Sunday, 15 January 2017

Oneness knows itself

Meditation is not a battle of wills
to be lost or won
not a war of wills
between thoughts and ‘me’.
Who is ‘me’ anyway?

I am the thoughts
embrace, embrace,
don’t push them away.
Yet I am not only thoughts.

I am 51 mental formations
seed-like, waiting to grow
waiting for nourishment.
Yet I am not only mental formations.

I am a body of six senses
6 gates receiving sense objects.
Yet I am not only senses.

I am consciousness
aware of thoughts, feelings,
mental formations, bodily sensations.
Yet I am not only this physical shape.

I am oneness
taking the shape of many bodies
many forms
many ideas, feelings, thoughts.
Mind cannot grasp the extent of oneness
its reach or its depth.
Oneness knows itself.

© 3 Jan 17

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