Thursday, 20 September 2018

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?

Where shall I lose myself in this moment?
The captivating and addictive qualities
of the latest drama on TV,
or the captivating and nourishing
endless beauties of the garden?
Do I dive into a heady world of
suspense and intrigue
played on a screen,
or do I wander and enjoy
the gentle moments of nowness
alive in the garden?

I recognise within me a strong pull
towards the former
yet also knowing it won’t feed this
current niggle of dissatisfaction.

The air is surprisingly warm.
The breeze is brisk
shaking all the leaves
testing which are ready to dance
in the fullness of autumn.

I choose to give myself up to
the natural world.
Mother earth, sustainer,
peace-giver, soul-soother,
true friend.

© 17 Sep 18

Monday, 10 September 2018

Come play!

Imagine being free
even for a moment
from all that binds us
to being human.

Imagine freeing yourself
even for a moment
from self-imposed burdens
that tie us to the mundane.

Imagine being free
from dualistic opposites of good and bad
and all the judgements
part of the package of being human.

Imagine freeing yourself
from all the ‘shoulds’
with which we tether our own wings
whilst longing to fly
and “ride the curled clouds”*.

Imagine being a child again
free to play, discover, explore
not bound by adult rules
heavy with responsibility.

Imagine, just for a moment.

And in that moment
all is possible
the door to a new adventure opens
freedom beckons.
Shake off the shackles of adulthood.
Shake off the tethers of humanness
and come play!

Loosen your wings
dance on the breeze
ride the circling thermals
cry into the wild wind
be the freedom you long for.

Come play!

© 10 Sep 18
* from The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Living well in order to die well

Living at peace with myself
right now
in this moment.
Accepting growing old
ill health and death
but not giving in to them.
This body ages and changes.
Spirit, the ultimate reality, remains constant.

People come and go
moving in and out
of our lives.
Spirit, the ultimate reality, remains constant.

Thoughts, feeling and emotions
change with astonishing rapidity.
We cannot be held account for them
we cannot place our trust in them.
Spirit is the only constant.

We are not bound to
physical limitations
unless we choose to be.
Then they become a prison
in which we are both jailer and jailed
yet only recognising the latter.
Knowing we are the jailer
we have the key to set ourselves free.

Be unbound, fearless, immortal.
Spirit, also called Oneness, is
the only constant
where we can place our faith and trust.

Unbound, fearless, immortal.
Spirit is the breath of life
the sustainer.
Spirit is before manifestation
giving birth to all that unfolds
Spirit remains when all else falls away.

Know spirit right now
in this moment.
Do not wait
do not procrastinate!

Practise knowing spirit and freedom
in every moment of daily life
until there is no difference
between outer and inner.

Practise knowing spirit and freedom
so that when the last breath
is taken and released
there is no loss or pain
there is no fear
there is only recognition
peace and joy.

Boundless, fearless immortality.

© 2 Sep 18

Friday, 31 August 2018

Being fearless

Being fearless
not always the
adrenaline-filled leap
on a zip wire or equivalent.

being fearless
is saying nothing
when the world
demands an opinion

being quiet
when the world
expects cries of outrage

being slow
when the world
requires hurried speed

being calm
when the world
is fraught with panic.

being fearless
is not going along with
what the world asks for,
trusting the inner voice of
‘wait’, ‘let’s see’
‘do nothing’.

© 29 Aug 18

Monday, 27 August 2018

Now is the time

Now is the time
to let go the shackles
of being human.
Now is the time
to dance in the space
of eternity
our true home.
Now is the time.

Now is the time
to set free the mundane
thoughts, desires and wants.
We, who are free,
have no need of them.
Now is the time.

Now is the time
to hear the call of
the heart-bird
calling, calling
calling us home.
Now is the time.
Now is the time.

© 26 Aug 18

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Let them come

Let them come
let them come!
The wild and persistent thoughts
knocking at the threshold
wanting to be heard
refusing to be put down or

Let them come
let them in
the inappropriate and unseemly
the crazy, funny, solemn, sad.
Let them all in
they won’t be ignored.

Like petulant children
clamouring for attention
they need to be heard.
Let them play, shout, scream
fuss and fight
and settle in their own time.
They won’t be forced down
so let them be.

Embrace and accept them all
with a quiet acknowledgement
until they run out of steam
of their own accord.

let them go
let them go.
They are not yours
these animated, obstinate thoughts
let them go.
They are just words
blowing on the wind
just ideas
skitting across the sky.
Let them go
don’t hold on
they are just dreams
of the daytime
the open-eyed awake time.
And like night-time dreams
their reality is as solid
as unsubstantial dust.

