
has settled down and is silent
then the creative force will speak.
It wants to be met
wants to be heard and expressed.
It isn’t hiding
it is only covered over with the noise of me-ness.

Welcome it in
the creative force  that will
shatter all your dreams, hopes and fears
these belong to me
to the imagination, they are not real.
Let it burn away the dross
tear down the walls you have struggled
for so long to build
sweep away all notions of otherness
of me and them.

When your me life lies in tatters
in pieces at your feet
let in the cooling, calming breeze
breath of life, to build a life of space
space for the creative force to move and play.

Your me life is too small
too tight, too much of a container
for the creative force to play.
It needs space.
Put down the belief of embodiment
of this little life in this small shape.
No need to take up anything
new in its place.

Don’t be a container
be the space.

© 12 Oct 17

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Poetry booklet reviews

People have recently started buying my poetry booklets via this blog (through PayPal). 
See the original post here 

Here are a few wonderful reviews I have received!

"Your poetry moves me so much & I want to share your poetry with others"

"I read some of your poetry last night at our sangha meeting and would love to buy some for a friend's birthday"

"Thanks for all the great poetry, it is wonderful when I open my email and there is a new poem from you"

"I keep meaning to tell you how much your poetry books mean to me. I read one every day, usually just opening one of the books and seeing where it takes me. It always takes me to what I need. I also read them in our little meditation group, and they are much appreciated. So thank you very much"

These comments make me very happy, and it is such a joy to be able to share the poems with so many people!