Sunday, 22 January 2017

The mystery

The mystery that does not need to be solved
but longs to be explored
tried and tested.
The mystery that calls you out of bed
in a morning and
sometimes at midnight
when the moonlit stars shine brightest.
The mystery that knows
everything is not dead
in the depths of winter
but resting secretly
waiting for its time to shine.
The mystery that delights afresh
at each rainbow and
is never dulled or complacent.
The mystery that keeps calling
keeps tugging at the heart-strings
wanting you to see
to notice
to recognise.
One huge game of hide and seek.
The mystery once found
once solved
needs finding again and again as if
there is more than one answer.
The mystery once found
often forgotten in sleep
needs rediscovering anew
each day.
The mystery without end
without boundaries and limits.
The mystery once discovered is
as recognisable as my own face or hand
close as my own heartbeat and
equally distant as other galaxies
unreachable as the earth’s core
or so it seems.
Familiar as my beloved’s footsteps or
sound of their voice.
The mystery as vital as life itself.

At the end of this life
will I feel the mystery is finally answered
the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle
slotting into place?
Or will I smile at
the next great adventure?

© 22 Jan 17

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