© 13 Aug 18

Thursday, 2 August 2018

The wind is wild

The wind is wild
demanding to be heard, felt
noticed, acknowledged.
The wind is wild
tugging at my heartstrings
longing for a dance.
The wind is wild
shaking everything loose
setting notions free
turning the world upside down.
The wild wind
is shaping our present moment experience.

The wildness in my heart responds
to the wildness of the wind.
Calling out my true nature
a free being
free as the wind.

© 28 July 18

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Are we heeding mother earth's cries?

Flow of energy from the universe
emerging as dramatic weather.
Are we heeding mother earth’s cries?
Do we comprehend
what we humans generate
contributing to her possible destruction?

Powerful cosmic forces at play
telling us how much
we damage mother earth.
And will we wake up in time?
Will we heed the call
to change our ways
and nurture instead of desecrate?
Will we continue our lives thoughtlessly
or realise our responsibility?

© 28 Jul 18

Friday, 27 July 2018

Teachers all around me

Heat of the sun
heal my cold body.
Warmth of the sun
energise my tired mind.
Freshness of the air
soothe my aching heart.
Sounds of the birds
bring me out of introspection.
Vastness of the sky
offer me some perspective.
Strength of the trees
lend me your stability.
Firmness of the earth
teach me your groundedness.
Gentleness of nature
aid me in gratitude.
Teachers all around me
let me be a willing student.

© 18 Jul 18

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Gathered together

Sunny evening
sunny days
gathered together in
contented tiredness.
Travelling some distance
for mindful enquiry.
Drawn to this place and time
in search of
a more conscious
way of living
instead of floundering
from one stressful event
to another.
Seeking mindful gifts
that enable us
to feel more alive.

© 17 July 18

Monday, 23 July 2018

How do we get from should to shh?

How do we get from should to shh?
Should -
a damning statement
imposing some expectation
or looked-for outcome
onto a situation.
Wanting to get rid of
some aspect that is present.
Not accepting what is.
“I should do better”
“I should be able to cope with this”
“That shouldn’t be here”
“This shouldn’t be happening”.
Says who?
Always wanting something else
something different.
The remedy?
Shush the chattering mind
the mind presenting objections
and resistance.
How do we get from should to shh?

© 17 Jul 18

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Who will we be at the end of the day?

We are here because of Helena.
Here to enjoy the space
to discover and explore
outer and inner.
What will we find out
about ourselves today?
Standing at the beginning
the first stepping stone
on a path leading
to untold adventures.
A special place of not knowing
willing to face the adventure
greeting the unknown and strangers
as welcome friends.
We have a lot to accomplish today.
Who will we be at the end of the day?

© 10 Jul 18

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cry of seagulls

Central York
cry of seagulls
one distinct sound
evoking vivid memories
immediately transported
far away from urban life.

A sandy beach
crashing waves
cry of seagulls
salty air
collecting pebbles
laughing children.

Cry of seagulls
carry me skyward
out of this body
flying free
swooping and diving
free as the birds.

© 9 Jul 18

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The universe is calling

The universe is calling
do you recognise its persistent
knocking at the door?

What is needed?
Harmony in
heart, spirit, nature
body, speech, mind.
With these aligned
Yield ego to the space
let ego dissolve
in its warm embrace.

The universe is calling 
do you recognise its persistent
knocking at the door?

© 2 Jul 18

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Walk with me

Walk with me
just walk
feel your feet on the ground
the air playing on your skin.

notice what is around you
and within you.
Notice the joy, beauty and presence
all around
and within.

rising thoughts and feelings
as clouds passing across the sky
not blemishing or disrupting
the sky
not affecting it in any way.

Walk with me
just walk
away from ego-driven
self-centred behaviour
towards a more open and
receptive way of being.
Walk with me
just walk.

© 27 Jun 18

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

You feel as if your heart is breaking?

You feel as if your heart is breaking?
Then come seek refuge.

I am not here to hold your hand
or offer soothing platitudes.
I offer a space
so vast and free
we can dive in
losing ourselves and
finding our real selves.

The world offers heartbreak and
suffering at every turn.
We cannot be without it
until we choose
to dive into space
so vast and free
we can loosen the shackles of
a mortal life
and become immortal.

