Thursday, 21 June 2018


A closer connection than
Inextricably linked
we cannot be separated.
Woven from the same cloth
formed from the same clay
infused with one breath
feeling one feeling
knowing one knowing.
Recognising the connection
of Oneness,
being of one heart.

© 21 Jun18

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Buddha's Garden

The Buddha’s garden
is scented with
honeysuckle and sweet peas
where delighted bees congregate.

The Buddha’s garden
is a welcoming place
with a smiling nun as gatekeeper.

The Buddha’s garden
has music sung by unseen voices
and accompanied by birds.

The Buddha’s garden
has wind playing lullabies
through the leaves
making everything dance.

The Buddha’s garden
has poppy petals
strewn on the path
softening our footsteps.

The Buddha’s garden
is alive with
beauty and
wonder and

© 18 Jun 18

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Everything is connected

A storm has been sent
to clear the dead wood
to create space for a
fresh and appropriate emerging.
Great heart wishes
to be satisfied
shaking everything up
to fall into a new formation.

Everything we think
creates a ripple of energy
undulating into the universe.
How will you shape yours?
Will they be clean and clear
or mean and muddy?

Everything is connected.

© 14 Jun 18

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Fall into space

Fall into space
the space where the breath
ends and begins.
Fall into space
a deep rest
more nourishing than sleep.
Fall into space
letting go of the limits of
this body, this mind.
Fall into space
closer than the dearest friend
or loved one.
My very being.

Each atom infused with space
each movement begins and ends
in space.
Each thought and desire
dances in space.
Nothing takes place without space.

Fall into space
the beginning, middle and end
of all I am, and think I am.
Fall into space
the space where the breath
ends and begins.

© 11 Jun 18

Friday, 15 June 2018

I must live my truth

I needs must live
an authentic expression
of what lies in my heart
even when the plan is
no plan!
Dissonance arises
from not heeding
what I know.

I must live my truth
and find ways
of sharing it with others.

A writer must write
an artist must create.
I needs must follow
the one who understands this
and whose words
release my joy.

© 9 Jun 18

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Love is the answer

If all the stars
fell from the sky
and the earth stopped turning.
If all the music of the heavens
was silenced
and all that we own
was taken from us.
If Death repeatedly invited
all my beloved ones to walk with him
and the sun forgot to shine.

I would still declare
love is the answer.
What is your question?

© 8 Jun 18

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I choose

What energy am I giving out
sending out into the universe?
How can I express the inexpressible?
I choose to add to the
universal pot of wellbeing
to find ways of tuning into the
silent expression of Oneness
heeding its call
following its pull.

I choose not to be a barrier to the
unstoppable flow of joy
from which the universe is created.
I choose to sing the same song
that brings the cosmos to life.
I choose to meet resistance gently
as flowing waters
gradually wearing a path through.
I choose to let Beauty
who has her own voice, sing,
and only join in with her song.

© 6 Jun 18