Thursday, 19 January 2017

A gratitude list

An unending list of things
to be grateful for.
How can I reach the end and
say, no more?
Big and small
so many things to write.
Qualities within me.
External experiences
people, situations, circumstances.
Is it possible to be grateful
for them all, as teachings?
The mean or harsh word
the refusal, the no
the failure
the unexpected
the uncertain.
I am grateful to you all.

This great cosmos and
every tiny atom within.
This magnificent rolling earth
each fleck of stardust and
everything in between.
All known and unknown
I welcome you all
I thank you all
for creating me as I am
for bringing me to this moment
for teaching me to be grateful.

The list becomes a circle
of infinity
an unending list, unceasing
lover’s knot of entanglement
meetings and recognition
with edges blurred and shapes indistinct.
where do I begin and you end?
I’m grateful for your beauty
sadness, anger, compassion.
Grateful that your presence
brings me to presence.

© 19 Jan 17

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