I will not clean your wound
or provide a plaster.
I will not promise to heal
your broken heart or fix you.
I offer a space
so vast and free
you will forget you have a wound
forget your broken heart
and dance in immortality.

© 26 Jun 18

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The universe has other plans

Driving home with a heavy heart
the universe has other plans.
The vast arching sky above me
creates a magnificent, fluid painting

A near-full moon vibrates
with an extra aura
calling my attention
riding a soft bed of candyfloss
pale blues and pinks.
I could not ignore its pleading
for me to leave my cares and notice.

Behind me
the sunset pulls at my attention
begging me to stop
and take in its
breath-taking beauty
a changing scene of
oranges, pinks and reds
pulsing and dancing
a choreographed display
no artist could accurately describe.

When we get burdened by
the cares of the world
the universe invites us to notice
an indescribable vastness
that sweeps the cares away.

© 26 Jun 18


Thursday, 21 June 2018


A closer connection than
Inextricably linked
we cannot be separated.
Woven from the same cloth
formed from the same clay
infused with one breath
feeling one feeling
knowing one knowing.
Recognising the connection
of Oneness,
being of one heart.

© 21 Jun18

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Buddha's Garden

The Buddha’s garden
is scented with
honeysuckle and sweet peas
where delighted bees congregate.

The Buddha’s garden
is a welcoming place
with a smiling nun as gatekeeper.

The Buddha’s garden
has music sung by unseen voices
and accompanied by birds.

The Buddha’s garden
has wind playing lullabies
through the leaves
making everything dance.

The Buddha’s garden
has poppy petals
strewn on the path
softening our footsteps.

The Buddha’s garden
is alive with
beauty and
wonder and

© 18 Jun 18

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Everything is connected

A storm has been sent
to clear the dead wood
to create space for a
fresh and appropriate emerging.
Great heart wishes
to be satisfied
shaking everything up
to fall into a new formation.

Everything we think
creates a ripple of energy
undulating into the universe.
How will you shape yours?
Will they be clean and clear
or mean and muddy?

Everything is connected.

© 14 Jun 18

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Fall into space

Fall into space
the space where the breath
ends and begins.
Fall into space
a deep rest
more nourishing than sleep.
Fall into space
letting go of the limits of
this body, this mind.
Fall into space
closer than the dearest friend
or loved one.
My very being.

Each atom infused with space
each movement begins and ends
in space.
Each thought and desire
dances in space.
Nothing takes place without space.

Fall into space
the beginning, middle and end
of all I am, and think I am.
Fall into space
the space where the breath
ends and begins.

© 11 Jun 18

Friday, 15 June 2018

I must live my truth

I needs must live
an authentic expression
of what lies in my heart
even when the plan is
no plan!
Dissonance arises
from not heeding
what I know.

I must live my truth
and find ways
of sharing it with others.

A writer must write
an artist must create.
I needs must follow
the one who understands this
and whose words
release my joy.

© 9 Jun 18

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Love is the answer

If all the stars
fell from the sky
and the earth stopped turning.
If all the music of the heavens
was silenced
and all that we own
was taken from us.
If Death repeatedly invited
all my beloved ones to walk with him
and the sun forgot to shine.

I would still declare
love is the answer.
What is your question?

© 8 Jun 18

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I choose

What energy am I giving out
sending out into the universe?
How can I express the inexpressible?
I choose to add to the
universal pot of wellbeing
to find ways of tuning into the
silent expression of Oneness
heeding its call
following its pull.

I choose not to be a barrier to the
unstoppable flow of joy
from which the universe is created.
I choose to sing the same song
that brings the cosmos to life.
I choose to meet resistance gently
as flowing waters
gradually wearing a path through.
I choose to let Beauty
who has her own voice, sing,
and only join in with her song.

© 6 Jun 18

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wild heart

Wild heart
beating ferociously
hearken within.
Hear the voice of daring
calling you onward
inviting you to take
the challenging
least comfortable path.

Wild heart
beating ferociously
trust the voice
of the ultimate
showing you
your own path that
you alone can tread.

Wild heart
beating ferociously
trust the unfolding path
as it appears before you
trust the faint candle
lighting only one step ahead
trust the process
of unknowing
as the way to be free

Wild heart
beating ferociously
don’t stop.
Don’t stop
dancing your own dance
singing your own song.
Those who understand
will recognise the tune
and find you.

© 30 May 18

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Etsy shop!

