Sunday, 8 January 2017

A conversation between two different parts of the brain

1. Let’s adventure to nourish contentment!
2. Surely we can stay at home to find that?
1. Let’s not be lazy, there’s a whole world out there.
2. There’s a whole world here too, let’s stay at home.
1. We have to journey into the unknown to meet our awakening.
2. I’d rather stay at home and meet the known.
1. Don’t be so small! There’s so much to see!
2. Plenty to see here as well!
1. What are you afraid of? Danger? Uncertainty? Failure? Death?
2. All that and more! Here is familiar, cosy and warm, let’s stay here!
1. You have to trust, my friend. There is more to life than this.
2. And despite my reservations I am won over. And so we journey through cold and heat, hunger and feast, mistrust and friendliness, disagreement and benevolence.
1. After many days and many adventures we arrive at our resting place.
2. Wait a minute! I recognise this! We have come full circle and are back home.
1. Yes, but not as we left it because we see it with new eyes and a new heart.
2. You were right, my friend! We did need this adventure.
1. But you were also right, my friend. Everything we need is right here. We needed to venture out and ‘hold as t’were a mirror up to nature’ to see and appreciate what was already here.
1 & 2. To see it with new eyes and a new heart.

© 31 Dec 16

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