I'm very pleased to announce I have opened an Etsy shop, featuring unique handmade books, poetry booklets and small gift items. Called MindfullyCreativeGB (no spaces, very important!)
Here's the shop banner, displaying some of the items for sale.

And here's a small selection of the items.

An embroidered felt hanging featuring a key.

A paper collage book.

A pair of small framed collages, one featuring this lovely quote!

A delightful triangular brass frame with a hand embroidered feather.

#etsy #etsyshop #handmadebooks #embroidery #quote #books #poetry

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The unnameable thread

Is there a poem here
or a random collection of words?
What is the thread
that stitches them together?

A pile of fabrics
is just a pile of fabrics
until the sewer works their magic
and unites them into a beautiful quilt.

Last week
a random bunch of printed papers
magically transformed
into a beautiful hanging.

What is the magic that
causes this to happen?
What is the thread
that ties it all together
into a unified whole?

So many words
that don’t quite hit the mark
suddenly sounding woolly
and ineffective.
I cannot even bear to
put them on paper.
And yet there is something
an indefinable something
begging to be known and recognised.

Today I do not have the words
yet my heart beats more strongly
because of it
my life feels more full and meaningful
because of it.

The unnameable thread
that weaves life together into
meetings and happenings
knowing and not knowing
seeking and finding
losing and loving.

A single thread that
touches each heart
defines each moment
hidden to the seeker
because it is the seeker.

Give it your name.

© 3 May 18

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Letter to my Dear One

My dear One
All that we have heard and learnt
over the years
understood and not understood
experienced and known
points to one truth, one knowing.

We cannot find ourselves
in the world of the senses
we have to look inward to
meet ourselves and come home.
So easily, the mind is moved
by the senses
like over-eager puppies pulling
at their leashes, wanting to investigate
every smell, every object, every idea.
The role of the mind is to gently
take control of the leashes
bringing each puppy to heal
until they learn to sit and rest.

The more we practise this the easier
it is to cease doing and just be
letting the world turn by itself
however it will
without our being concerned about it.
We have all been given a great gift
of knowing the importance of being
of stopping and resting.
Yet even so
the senses are very persistent
and after periods of rest they get going
again with seemingly increased
force and vigour.
Due to those moments of rest
we can let the senses play
and not believe we have to do anything
with the information they bring back.

The Buddha said,
“to live in the world, with your heart
undisturbed by the world
is the greatest happiness”.

Swami said,
“come over to my side”.
Now you have been given a great
opportunity to spend much time
resting in being
instead of doing.
The universe has offered you this
invitation in such a way
that you cannot refuse it
unless you fight it
which will only cause
you and your loved ones
much suffering.

Accept the invitation
with a joyful heart and
take this time
to be at home.

Swami said,
“it is such a joy, that whilst
seeking in the world of forms,
I found you sitting
in my own heart”.

So rest, my Dear One
and enjoy the rest.
Be free to pursue
only that which points to
or speaks of truth
and concords with
what your heart already knows -
you are pure joy
you are pure love.

Only you can make the choice
as to whether love and joy
are taken from you.
they cannot be taken from you
but you can let them
slip through your fingers
by listening to the senses.
Listen instead to the heart
heed what your heart tells you
and don’t let anything cover it.

You are pure, perfect and
forever free.

© 22 Apr 18

Monday, 23 April 2018


Spring creeps in through the back door
while we are distracted by
the bluster of wind and rain
and a deep veil of fog over the valley.

Spring gently asserts herself and
of a sudden
daffodils adorn the roadsides and gardens.
Spring has whispered her magic
awakening the trees and
bringing swelling buds to life
and the sun smiles through the mist.

© 14 Apr 18

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Welcome, myself!

What is my narrative?
What is the story I’m telling
myself, about myself, today?
Is it the same as yesterday
before and before?
Will it be the same
tomorrow and tomorrow?

Today is a fresh day
a new day
a day to be alive and
to look with fresh eyes, kind eyes
at myself.

Today is a good day
to lean in to the parts
of myself
I’m trying so hard
to avoid or ignore.

Today is the day to be
my authentic self
my glorious, imperfect self.
Today is the day to let
the light of goodness and truth
shine though the cracks
shine inward and outward.

Today is the day to
let the masks fall away
to let the imposter being
crack open and reveal
my authentic self.

Welcome, myself!

© 12 Apr 18

Monday, 9 April 2018


I wanted to write a post about going #plasticfree which is below, but actually what I also want to say is that my inspiration for this comes from the 5 Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh, and a view that in looking after ourselves we need to look after the whole planet, animals, plants and minerals as well. There are many aspects to the 5MTs, and Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) recommends these are read regularly, preferably with a group of people to then discuss how they are relevant to our lives. For me, the most important aspect is this sentence
I can live happily in the present moment simply by remembering that I already have more than enough conditions to be happy.
[Note to self, I couldn't find a beautiful image using these words, so I might have to make my own!]

To me this speaks about being aware of my consumption, and recognising and being grateful for the many gifts I have in my life around me - good health, a lovely home, family and friends - the list could go on for a long time!
So, onto the plastic free bit!

I'm really glad to see #plasticfree is on the increase and appreciate how difficult it is at times. Sometimes when I ask for 'no straw' they bring one anyway! But I have also discovered lots of wonderful substitutes. So in my own endeavours to go #plastic free the changes I have made are (and just to say, I'm not being sponsored by anyone for doing this!)
Who Gives a Crap (great name!) toilet paper wrapped in paper delivered to your door. 
And if you want to go a step further Cheeky Wipes are reusable, washable cotton wipes which are so much nicer than toilet paper.
Bamboo toothbrushes. At the moment we use plastic ones where you only replace the head, but nonetheless these still go into landfill, so bamboo toothbrushes, which can be composted once finished with will be used once the plastic ones are done. 
Shampoo soap bars. [updated in Aug 2018 as I wasn't happy with the ones I'd originally mentioned using palm oil]. I had to do quite a bit of market research to find ones that didn't make my eyes sting! Oh, and not only am I seeking to be plastic free, it also has to be organic as well, another challenge! So currently I'm using Friendly for hair, head and body, so my aim (once all the other shower bottles are used up) is to just have one bar of soap in the shower! They are also local, made in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, which I'm very pleased about. I buy them from Alligator in York.
Toothpaste in a glass jar. I discovered Truthpaste, which is made in Brighton. It's quite a strong taste compared to my normal toothpaste but I'm persevering. They also do solid deodorant in a tin that you apply with your fingers, which is very nice.
Cling cloth, a lovely, pretty alternative to clingfilm. This is pieces of cotton covered in bees wax which clings to itself when you apply heat from your hands, so you can shape it around bowls and plates, or individual pieces of fruit or veg. It's washable and compostable at the end of its life cycle.
I always ask for no straw if I'm out having a drink or smoothie, and don't buy pre-wrapped sandwiches or takeaway hot drinks anyway.
I shop from a local Organic farm, The Organic Pantry, who deliver loose fruit and veg in boxes and  in a paper bag if anything.
This weekend I've also been looking further at buying nuts, rice etc. loose rather than in plastic bags, and there are possibilities if I travel to Leeds or York.
I'm going to check out Alligator Foods in York, who are organic.
Whilst these are good measures I'm also aware there is further to go.

It's really good to see lots of articles popping up now about making changes, particularly to avoid single use plastics. My question is who's doing something to change the way we recycle plastic, and make this easier to do? When you hear that much of our plastic is shipped overseas to be recycled that's complete nonsense! Or much that we think is being recycled isn't anyway because it's mixed materials. When you read that every plastic toothbrush made still exists I want to know what can be done to recycle them, locally, by our own council authorities? Is it worth hoarding the plastic we have in the house now until someone comes up with a brilliant idea of recycling it properly? Not too sure I want to hoard old toothbrushes! But at least it won't be going into the oceans.
I don't have the answers to these but I guess the more people keep asking these questions the more likely it is that councils will start to take notice.
Or some genius who's probably about 12 will come up with a splendid answer! I really hope so!

#plasticfree #mindfulconsumption #fivemindfulnesstrainings #zerowaste 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What is Sangha?

Sometimes, you gather
a group of people around you, and say
‘this is my Sangha.
With these people I can be myself
I can be free’.

But I say,
‘Sangha is not confined
to only a few
that excludes the rest.
Be your own Sangha
trust in your own wisdom.
Let your Sangha be filled by
leaves, flowers, trees.
Create your room to be a Sangha.
Let Sangha be the place
that reminds you
you are free’.

© 30 Mar 18

Monday, 2 April 2018

Clear mind and clean heart

We are mere shadows
that awareness chooses to inhabit.
Shadows dancing on
the backcloth of awareness.
Keep a clear mind and a clean heart.
No need for these to become dusty
covered with the soot of existence.

Awareness is.

All else is a shadow created by
a cloud passing over the sun
rising and falling
here and not here.

Shadows move
and the light remains.
Shadows only present because of
the light.
Keep a clear mind and a clean heart.

© 30 Mar 18

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Enquire what is permanent in the transient

Enquire what is permanent in the transient*

See with the eyes of the heart
the eyes that open when the
physical ones close.

Speak with the voice of the heart
the voice echoing from
stream to mountain
from tree to tree in the forest
from blade of grass to poppy
in the field.

Sing the song of permanence
that meeting point when
question and answer arise and
there is no distinction between them.

See with the eyes of love
love resonating from being to being
in a wordless symphony.
Love vibrating in the atmosphere
carrying all knowledge, all goodness
into the hearts that hear.

Know the permanent in the transient.

* Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
© 29 Mar 18

Thursday, 29 March 2018

These tiny moments

The tiny moments
when you smiled at me
when I saw the clouds
when I appreciated a kindness
become significant
grow in size and stature
to be of great importance and
make my day worthwhile.

The tiny things
when for a moment
I stopped worrying to enjoy the dog walk
I stopped criticising myself and allowed a little kindness in
I stopped focussing on the negative and noticed one positive
become significant
grow in size and stature
to be of great importance and
make my life worthwhile.

These tiny moments
are droplets of
mindfulness and self-love
filling my infinite vat with
compassion and awareness
allowing me to live my life
in joy, simplicity and freedom.

© 29 Mar 18

Monday, 26 March 2018

New poetry booklet - Lean into the wind

I'm very pleased to announce the (long-awaited) publication of a new poetry booklet!
Lean into the Wind
records all the poems (77) I have written on several Silence on Sunday retreats since 2010.

Here are the contents pages.

The booklet costs £8, plus £2 p&p.
You can order the booklet via this link or from me personally.
I'm so pleased to finally be able to offer another booklet.
In my writing poetry career (since 2009) I have written over 500 poems,
most of which are on this blog!
Please see this previous post for details of the other two booklets :) 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Layers and layers

Layers and layers
beneath me
layers of treasures
dust, growth, decay
ancestors of previous times.
And I?
a fragment of cloth
adorning these treasures.
Layers and layers above me
sounds intermingling with silence.

My energy feeds these layers
as much as I am fed
by the air I breathe and
goodness oozing out of earth
filling air and space.

May my contributions be generous
seeds of nourishment
for those in need
droplets of refreshment
for those who thirst
filling all the layers.

© 17 Mar 18

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Love removes fear

Tightness in the body
is only fear
that can be released
washed away with love.

Fear comes from the effort
of seeking to maintain
a separate individual.
Love is the real in-between
removing all differences.
Love is the great connector
the meeting place for you and I.

Release the fear
by accepting love
as an expression of oneness.
Love washes away all fear
as gently and easily
as a pattern in the sand
is washed away by the sea.

Love completely removes fear.

© 10 Mar 18

Sunday, 4 March 2018

The bird of compassion

Something has appeared between us.
A box labelled ‘my frustration’
‘my resentment’.
A hardening of the heart.
The bird of compassion has flown
out of the window
sits on a branch out of reach.
It cannot be coaxed back inside.

The box is an unwanted gift
neither wishes to own.
I think you have generated it and
wish you to take it back.
You have no knowledge of creating it.
Passed back and forth as
emotional tennis
feeds it, allows it to grow.

I see the box for what it is
a shadow.
A small grey cloud seeking to
become a thunderstorm.
A breath of wind seeking to
become a tornado.
Lay it outside the door.
Let the softness of the rain
take way its heat.
Let the freshness of the wind
blow away all its conflicting parts
until nothing remains
except true friendship.
The bird of compassion has returned.

© 4 Mar 18

Sunday, 25 February 2018

This breath is not mine

This breath is not mine
I do not own this breath.
I can neither hold nor release it.
I am only a channel
through which it moves.

This body is not mine
I do not own this body.
It is only a collection
of elements
no different
to anything else perceivable.

These thoughts are not mine
I do not own these thoughts.
They are only a collection
of waves
movements I can
latch onto or let pass.

I am only a channel
through which these energies move.

© 18 Feb 18

Saturday, 24 February 2018

The way of freedom

Hold tightly
to what is ‘mine’
and it will be ripped from my fingers.
Let it sit lightly
on an open palm
and it can move freely
of its own accord.

With the effort of holding on
comes the pain of losing.
Let it rest lightly
This is the way of freedom.

© 16 Feb 18

Friday, 23 February 2018

True essence of oneness

Mind and the senses
act as curtains
covers over true essence
of oneness.

This reality
by any covers
no matter
how apparently thick or heavy.

is inextricably woven
into the fabric of the universe
can never be extracted from it.
is the power of breath
life, speech, actions.
When these are destroyed
oneness remains
pure being
forever free.

© 15 Feb 18

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A single snowflake

I am a single snowflake
falling from a cloud
tumbling through sky and space
carried by the wind.
I let go of the cloud
the cloud lets go of me.
My friends and I
we dance together
through the greyness
falling towards earth.
Singing and dancing
we descend on our joyous journey.
Look out world!
Here I come
to imprint my uniqueness
on the earth.
Look out world
here I come!

© 14 Feb 18

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

No within or without

Listening to the universe
listening with the heart.
Feeling the waves of
crackling energy
washing over me.
Listening to the heart of the universe
hearing its gentle lullaby
and its vibrancy.
Listening in the heartspace
no within or without.

Seeing the universe
seeing with the third eye.
Knowing the waves of beauty
awe and wonder as me.
Seeing the face of the universe
as my smiling face.
Seeing from the heartspace
no within or without.

Listening to the space
from the space.
The dreams of the mind
too small
to contain this great being
this giant.
The workings of the mind
cannot create a beauty
as vast and gorgeous
as this now surrounding
enveloping the body.

from the heartspace
no within or without.

© 14 Feb 18

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I sing into existence

I sing into existence
the dawning of each new day
throwing light onto
a hungry baby and exhausted mother
a thief running with newly acquired goods
shops opening, tills ringing
the murderer
the lover
the nurse holding the hand of one
passing from life
one sheltering from a rain storm
one hurrying with a battered umbrella
one catching the sun’s rays on a beach
one sweltering and parched in a paddy field.
A play of many parts
taking place
as the light passes over.

I sing into existence
gathering and rising
expanding and contracting
meetings and missed opportunities
energy moving
undulating waves and moments of rest
attracting and repelling.
I sing into existence
light and shadows
receiving and donating
descending and dispersing.

I sing
I sing.

© 13 Feb 18

Monday, 19 February 2018

Heart knows

Two paths become one path
side by side
hand in hand.

Mind creates prisons in the
limitations of its thinking.
Heart knows
I am boundless and free.

Mind wrestles with these
trying to straighten a crooked path.
Keeping busy, distracted
not seeing truly.

Heart allows, accepts.
Darkness and light born together
stillness and movement present simultaneously.
Heart knows
I am boundless and free.

© 13 Feb 18

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Lean into the wind

Lean into the wind
let it carry and support me.
Lean into space
let the mind go free.

Be a leaf blown on the wind
cradled and caressed
carried where it will
let the mind go free.

Mighty force of life
take me in your arms
gentle breath of life
soothe my turbulent thoughts.

Mighty force of life
buffeting and breaking
gentle breath of life
lead me sweetly home.

© 15 Feb 18

Monday, 5 February 2018

Standing like a mountain

Standing like a mountain
finding balance, seemingly not easy.
Can I rely on myself?
A breathing, living body
not static, not rigid.
standing still, yet not entirely still
minor adjustments, tiny movements
to keep balanced.
Does the mountain breathe?

Seeking for a sense of inner poise.
Reach down, reach up.
Touching earth, touching sky
filling the space between.
Experience solid and spacious
within one body.
Grounded and free.
Let the air support my weight.
Heels pressing into the earth
giving support.
Heart reaching skyward
I am free.

© 4 Feb 18

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Feel it

There is a jewel hiding
at the centre of each black hole.
the darkness is too dense
to reveal it.
So we must feel it
find a new way of connecting with it.

Flowers of spring are not absent in winter
only waiting for their time to shine.
Sunlight has not yet touched
the soul of the seed
allowing it to crack open.

Knowledge of each situation is present
as a seed.
Our inability to see it
marks our own ignorance and
not a lack of beauty.

Dense earth nurtures the seed
waiting for a touch of sunlight
and its time to shine.

There is a beautiful flower of opportunity hiding
in every circumstance and situation.
we are too engrossed in sadness or fear
to notice it.
So we must feel it
find a new way of connecting with it.

© 28 Jan 18

Monday, 29 January 2018

Sliding teardrops

Lying on my back
meditating in a fog of grief
I am startled to wakefulness
by teardrops 
running into my ears.

Brought to my senses
by sliding teardrops.
Joy overcomes me
with simplicity and ease.
Grateful for 
the laughing tricks of life.

© 25 Jan 18

Sunday, 28 January 2018


Exquisite tenderness and love
in gentle voices lullabying
a cradle song.
Truth emanating from words
uniting historical and ultimate dimensions.
There is no here and there
no from and to
no moving, no becoming.
There is only love
pure, innocent, tender
fresh as a child
lullabying a cradle song.
Sweet as flower scents
adorning the bedroom.
Precious as this moment
of no moving, no becoming.

© 28 Jan 18

Time to be awake

The energy of youth
passionate and full
now my energy is softer, realistic
accepting and patient.
I acknowledge change
takes time
yet it does happen.
Things come to pass.
Sometimes events are upon us
before we’re aware.
Now more than ever
is the time to be awake.
Let passion and fullness
dance with acceptance and patience.
Now more than ever
is the time to be awake.

© 17 Jan 18

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Who am I?

Admitting imperfections
approaching vulnerabilities
being honest with myself
recognising shades
a collection of traits
qualities in flux
changing and moving
come and go.
Who am I in all this?
Not the changing and moving
neither good nor bad
dirty or innocent.

Never a moment to pinpoint
to freeze motion and say
‘this is me’.
I am a collection of
shifting traits and qualities
advancing and receding.
Some I welcome, and others
would rather not admit
pretend it’s all ok and
hope the cracks don’t show.
Who am I in all this?
Unchanging, unmoving
neither good nor bad
dirty or innocent.
Unchanging, unmoving.

© 17 Jan 18

Friday, 26 January 2018

Cycle of life

I wrote and decorated this poem on Wednesday evening as part of a mindfulness and creativity workshop I was running. It is dedicated to a dear friend who's husband is close to the end of life.

This cycle of life
essence of nature
Why do we resist it?
Why are we fearful?
Celebrate instead
the energy created
from this individual.

Celebrate each drop
each pulse of energy
drifting out in the universe
as floating embers
from a burning flame
touching hearts and minds
wherever they land.

How far do these pulses travel?
How wide does their influence reach?
This energy of love and peace
of vitality and curiosity
carried on the wind
as floating embers
from a giant burning flame.

© 24 Jan 18

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A night-time journey

Cocooned in a denim blue patchwork
warm, snug, safe.
Wide-awake in the midnight hour
a thought bubble floats by
“cannot sleep”.
Grasp it and hold on
or let the breeze carry it onward to
another night-time mind?

Lie in a boat
sail free from the harbour.
Let the wind and waves
describe the journey
guided only by
the pull of the moon.

What is this time for
if not for sleeping?
awakening to a being free
of wants and desires.
Accepting what is
may be different from what I want.

Let the boat course its own journey
always moving closer to home.

What will be remembered
in the morning?

© 12 Jan 18

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Walk With Me film

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film Walk With Me, which is already on in several cinemas in the UK, having shown worldwide as well. It's a film about Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village and has been several years in the making. 
A rare insight into the world of mindfulness and Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.
I'll be at showings in York on Tuesday 23rd (6.40pm) and Sunday 28th (10.40am) 
if you want to join me. 
For more about the film watch the trailer here 
and for dates in your local UK cinema have a look at this website
Oh, and did I mention, it's narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch? Yet another reason to see the film!

#thichnhathanh #plumvillage #becalmbehappy

Friday, 5 January 2018

Don't need a bird-cage

Grateful to know
the unbound.
Grateful to see
like flitting birds
without their usual
stamp of authority and
Grateful to know
don’t need a bird-cage
to trap and keep them
make them real.
Grateful to see
thoughts milling in
universal consciousness
as dust motes in sunlight
dancing in the unbound.
Grateful to know
don’t need a bird-cage.

© 5 Jan 18

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


The wildness inside me responds
to the wildness outside
calling, drawing
tempting me to come and play.
I spend too long indoors and
the wildness is quiescent
yet still it needs to roar
needs to be buffeted by the wind
battered by the rain
like a lone wolf answering
the call of its pack.

And so I slip-slide through mud
wind trying to bowl me over
rain to make me submit.
The wildness inside refuses and
on I go
to the top of the hill and catch
the beginning of a rainbow.
On I go
until the wildness is content.
Allowing the wildness within
to be itself, be free.

© 3 Jan 18